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Nine of Swords Universal Rider Waite

Nine of Swords

Lord of Despair and Cruelty


Season: Winter

Timing: 9 Weeks

Dates: June 1- June 10

Astrological Correspondence: Mars in Gemini




Nine of Swords Description and Symbolism


A man or woman wake up in the middle of the night weeping. Her hair is gray and she cups her hands over her face. Her bedspread is a checked pattern with red roses against a yellow background in one square. The other square is blue with each square containing a pointillism of each one of the astrological signs. The yellow background suggests mental and intelligent thought, while the roses indicate hope. The other squares of each one of the astrological signs indicate that her worries encompass the entire year. It is a full spectrum of grief and it has probably been ongoing for sometime.


The bed she lays on has a wood etching of someone being slain by a sword. Nine swords lay above her head surrounded by the blackness of a starless night sky.


A tiny bit of hope in the blue checkered bedspread. The flowers are a sign of hope. A small piece of hope. Will it lead to the Ten of swords in the ultimate betray and loss? Or can the Nine of swords come to terms with this despair that plagues the querent?


Nine of Swords Interpretation and Divination


The dreadful nightmare card creates a bleak picture of being completely trapped by your own self-induced nightmares. You maybe in a situation that creates a great deal of stress.


The Nine of Swords can indicate depression whether it's clinical depression or just ongoing grief. It is a time of sleepless nights laying up and worrying. It is inconsolable grief and despair. You believe that things cannot get any worse.


The Nine of Swords can indicate a lot of weeping and crying. Any cause of grief and despair can cause the crying. The weeping and state of despair usually comes at night where you have the entire night to think about things that upset you.


The Nine of Swords is also called the nightmare card because it can be a card of nightmares and night terrors. A night terror is a nightmare that you cannot wake from. You are aware that it is a dream and so you keep telling yourself to wake up, but can't move. The dream may also be going in slow motion where you don't run fast enough to outwit the bad guys. There are major demonic undertones to the dream. You may physically be sweating, waking up in a blanket of damp fear. Screaming and crying are common while dreaming.


Nine of Swords in Love


If you are in a relationship and the Nine of Swords turns up, your relationship maybe causing you a lot of suffering and worry. You maybe caught in a bad romance. Love can seem more like an insufferable disease that brings you down. There can be doubt in the relationship. One or both of you could also be mental disturbed.


If you are single and looking for love, the Nine of Swords signals extreme fear about getting hurt. You maybe manifesting the results through the power of your negative self-induced feelings.


Nine of Swords for Feelings


They think or feel that you are either a nightmare or in a situation that is a nightmare.


Nine of Swords as Advice


Something is causing you nightmares. Maybe it's a family member, a lover or a good friend. Whoever it is, needs to be confronted. You need to talk things out. The Mars in Gemini part of the Nine of Swords tells you that you can be aggressive about it verbally if you need be.


Nine of Swords on a Mundane Level


Can come up for dreams or insomnia.


Nine of Swords Professions


Dream Analysis. Mental Hospital Nurse.


Nine of Swords Reversed


When the Nine of Swords becomes reversed things aren't as bad as they seem and there is hope at the end of the tunnel of darkness you are experiencing. You could start seeking counseling for your depression or find a meet up group of like minded people to help you through this tough patch. The Nine of Swords Reversed indicates that you are slowly healing through tiny steps in the right direction.



Nine of Swords Card Combinations


Nine of Swords and Chariot:

   a. lucid dreaming

   b. You're in control of this dream


Nine of Swords, Chariot, Tower:

   a. Trying to stay in control, while a situation doesn't go the way

       you want. You may just want to nap and sleep it off.


Nine of Swords and Tower:

   a. Severe nightmares


Nine of Swords and the Moon:

   a. Night terrors and night sweats


Nine of Swords and 3 of Swords:

   a. Betrayal from a irreconcilable breakup keep you up at night


Nine of Swords and 8 of Swords:

   a. Obsessive nightmares that repeat over and over again


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