Tarot Heaven High Priestess Tarot Card Description
High Priestess Tarot Meaning


The High Priestess


The Priestess of the Silver Star


Rules: Moon

Exaltation: Taurus

Astrological Association: Cancer

Hebrew Letter: Gimel

Color: Blue, Silver

Musical Note: G-Sharp, A-Flat


"I am all that has been, that is, and that will be. No mortal has been able to lift the veil which covers me."

                             -Temple of Sais


High Priestess Description and Symbolism


A woman sits calmly between too pillars of contrasting colors of black and white, which represent the ying and yang of universal laws. She holds a book with the words Tora on it, which maybe the ancient Torah book or it is the rearranged word Tarot. She guards the secrets to the book by not revealing the full title. Torah is also the ancient word for teacher.


Her scrolls contain all the written and subconscious memories of everyone and everything. She lets us know that nothing is forgotten and everything is recorded. Your subconscious never forgets. Written and oral messages may come through her to you.


She is sitting very still between two contrasting pillars. She represents the number two, which means duplicity. Duplicity conveys the idea of two opposites, which are really part of the whole. Light and Darkness. Waning and Waxing. Full and New.


Her stillness denotes patience and meditation. These are passive and non receptive qualities and yet her gown is suppose to flow into water waves. Even though she seems passive inside her she moves, cyclically to the moon. She is always adjusting to the rhythms and flows of the moon. She is the push and the pull. She also represents the idea of water as a subconscious function. There is also a repetition to the movement of the tides. And if you surrender to your subconscious tides, you will be more connected to the conscious of them all.


When I was a child we lived by the ocean. I would allow the waves to pull me under and wash me to the shore. I would do this over and over again. I would allow the water to flow through me. I would acknowledge what my uncle told me about my body being 75% water. I would telepathically speak to the water and let it know that I acknowledged that we were really the same and then I would let go. I would become to wave. I would never fight the water. And then, of course, I would repeat. I would do this over and over again until the memories of the ocean swam inside my body. My body, which was mostly water, would exchange my subconscious memories. This is how I learned to float too. I would realize that I was the same as water. And I would obey the rhythmic flow, the push and pull. This is the High Priestess. By remaining passive, calm and seemingly still, I allowed the water and waves to become one with my body.


Behind her is a veil, which she only reveals to those who are ready. The veil is delicately embroidered with pomegranates. These pomegranates represent the high priestess’ divine female energy, the fertility of life itself, and a ying harmony. The Yang, or masculine energies is represented in the palm trees. The High Priestess represents all dualities and shows us that it is all the same because one cannot exist without the other.


Mythologically the High Priestess represents Diana, the Virgin. She is also symbolic of the Virgin Mary, the incubator of a higher level of consciousness. The Virgin Mary is actually archetype of Isis, the creator mother who resurrected her brother to create a new life (we also see the culmination of this union in the Judgement Tarot card. )


Her crown is one of the ancient Celtic symbols for the cyclic nature of the female: Daughter. Mother. Grandmother. The cross she wears looks much more like an X than a crucification device. It looks like if folded at the base of the cross it would fit perfectly into the circle, which is another cycle, or perhaps the flower of life or another Celtic cross.


A crescent moon lies at her feet because the moon serves her and she controls the ebb and flow. The High Priestess is connected to the Moon, which affects female cyclical menstruation. Menstruation contains massive amounts of energy.  When the High Priestess lets you beyond the veil, you can learn how to use this energy of menstruation to further your chi. There is no reason to expend this menstration every month. When the High Priestess realizes you are ready, she can show you that you can pull this dense sexual energy from the second chakra up your body.


The tides lie behind her and the space between the veil are part of the astral world. The sky and the sea meet one another and on some level you cannot tell them apart.


Her robes are colored white for purity and blue for thought and psychic ability.


White is also a color of psychic ability.


High Priestess Interpretation and Divination


The High Priestess is the keeper of all knowledge that is hidden. It is esoteric knowledge. She is your intuition and guide. She relates to the Hermit, and talks directly with the Queen of Cups. Her planet is the moon, but I’ve always related Neptune to her. Neptune is the blue gas planet that a soul goes to receive psychic information and knowledge. This Priestess is connected to Neptune. If you look closely you’ll see her trident.


She comes after the Magician, who has all the tool to succeed. The High Priestess has the answers, if you only listen for them. She has ancient scrolls and when the fool asks for them she quietly and without words gives him the information. She never hands them over to the fool. She gives them when he is ready. The information that she has is beyond words. The High Priestess urges you to follow your intuition.


The High Priestess in Love


The High Priestess in love can represent an unattainable woman, after all, she's a representation of Diana, the Virgin.  She could possibly be a woman who you will have an affair with. It is possible that you may never know this woman completely because she is bound to herself and to knowledge. Her twin flame inside of her burns eternally and you can never truly possess her. If she represents a person, she is usually a woman.


The High Priestess is a woman that can stand on her own two feet.  She is bound by no man. She has her choice of men and will only be involved with one when she feels like it. She doesn’t feel obligated to get involved with a man if she doesn’t want to. She is a woman who may not feel the pressure, need, or desire for a man.


High Priestess as Feelings


The High Priestess is all about feelings, for she governs all subconscious thoughts. Her feelings aren't moody or unresolved. She knows exactly how she feelings and probably how you feel too. She may not reveal this to you. If you are asking, "How does my love interest feel for me?" Then the High Priestess will answer you rhetorically, "You already know. Just ask your dreams." There is a feeling of psychic connection, a feeling that you and the person probably spent a lifetime together. There is a feeling of aloneness and a feeling that you would rather be alone, but not lonely. She is never lonely.


High Priestess as Advice


The High Priestess advises you to keep to yourself. If you have secrets or someone has told you a secret, keep this to yourself.


As advise the High Priestess also asks you to meditate for a while, pause and reflect.


The High Priestess as a Career


You may want to spend some more time thinking about what you want to do next. This is not a time to make any sudden moves or changes. From a more person-to-person perspective, you may be interested in moving into the realm of the occult or becoming a professional tarot reader, psychic or medium. Patience is illustrated. You’ll need to be patient and wait for the answers to come to you.


High Priestess Professions


Medium. Psychic. Psychologist. Communications. Telephone company. Costume designer. Nun. Nurse. Secretary. Accountant. Bookkeeper. Teacher. Historian, especially ancient. History Teacher. Serious Print Journalist.


The High Priestess Reversed


The High Priestess Reversed may cause your heart to break.


The High Priestess Reversed may indicate that you are not listening to your intuition. You need time to reflect and listen to the wind and the moon. If the card represents a woman, which it normally does, she is a jealous woman whose intuitive abilities are used like swords to hurt you. She conceals and lies. She may have a drug or alcohol problem, sexual addictions and obsessions.




High Priestess Card Combinations


High Priestess and Hierophant:

     a. Deep faith requires deep secrets


High Priestess and Wheel of Fortune:

     a. Could indicate a woman who reads tarot at county fairs.

     b. Good fortune and luck for those who are patient.


High Priestess and Hanged Man:

     a. Deep secrets requires deep contemplation


High Priestess and Star:

     a. Unrequited love

     b. Star crossed love


High Priestess and Moon:

     a. There could be some kind of dark magic involved. Be careful and

         tread lightly.

     b. Complete oblivion to your conscious mind.

     c. Unable to see a situation clearly possibly due to psychic involvement


High Priestess and Judgement:

   a. Knowing calming that you are connected to something greater than

       your physical body.

   b. A man rising back into your life that you do not need to complete you.

       You are in control of this relationship. Will you or won't you?

   c. The sea of subconscious starts with the High Priestess and ends with

       Judgement. A good combo for tapping into the power of your

       subconscious and the collective subconscious


High Priestess and Three of Swords:

     a. She grieves quietly.


High Priestess and Four of Swords:

     a. Deep meditation and retreat from a situation

     b. She needs time alone to meditate on the secrets to the universe


High Priestess and Six of Cups:

   a. Someone returning from your past (perhaps a past life) who has

       valuable spiritual lessons to teach you. Or you two need to teach each



High Priestess and Knight of Cups:

     a. An romantic offer from a man to an unattainable woman or his



High Priestess and Four of Pentacles:

     a. Holding out on sex

     b. With holding sex from someone

     c. Emotionally unavailable


High Priestess and Seven of Swords:

   a. Not getting very much work done.

   b. Wishing someone else would do it for you.


High Priestess and Queen of Pentacles:

     a. This pairing (or any pairing with a queen) can indicate an affair.



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