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Four of Swords Universal Rider Waite

Four of Swords

Lord of Rest from Strife


Season: Winter

Timing: 4 Weeks

Dates: October 13-October 22

Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter in Libra



Description and Symbolism:


A golden colored statue of a knight lay on top of a coffin. Gold is the color of angels and illumination, suggesting that once he rests he will have an enlightened moment. His moment of peaceful clarity will come only with seclusion and meditation.


The primary colors in the Four of Swords are gray and gold, except for a color burst found in the stained glass window in the upper left corner of the effigy. The stained glass window tells a story of a priest giving a blessing to someone praying. This suggests prayer, meditation and religious enlightenment.


Jupiter in Libra brings mental expansion through the form of meditation and rest. Libra seeks balance and Jupiter brings expansion. We need a time to rest if we are to be inspired by our ideas, organize our thoughts or even become divinely enlightened. Jupiter in Libra even suggests the need for a vacation to bring the type of tranquility that will equalize any stress or dis-ease that is in your life.


Interpretation and Divination:


If we follow the suit, we are just coming out of the Three of Swords hurt and betrayal into the Four of Swords. It is now a time to rest. You may want to take a relationship break. It can indicate a relationship or work break. You could also be ensnared in a troublesome mental battle of the wits, only to need the calmness that comes with rest.


The Four of Swords indicate a place of relaxation, contemplation, and meditation.


The Four of Swords is telling you that you can heal and restore yourself by silencing your mind. Life’s battles will continue, but you cannot think of this right now. You remain silent, contemplative and ready to restore and heal yourself until you fight again. This is the peace before the next stage. This is a time to restore yourself before the next fight and to think about all that you are grateful for. You have survived the Three of Swords.


The Four of Swords can also indicate a funeral where the loved one is safe in the afterlife. He or she wants you to know that they are in a good place now and that they love you very much.


The Four of Swords can indicate a time of intense meditation and induced astral experiences. You could have an out-of-body experience, which usually precedes enlightenment. This happens through years of meditation. I have been lucky to experience this in 1999. It took me 7 years of intense meditation. I wasn't asking to have this experience and I actually didn't know anything about what an OBE was or what the word enlightenment really meant (it's very over used and misused in today's society).


I was meditating like usually, but this time I felt a wave go up through my body and when the wave reached my crown (top of my head) time stopped and I saw stars and galaxies. A tremendous amount of information was downloaded, but the key was that the universe was black and dark and burst forth with a entity called Love, which created light. After I finished downloading the information, my soul floated above my body and I could go anywhere I wanted. I rose above my body, but decided to go back. After all, the reason I am here is to be physical.


The Four of Swords can also indicate a near death experience where you feel out-of-body.


The Four of Swords is about realigning yourself with high principles. Your higher self needs to meditate and recuperate. Celibacy, time alone and any type of purge can be indicated.


Four of Swords in Love:


In love, the Four of Swords is foretelling of a time where one or both of you need a break from your relationship. It usually indicates a temporary break.


Four of Swords as Feelings:


You may feel like taking a break from a relationship. You feel that you need to realign yourself with your higher purpose in life. You are seeking balance and would like to be in touch with the great One Voice teacher that will give you the information that you need to have a better future.


Four of Swords in Health:


The Four of Swords indicates that this is an excellent time to recuperate from an operation, to heal from old wounds, and to restore health and balance.


The Four of Swords can indicate comas and ICU. You or a loved one could possibly be in the hospital hooked up to machines that are keeping you (or them) alive.


Four of Swords as an Action:


The Four of Swords does not indicate an action. In fact, if you get this in the action part of a spread, you will probably experience a period of physical inaction. If you are asking what your romantic love interests action will be the Four of Swords is telling you that he/she is resting, contemplating and thinking about things. He or she may not take a direct physical action towards you at this time.


Four of Swords Professions:


Soldier. Mortician. Priest. Funeral Director. Meditation Specialist. Yoga Teacher. ICU nurse. Hospice worker. Doctor. Holistic healer. Christian Scientist. Writing. Public Relations.


Four of Swords Card Combinations:


Four of Swords and Tower:

    a. Death and a funeral


Four of Swords and World:

   a. Near death experience. Slim recovery.

   b. Having a mental, possibly legal, battle with someone. You may have

       one last thing to do, so you rest before the finale.


Four of Swords and Six of Cups:

   a. Relaxing with the kids OR

   b. Taking a break from the kids


Four of Swords and Six of Swords:

   a. Taking a time out from a situation with a needed vacation


Four of Swords and Three of Swords:

   a. Recovering from a heartbreak

   b. Recovering from surgery


Four of Swords and Knight of Cups:

   a. Avoiding invitations and proposals in favor of spending the day

       relaxing. The Knight of Cups may also indicate pools, beaches and

       sunny hot places.




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