Tarot Heaven Queen of Pentacles Meaning and Description
Queen of Pentacles Universal Rider Waite

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of the Thrones of Earth


Water of Earth

Court Element: Water

Suit Element: Earth

Golden Dawn Zodiac: Cap/Sag

BOTA Zodiac: Taurus/Gemini

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Sephiroth: Binah


Speaks directly to the Empress. Rules over the 2 and 3 of Pentacles.


Queen of Pentacles Description and Symbolism


The Queen of Pentacles sits in a lush environmental park. She is among a bunny, many flowering plants, a flowing stream, and mountains. The sky is yellow, which reminds us of using logic over the heart. Yellow is a practical color, which embodies growth as well as utilizing caution. The yellow reminds us that the sun nourishes everything on earth. This queen is the nurturing type. Everything will grow, flower, and flourish around her.


The Queen of Pentacles is associated with a sweet natured little bunny. Rabbits are fertile. She’s the type of woman that is soft and easy to be around. She likes making babies.


Queen of Pentacles Interpretation and Divination


Queen of Pentacles As a Person


She has many confidants because she loves to take care of people. She is hard working. Everyone generally loves her because she is warm, loving and understanding.


She is the homemaker and the mother. She loves her home and it is also welcoming and lavishly decorated. She is warm, loving and nurturing. She loves to throw parties in her home because she loves to make people feel good. She is the person you can go to with all your secrets because she won’t tell. She will listen to you when you need to talk. Anyone can talk to the Queen of Pentacles. She is a good listener and can seem to remain unemotional at times. She is sympathetic, kind and caring. She helps you through your problems by listening and understanding.


She loves her home and is usually good at entertaining, decorating, and growing her own garden. She always keeps a beautiful home and will keep it in tip-top shape. Her home is usually clean, organized and beautifully decorated.


Queen of Pentacles As a Mother


She loves her children equally or if she does favor one over the other then her children will never know. She loves animals and babies and they love her. Animals will come up to her perhaps even jump into her arms. She is good with gardens, plants and flowers. Things grow and thrive around her.


She always puts her children and husband ahead of herself. Her children will have all their needs meet through a loving and structured foundation. She teaches them the value of hard work. She highly values the traditions of her family and culture. She wants to pass them on to her children, so she is diligent as a role model.


Queen of Pentacles in Love


The Queen of Pentacles in love is a very devoted woman. She is earthy, sensual and very grounded. She will need a partner that is equally grounded and financially ambitious. She will love making you a special dinner from scratch and with lots of love. She is the queen who will take care of you when you need it. She will come to your aid when you are sick, making sure to squeeze fresh orange juice and homemade chicken noodle soup with fresh ingredients.


She is loving and kind. She can be sensitive, but practical at the same time. She understands that to have a good relationship, both parties need to be on equal footing. There needs to be a balance.


Once the Queen of Pentacles devotes herself to her man, she will be devoted always. She's not a one night stand kind of woman or into casual summer flings. She is looking for the perfect match to her world and when she finds him she will be the happiest and sweetest little bunny.


The downside to having the Queen of Pentacles coming in your romantic reading is that she can indicate the other woman. This will be indicated with another court card such as the Queen of Wands, Queen of Cups or even the High Priestess. The Queen of Pentacles can be quite tempting for a man because she seems to lack the overly sensitive and fluctuating emotions of the Queen of Cups and she isn't a fiery and spontaneous as the Queen of Wands. The Queen of Pentacles makes sure that she always exhibits her best side to society. She'll usually always look the best dressed and takes care in her appearance even if it means taking an hour to get ready in the morning.


Queen of Pentacles as a Feeling


You are feeling loving and tender towards someone or a situation. You feel like nurturing someone. You feel kind and compassionate. You may even feel luxurious about something.


Queen of Pentacles as a Strength


When the Queen of Pentacles comes up in the strength position you may have a fine tuned sense of mathematical, intuitive ability at this time. This can be used as a strength to start a home based business.


As a strength position in a love reading, use your strong ability to stay grounded and keep your emotions to yourself. Nurture anyone around you by listening to their feelings. Silence is golden.


Queen of Pentacles as Advice


As advice, the Queen of Pentacles urges you to treat the situation with a calm demeanor.


Queen of Pentacles As a Career


The Queen of Pentacles is stable and is the Queen of Success. She knows that a successful woman is consistent and hardworking. Her garden and lush environment can stand for her abundance and success in the material world.


The Queen of Pentacles is very good at anything that she puts her mind to. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses and doesn't have any extravagant dreams of success that are unobtainable. You won't catch the Queen of Pentacles ideally daydreaming in reverie. She will work hard at doing what she is good at. She knows that to be successful you have to be diligent and organized. She is a master materializer. She will come up with a plan and then micromanage all the smaller details until she is complete. Because of her devotion, no task is too hard for the Queen of Pentacles. "Make a list and check it twice" is her motto. She will also make sure that the house, the kids and the job are all taken care of by organizing her time efficiently and effectively.


Queen of Pentacles as a Situation


The Queen of Pentacles indicates grounding and stability. As advice, the Queen of Pentacles urges you to treat the situation with a calm demeanor.


Queen of Pentacles Professions


Mother. Nursery. Animal Breeder. Home based businesses. Banker. Book keeper.




Card Combinations with the Queen of Pentacles


Queen of Pentacles and High Priestess:

     a. The other woman

     b. She keeps a lot of secrets.

     c. She keeps to herself.


Queen of Pentacles and Six of Cups:

     a. Quality time with the kids

     b. Mother's Day


Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles:

     a. Never having any money problems

     b. Success is assured

     c. Great money management

     d. Staying at home all day in a luxurious environment


Queen of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles:

     a. A well run home

     b. Domestic Goddess

     c. Family values that will transcend generations


Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles:

   a. Husband and wife business partners

   b. Complete and total balance of work and home


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