Tarot Heaven Seven of Cups Description
Seven of Cups Universal Rider Waite

Seven of Cups

Lord of Illusionary Success


Season: Summer

Dates: November 13- November 22

Astrological Correspondence: Venus in Scorpio



Description and Symbolism:


The clouds hold seven cups all full of different items. The seven cups represent the seven planets of the ancient world. A shadow figure that resembles a man stands with his back towards us facing the cups. The fact that the cups are all in the sky, surrounded by puffy clouds suggest that all you know is up in the air, it's in the sky, and it may very well be unobtainable.


One of the cups contains a castle, which gives way to the idiom, "Building castles in the sky", which is exactly what the people in the Tower card did. They built their tower so high that it ended up crashing to the ground. The Tower and this cup is represented by Mars, the planet of war and aggression.


The next cups holds overflowing jewels, which can represent hunting for that perfect treasure. This card is represented by Jupiter because he is the king of all kings and the planet of luck, royalty and abundance. Jupiter is represented by the Wheel of Fortune. And indeed there is a fortune in that cup.


The next cup has a laurel wreath and a skeleton face. Laurel wreaths represent victory because the ancient Greeks would crown the victory with a wreath of laurel leaves. This cups mimics the World card and the circular wreath that encompasses completion. Saturn is the planet the corresponds to the World card.


The fourth cup contains a dragon, which breaths fire like the sun. The brings us back to the Sun card and represents the solar energy.


On the top shelf of the cloud, only three cups remain. In the center is a figure with a white cloth draped over him/her. She is represented by the High Priestess because she is holding the veil between this world and the astral world. This cup holds the Moon.


The snake to the right of the veiled woman symbolizes mercury and the Magician. This cup represents an ouroborus, which is a snake biting it's own tail. And of course, the Magicians magical figure 8 reminding us that the universe is really a gigantic infinity sign swing back and forth.


The last cup holds a beautiful woman's face, which represents the Empress, Venus and beauty.


The cups have multiple choices in them some of them not based in reality.


Interpretation and Divination:


The Seven of Cups warns not to give in to temptation, seduction, or addiction. These are temporary and not built on a solid foundation. The Rider-Waite version of these cards shows seven cups filled with different choices. The cups are floating in the clouds. The clouds represent illusion and the choices are our choices in everyday life. Make sure these choices, (having an extramarital affair, drinking too much) are not temporary, but everlasting.


The Seven of Cups indicates being intoxicated with illusion, glamour, daydreams, and castles in the sky that you cannot see reality. This can also indicate drug addiction because when we are high, nothing is clear. Nothing is real. Illusions are easily built.


The Seven of Cups can indicate having no direction because of too many choices. Perhaps you are sitting around daydreaming too much.


The Seven of Cups can indicate that your financial position maybe built on false beliefs about money.


The Seven of Cups is similar to the Devil and the Moon.


The Seven of Cups in Love:


In regard to love the Seven of Cups suggests that you are daydreaming about something that isn’t there. This might be the "He's just not that into you," card. You’d rather be wrapped up in fantasy and illusion.


Another approach to the Seven of Cups in love can indicate that you are falling in love to fast. It can be an illusion when you do this. It isn't built on anything solid and you have a feeling of "walking on air". Love like this usually ends as quick as it starts.


The Seven of Cups as Feelings:


You are feeling in love with someone or something that is probably just a fantasy. It's the feeling we get when we fall head over heals in love with someone, but we know nothing about this person.


You may also be feeling like you have too many choices and all of them look good. It's like going into your favorite restaurant and not being able to decide between which meal to order, so you end up order two appetizers, one entree, order for your spouse so you can share with them and finish that off with a dessert. You order too much food and get to take it all home in a doggie bag for later.


Seven of Cups as Advice:


As advice, the Seven of Cups could be dependent on its Venus in Scorpio aspect. Rely on your sexy, seductive side to spice up your life.


The Seven of Cups as an Action:


When the Seven of Cups shows upright, it could end up being a card of inaction. A person tries to fit all the options into their life and ends up making a mess.


When this card comes up as the action you should sit back and really think about what you want because not all those choices are good ones.


The Seven of Cups Reversed as an action could very well foretell that you take your daydreams, meld them into one path and choose that path. When the Seven of Cups is reversed it's a good card for action because it symbolizes that the querent does end up taking action.


The Seven of Cups Professions:


Painter. Conductor. Orchestra. Plumber. Magician.


The Seven of Cups Reversed:


The Seven of Cups Reversed indicates an ending to the illusions. It corresponds directly to the emotional state of the Chariot: having control and direction.


In love, the Seven of Cups Reversed can signal unrequited romantic feelings.


The Seven of Cups Card Combinations:


Seven of Cups and Hierophant

    a. Dreaming about marriage


Seven of Cups and Lovers:

    a. Many choices regarding love

    b. Being swept up by love


Seven of Cups and Moon:

    a. Madness

    b. Creativity fueled at night


Seven of Cups and Seven of Wands:

    a. Worry over imagined reality


Seven of Cups and Nine of Swords:

    a. Possible drug addiction and withdrawal

    b. Sleepless nights due to confusion over a decision


Seven of Cups and Four of Pentacles:

   a. Protecting yourself against illusion

   b. Even though you have a lot to work on, you should keep consistent.

       This is the way to succeed.








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