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Tarot Heaven was created by me, Laurelle. I got my first deck of tarot cards in 1994 and have been studying on and off ever

since. Many of my meditations revolve around the tarot keys. I have done extensive readings for other  people while gaining insight into the human psyche and character. I pick nine cards a day to meditate on. It has helped me delve deep into my own life as well as  the psychological institutions and human interconnectedness of life around me.

I would love to share all my notes about tarot with you! I hope that you can find

the magic in tarot that I have discovered!


Card meanings can change based on the spread, question being asked,

combination of other cards and even the type of deck used. All my examples

are used with the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck.


I have included card combinations for many of the 78 card meanings and

more are being updated as I continuously move with the evolution of my daily musings.


Tarot Heaven is a work in progress. I am editing and updating everyday. Some of the pages are not yet polished and edited. Please come back to check for more details in the coming weeks. It should be constantly being bulked up with all your tarot insight and questions.


Find answers to tarot placement on love, relationships, career, advice, personalities, feelings, actions, professions,  combinations, and reversed cards.


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My focus will be on Tarot as People commonly called Tarot Signifiers:


The Empress as a Person

The Emperor as a Person

The Hierophant as a Person

The Lovers as a Signifier

The Chariot as a Person or Signifier

Strength as a Person

The Hermit as a Person

The Wheel of Fortune

Justice as a Person

Hanged Man as a Person

Death as a Person

Temperance as a Person

The Devil as a Person

The Tower as a Person

The Star as a Person

The Sun as a Person


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