King of Swords Description and Symbolism


The King of Swords sit on top of a mountain. We get this impression because he is posed above the tree line. His view provides a better perspective to situations and gives him a level of distance in order to see all around him. The clouds are at ground level too. The trees are erect and now sturdy. We see the progression of blown trees to upright trees when we get to the King of Swords.


The King of Swords sits at a stony throne with pictures of butterflies. The butterflies represent his metamorphosis and adaptability. In some cultures the butterfly is also a symbol of life and death because of all the transformations that a butterfly goes through. The King of Swords is a man of justice and a man who always discerns with his head and never his heart.


The King of Swords is wearing a blue tunic with orange dress underneath. His cape is purple and the yoke of his crown is red. All these colors support the adaptability symbolism.


King of Swords Interpretation and Divination


King of Swords as a Person


He is a mature man who rules with logic. He doesn’t have to appear superior or arrogant, but like to appear this way. He is full of mental clarity and ideas. He rules over the air.


He can sometimes come off as cold and aloof. He can be loving and friendly, but remains distant and reserved.


He is a master of his own emotions and can use them as powerful tools to uphold the law. In fact, he doesn't delve deep into his own subconscious feelings or dreams. He will always use his mind over his heart in all situations. He's not one for sappy movies or romance stories. He will swiftly give justice to those he feels deserve it. People follow him because of his power, his fairness, and his high standard of ethics.


He will be the first to go to war if he feels it is necessary, and others will follow. People follow him because they know he is the best judge. He’s a general, whereas the King of Wands is the governor.


He is a judge and relishes in fairness. His fairness and ability to see all sides of a situation make him the go-to man for most people, even other kings.


King of Swords as a Father


He doesn’t put his family first (the King of Cups does this), but he puts ideals and success first. He encourages them to think for themselves. He is not the most sensitive of fathers. He just doesn't understand whining and temper tantrums. He will often retreat or come back with harsh insults. He can be very cutting to small children, but he always thinks he's being logical and cool.


As a father he probably thinks about himself above all else. What is good for him, is good for his children would be his motto. He rarely understands his children's moods, but rest assured, when his children need back up he will help them. He will be the father in the school office fighting for his children and backing them. Indeed, he will probably win because of his amazing power of words and his discernment for justice and fairness.


King of Swords in Love


When you get the King of Swords in a love reading, it usually will indicate that there isn't any love in the air. (Do you want to date someone who is constantly holding up a sword?)


If the King of Swords is a signifier in the reading (and not the energy of the reading) it will indicate that he needs his intellect aroused more than anything else.


King of Swords as Feelings


The King of Swords doesn't like feelings. He may have been hurt in love in his younger days and now is cautious about who to love and share his life with. He may have blocked out all feelings all together and only uses his conscious mind to find solutions in love. The King of Swords doesn't bode well as feelings in a love reading. It indicates that the person doesn't feel anything at all.


King of Swords Professions


Lawyer. Business. Electrical Grids. Senator. Telecommunications. Writer. Underwriter. Doctor. Insurance Salesman. Banker. Accountant. Intelligence Officer.


King of Swords Reversed


The King of Swords Reversed is a tyrant. He maybe manipulative and calculating and could even be sociopathic.


He can be outright rude, nosy and abrupt. He may talk the loudest and interrupt people. He doesn't value other's thoughts or opinions.


The King of Swords reversed can also indicate a military action from a vile, dictator.


King of Swords

Prince of the Chariots of the Winds


Fire of Air

Court Element: Fire

Suit Element: Air

Golden Dawn Zodiac: May 11-June 10 (taurus/gemini)

BOTA Zodiac: Sept 14-Oct 13 (virgo/libra)

Hebrew Letter: Yod

Sephiroth: Chokmah

King of Swords Universal Rider Waite


King of Swords Card Combinations


King of Swords and Empress:

    a. A cold, logical mother who puts feelings aside


King of Swords and the Eight of Wands:

   a. When they are in love, they write back and forth

   b. Writing back and forth rapidly


King of Swords and the Queen of Wands:

   a. No matter how sexually enticing she is, he is going to say, "no" (this

       particular reading was flanked with other swords cards).


King of Swords and Three of Swords:

   a. Heart surgeon.


King of Swords and Knight of Swords:

   a. Rushing towards a situation, problem, new venture with logical

       clarity and no emotions.

   b. Not being emotional in favor of rapidly escalating a situation

   c. Could indicate a lawsuit or military action if reversed


King of Swords and Ace of Cups:

   a. He feels an overflowing of emotions, but wants to put that aside for


   b. The surgeon injects the product


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