Tarot Heaven Justice Description
Justice Universal Rider Waite Tarot


Daughter of the Lord of Truth

Rules: Libra

Exaltation: Saturn

Planet: Venus

Hebrew Letter: lamed

Color: Green

Musical Note: F-sharp or G-flat

Justice Description and Symbolism

The woman in the Justice tarot card looks like a  judge. She is holding a sword so she can cut to the heart of the situation. The sword represents discrimination. She can easily look into a situation and see the truth. Her truth is balanced by the gold scale she holds in her other hand.


She sits behind a purple backdrop that is supported by two pillars. The backdrop represents her protecting the verdict. It also assures you that behind the background are the karmic retributions working behind the scenes. You know they are there, but you can't see them.


The two pillars represent the duality. They are the same pillars seen in the High Priestess. It's not a coincidence that Justice is numbered 11, which reduces to the number two, the number of the High Priestess. Not only are the opposites, but they are the same color representing that the duality is completely synthesis and balanced. You are able to take what is from above and synthesis that from which is below. Your higher mind is completely in tune with the reality around you that is coming from within.


Or perhaps the double 1's indicate that the Magician is at play. Here we see the combined efforts of the number 1 and the number 2 (1+1=2). So we have conscious and subconscious completely synthesis. Here is another example of the synthesis that takes place within the balance of Justice.


Justice Interpretation and Divination


Justice is similar to cause and effect, which is commonly known as karma. Everything you say or do has ramifications, whether they are small actions or large ones. Justice reverberates karmic principles.


The Justice tarot card brings in a sense of balance. Symmetry in art is important to them.


Justice isn't concerned with revenge. At times the Justice tarot card is not concerned with man made laws, but with giving you back what you've put out. Justice deals with Universal laws that govern our universe.


The regal woman in the justice tarot card does not care if there is a loophole in the law that allows someone to get away with a crime. Eventually, justice (not revenge) will be doled out for the individual.


If you are asking about a legal question then upright Justice is a good omen, while reversed Justice indicates an unfair trial. If you do not read reversals then look for surrounding cards. The 5 of Swords or the 7 of Swords next to Justice might indicate a bias in a court proceeding, while the 6 of Pentacles and Judgement would indicate fairness.


My own personal belief is that no one should act as Lady Justice. Meaning that if you know someone has committed a crime or injustice, it's not up to you to act as their judge and issue a payment or penalty.


For example, if someone steals from you, do not steal something of theirs trying to make it fair. Justice is less of a physical person and more of  a vast network of spiritual energy that balances itself out behind the scenes. Just look at that curtain behind Lady Justice? Whatever is behind that curtain is where the karmic retributions work themselves out. You can't see it, but it's there.


Justice as a Person/Signifier

Since Justice rules over Libra and Venus rules Libra, there is a direct correlation to symmetry and art. Someone whose signifier is the Justice card will love everything that is beautiful and simple. They have a keen eye of observing minute details. They probably have a love of some form of art whether it be ballet, opera, theatre, hip hop music, violin, oil painting....Really, anything that is involved in the different mediums of art.


Justice as a person wants everything to be balanced and harmonious. A bad side to this is that they often feel their side is correct and don't understand why others wouldn't take their well thought out advice, and yet they can easily fall right back into line with understanding that people will learn at their own rate. They can be very forgiving and understanding.


As a person, Justice likes to come at a situation at all angles. They weigh all the pros and the cons. They most likely make lists and finish them. They will even do this within a relationship. They are not a person to quickly jump into a relationship, but when they do they will give their heart totally. They are always on the look out for someone who truly complements them.


Words and actions are important aspect to someone who is signified by Justice. They want words backed up by actions. If you tell them, "I am a great artist," make sure you can show them proof of art.


In fact, the need tangible proof of some kind to weigh against their own intuition.


They can be very good with words, such as the sword they hold represents. Some may write long love letters to their beau, but in other aspects a person who has Justice as a signifier will take the time to reply to e-mails in detail and with regard for education.


Education is important to them. They may even have several degrees or certificates in their chosen field. It's not so important to them the degrees or certificates, but what and how they utilize that information.


Justice people are romantic. Don't let that cold sword and the name of the card confuse you. Diplomacy is easy for them. They love balance in a relationship and like to weigh and divide everything up, which isn't a bad thing if both people are business minded. They love going to the theater and opera and can even get caught up in the fantasy of it all and project these romantic fantasies on relationships.


A Justice romantic looks for a union that is equal. They maybe very good at business and philanthrophy and want to share a business with a partner. They need their mind nurtured by their partner and expect their partner to share with them all aspects. They have a desire to "know" everything about their partner and will forgive and understand anything and everything.


Friendship in marriage is very important to Justice in love. They are very discriminating in who they partner up with. Justice in love has a tendency to start out as friends first and lovers later. This is because they need their mind nurtured above all else.


A person who has a signifier as Justice may get married later in life in their 30s or 40s. They may even have several earlier relationships as "tests" before they find the "one." But once they do find their truly equal match, they will partner for life.

Justice in Love

Justice can also portend a wedding in the courthouse and is favorable in the outcome position when surrounded by supporting cards such as the Three of Cups or Four of Wands.


Though, Justice in a love reading needs to be examined carefully. There maybe somethings that need to be balanced out for either previous lifetimes or current ones.


Justice in love requires the querent or the querent's love interest and/or partner to really weigh up the relationship. If Justice comes up in a romantic reading there is a high probability that the relationship wouldn't be head-over-heals or whirlwind.

Justice as an Obstacle

The word assigned to Justice is "Lamed", which means "work" and "education." When the Justice cards comes up in a reading there is an imbalance. You may be caught between trying to balance work and your educational needs. As an obstacle, you will have a hard time doing this.

Justice Professions

Judge. Lawyer. Mediator. Politician. Arbitrator. Diplomat.  Urologist. Peace Keeper. Peace Corps. Educator. Manager, Director, Supervisor. Art Director. Art Curator. Educational Management.

Justice Reversed

Reversed Justice can  be about being in a legal situation where the guilty get away with a crime or where someone who is innocent is being prosecuted as guilty. For me this is the biggest meaning of Justice reversed in a general context.


Justice is also about balance, so Justice reversed is about imbalance.


Reversed Justice Keywords: Justice not being served. Abuse of the justice system. Bigotry. Bias. Unjust verdict.


Card Combinations with Justice


Justice and Hermit:

   a. Trying to regain balance while going at it alone.

   b. Unable to see the right way to do something is by keeping the

       partnership together.


Justice and Six of Wands:

   a. Victorious court trial.

   b. Love: Both people equally adoring each other


Justice and Ace of Swords:

   a. Written communication

   b. Conflict that ends with a solution


Justice and Five of Swords:

   a. An unfair trial.


Justice and the King of Swords or Queen of Swords:

   a. A lawyer. Able to analyze and logically figure out any solution to all

       legal and life problems.


Justice and Two of Cups:

    a. Complete balance between two people

    b. Signing of legal contracts (business or romance)


Justice and Ten of Cups:

   a. A marriage. Probably in a church or an outside wedding.

   b. A happy marriage based on fairness and balance.


Justice and Three of Pentacles:

   a. They really feel you balance out this project.


Justice and Ten of Pentacles:

    a. Marrying into money to a spouse who maybe involved in the law.

    b. Marrying at the Court House. You may have a big family.


Justice and any two matching King and Queen:

    a. Love: You balance each other out perfectly.

    b. You provide your partner everything that they lack. They provide

        you with everything you lack. Together you create a perfect picture

        of harmony and balance.






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