Tarot Heaven Knight of Pentacles Meaning and Description

Knight of Pentacles

Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land


Air of Earth

Court Element: Air

Suit Element: Earth

Golden Dawn Zodiac: April 11- May 10 (Aries/Taurus)

BOTA Zodiac: August 13-September 13 (Leo/Virgo)

Hebrew Letter: Vau

Sephiroth: Tiphareth



Description and Symbolism:


This knight is mounted on a black horse with red reins and adornments. He is holding his pentacle out in front of him as if meditating on what to do next with it. Waite writes, "He exhibits his symbol, but does not look therein." So in both cases, he exhibits his pentacle, but is not entirely sure what he is going to use it.


He isn’t moving. Even his farm land in the background suggests a stillness and slowness that this knight has embodied. There is green shrubbery sprouting from his hat and the horses. This suggests that he is connected with physical reality, for the earth is a physical embodiment of our material world. It also suggest he loves to nurture projects, sometimes even obsessively because once he is dedicated to something he is very thorough and methodical. It also suggests he is so slow moving that a shrub has grown from his helmet.


The sky is yellow and warm, which matches the pentacle he holds. It is as if the pentacle is the golden ticket that illuminates the sky. The sky seems to be a reflection of the golden light on the pentacle. This knight has the golden touch. The color yellow is also associated with intellect and this knight is very intelligent. He could even be an intellect, who either is studying at the university or works for a university or college.


He is the slowest moving of all the knights. He likes to decisively take his time in completing missions. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He always thinks before he acts. He is the most mature of all knights. He is slowly and thoroughly moving his way to becoming the king.


Interpretation and Divination:


Knight of Pentacles as a Person:


The Knight of Pentacles can be seen in two aspects. The first is that of the nature boy, hiker, farmer, and the outdoors type of guy.


The second aspect can be seen in the finer things in life, such as liking the best quality cars, clothing and homes.


In either case, he may not have a lot of money, but he is able to manage his money really well. He is working towards having a financially secure lifestyle, so he may save all his money to invest in sturdy stocks and mutual funds. He is secure and doesn't spend lavishly. He is thinking about the future and the financial aspects of saving for a strong financially secure future. He may even believe that time is money, so he manages both his time and money very well. The Knight of Pentacles will never spend beyond his means.


He is hardworking. He may or may not have a lot of money, but he definitely works hard. He has the best work ethic of all the knights. Which means that when he develops into the King of Pentacles he will most likely have a lot of resources and money.


He is always on time and always does what he says he’ll do. He is the most reliable of all the knights. It’s important to him and part of his structure. He always thinks before he acts, so when he commits to something it’s because he has really given it a lot of thought. You’ll know it’s a commitment and that he is ready for.


This knight is typically a student or a recent college graduate just starting out in life. He is typically unmarried.


Knight of Pentacles in Love:


In love this knight is very particular about who he commits to. He is not frivolous in who he dates and is always looking for the most utilitarian package. He may not be the most romantic of knights (the Knight of Cups tends toward romance), but he will be a stable and reliable partner who is thoughtful and always follows through. When he does commit to a woman, he does so with the utmost dedication.


If you are asking about the potential of a romantic partner, you maybe waiting a while for a commitment. He moves so slowly that you may not get the answer nor the commitment you are seeking. The romance maybe drawn out over several months never going to the next stage. Boredom may set in before any fireworks go off. In fact, shrubs may start sprouting from his clothing due to inactivity.


Knight of Pentacles as Feelings:


You are feeling very dedicated to something or someone. You are feeling very grounded and secure.


If you are asking how someone else feels about you then they feel dedicated, grounded and secure about your future together. They feel like you are worth the effort and wait.


Knight of Pentacles as an Obstacle:


The Knight of Pentacles is a very methodical and meticulous person. Whatever job or task he/she has tackled, they want to do very well. They may get bogged down with the details so much that they forget all the other tasks. Perhaps they have a long work day just because they obsess over little details of the project making sure everything is just perfect. This can hinder a project with a deadline, especially when there are other task that need to get done.


In romance, the Knight of Pentacles as an obstacles means that he (or she) will move so slowly that dust may gather while you wait for them. They just don't choose partners based on superficial looks or wild chemistry. So the Knight of Pentacles maybe spending too much time thinking and analyzing who you are, taking out his compatibility chart and carefully outlining the details of the relationship. This can be an obstacle if you have already decided that you want to make a go of it and this guy is sitting around with a clipboard. Not the most romantic of knights.


In general, the Knight of Pentacles can refer to boredom.


Knight of Pentacles as Advice:


When you get the Knight of Pentacles in a reading it could be telling you to pay more attention to the details and be thorough and thoughtful about everything you do. Hard work and planning really do pay off.


Knight of Pentacles Professions:


Professor. Computer Programmer. Farmer. Tough Guy. Tractor Driver. Handyman. Security Guard. Real Estate Agent. Waiter or Waitress. Lower ranking military (not an officer). Nature guide. Forest Ranger.


Knight of Pentacles Reversed:


When the Knight of Pentacles comes up reversed in a reading, you could be lazy, disorganized and have general malaise.


The Knight of Pentacles Reversed can also indicate over eating, drinking too much and lack of exercise. You could turn into a slob who eats away their problems and doesn't try to fix the inner you. You could end up being overweight and lack the discipline and drive to fix your weight problem.


Knight of Pentacles Card Combinations:


Knight of Pentacles and Fool:

     a. Dedicated to a new path or take on life


Knight of Pentacles and High Priestess:

   a. You ask for money, but they are non receptive.


Knight of Pentacles and Hierophant:

     a. Steadily working through the day perhaps at an institute

        such as school or a large corporation.

     b. Making something right again with patience and fortitude.


Knight of Pentacles and Chariot:

     a. Sheer determination will get you to the finish line


Knight of Pentacles and Ace of Wands:

     a. Slow burning sensuality


Knight of Pentacles and Nine of Wands:

     a. You keep going even though you are exhausted

     b. Nothing will stop you from finishing


Knight of Pentacles and Two of Cups:

     a. Romantic perspective: He (she) will be dedicated to you

     b. Friendship: You're friendship is enduring

     c. Work: The both of you work together to create a harmonious

         situation and relations


Knight of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles:

     a. Hard work, concentration and dedication to task.

     b. Apprenticeship.


Knight of Pentacles and Ten of Swords:

   a. Not getting much work done

   b. Slowly and methodically asking the same questions over and over

       again but in a different way.

   c. Obsessing over the details







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