Psychic and Tarot Readings


After a hiatus from giving readings, I have started again. I miss helping people and learning more about human nature. I feel privileged that many of you can confide in me. I realize that we are nearly all the same in the aspect that we all want to be our best selves. When we come for readings, we are able to admit that we need guidance.


Readings include:


Past, present and future insight from tarot and a mid-way clairvoyant state.

Questions being analyzed from different perspectives.

Numerology for the coming year based on name and birthday.  Numerology insight from last year based on birth year and name.

Astrology overview on the personality based on the natal chart.


30 minute readings $50

45 minute readings $75

1 hour readings $95


Email me at to book a session.


Readings are telephone or through Facebook messenger (If there is another free face-to-face app let me know.) You can record the reading if you like. I do not record the readings.


Emailed readings take longer. I am also in a deeper trance state. One in which the higher self takes form in my words through the computer keyboard. Questions are asked and answered through our higher selves. Since I have your permission, I can connect to your high self and answer the questions in your subconscious mind. Questions you may not consciously understand.


I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and occasionally clairaudient. Because of the amount of psychism that has opened up, I am a channel for entities. I do not consider myself a medium. I could not handle in influx of entities and trance induced psychic states. Honestly, no one can. This is not to say that I do not have contact with loved ones that have departed, but I also have contact with the entire astral world, this including disincarnated entities. Entities with nothing better to do that fool us.


I can only see and talk to a person who has died if they come through strongly. It is only if I allow it.



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