Tarot Heaven Nine of Wands Description
Nine of Wands Universal Rider Waite

Nine of Wands


Lord of Great Strength


Season: Winter

Dates: December 3-December 12

Astrological Correspondence: Moon in Sagittarius




Nine of Wands Description and Symbolism


A tired and physically bruised man leans against a wand. He stands on a gray platform, which in RWS tarot is called a “stage card.” This indicates that there is a level of play acting, not seeing things as they really are, or pretending to manipulate a situation. Stage cards are not necessarily the most honest bunch of cards.


There are eight other wands lined up behind him. The 4th or 6th wand position has been removed so that the man can hold this wand. He is now the defense. He is now the wall. He looks afraid, nervous, anxious and cautious. But is the head injury merely symbolic for mind games? Are his fears grounded in reality?


Nine of Wands Interpretation and Divination


The Nine of Wands is where you want to give up. You are tired, fed up, and drained. You've been going about something in the wrong way and you don't know what it is. You've lost this battle, so you stand guarded and unsure. But that's just the stage aspect of this card. You can and you will succeed. You may just need to take a step back, study your work and replan.


You have inner strength and willpower. It is even possible that you didn't know you had this inner, spiritual strength, but you do. The last obstacle to your battle has to be overcome.


Failure could be imminent as well, especially if you falter. You may need to retreat for a moment and understand why you are failing. Things may not have been going the way you intended them. Regroup before you get to the Ten of Wands, which surely indicates a situation that is overtaxing. In other words, finish the nine other wands you started before taking a 10th wand.


The Nine of Wands can easily represent someone who is a soldier fighting an unfair war (are any fair?). He is tired and worn out. What he originally thought was a job full of valor and honor has been reduced to fatigue, heartbreak and loss. When a soldier gets this card, they must rethink their interpretation of war and what it really means. There is nothing wrong with retreating.


The Nine of Wands can signal that you have been fighting with someone for a long time. It doesn't seem to be getting any better either. You are exhausted and tired of the constant bickering.


Nine of Wands in Love


When the Nine of Wands turns up in love you should know that you'll have a lot of work to do in regard to whatever action you took in the past. You may have been caught cheating or you are afraid your spouse will find out that you are cheating. The relationship could easily crack and break if you do not take a major stand. You'll need to maintain effort and endurance to keep the relationship going.


It maybe time to retreat from a relationship all together. Spend sometime by yourself to rethink the relationship.


Nine of Wands as Feelings


If you are asking about a love interest then getting the Nine of Wands is not the best card to get. They maybe feeling a little bit defensive and guarded about you. They feel like they could get hurt and so they want to build a wall between you and them.


Nine of Wands as Advice


Whatever you are doing, keep going, but be cautious. You may have to go about it alone for a while. The focus should be on you for the time being. Take time out to rethink your strategy because whatever you were doing doesn't seem to be working.


Nine of Wands in Health

Other than the obvious head injury, the Nine of Wands can signal feeling dizzy, nausea, and overall temporary malaise.


Nine of Wands Professions


Farmer. Soldier. Historian. Someone who works with their hands. Construction worker.


Nine of Wands Reversed


Paranoia. Madness. Schizophrenia.


The Nine of Wands Reversed can signal someone who creates enemies that don't exist. It takes the upright Nine of Wands to the extremes. This person might even be crazy with schizophrenia, paranoid delusions or some kind of personality disorder.


Havoc can occur when the Nine of Wands appears reversed. The walls of your confinement are easily broken because of lazy and sloppy work. You could create a plan to hurt someone or someone is creating a plan to hurt you because they perceive this person as a threat. The threat is usually because of some delusion of the person who suffers from the reversed Nine of Wands.


Nine of Wands Card Combinations


Nine of Wands and Emperor:

  • Major discipline is needed to finish your work or task


Nine of Wands and Two of Swords:

  • Cutting your losses and saying, "no"


  • Unable to make a decision based on instability


Nine of Wands and Four of Swords:

  • Failure is imminent if you continue the way you've been going. Heal from your injuries before you continue.


Nine of Wands and Seven of Swords:

  • Feeling worn out by sneaky behavior


Nine of Wands and King of Swords:

  • You may want to call someone with the King of Swords characteristics, but end up not calling because of fear and a desire to keep your emotions in check.


Nine of Wands and Four of Cups:

  • Feeling so worn out from the fight that you reject all other offers


  • Paranoia leading to rejection


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