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Seven of Swords Universal Rider Waite

Seven of Swords

Lord of Unstable Effort


Season: Winter

Dates: February 9 -February 18

Astrological Correspondence: Moon in Aquarius



Seven of Swords Description and Symbolism


A man in a Fez hat is striding away with five of the seven swords he wants to steal. Two remaining swords are erected into the ground. They look strong and stable. The man has his eyes closed and is facing the carnival colored tents. He has a smile on his face, which looks more like a smirk.


His hat is common in North Africa and Turkey. We may deduce that this man is a foreigner. This symbolizes doing something that is outside of normal European social norms, where tarot derives.  Fez hats are also traditionally donned by the military. He uses his military stealth tactics to take the swords. He appears cunning. Perhaps the people in the tents have traveled to foreign lands and they are out of their element. On the other hand, he could be the foreigner infiltrating the native camp.


The yellow sky can represent sunset; his sneak attack is done while the others are planning and eating. We see the shadowy figures in the background with a sword raised. Sneak and covert attacks are a recent military strategy. Warfare use to be conducted with both parties knowing when and were the battles were to take place. So the military fellow is using extremely underhanded tactics while playing this war game.


In tarot, yellow skies also represent intelligence and the man carrying the swords is cunning, intelligent and crafty.


Seven of Swords Interpretation and Divination


One of the main meanings for the Seven of Swords on a basic, mundane level indicates stealing, sometimes for the rush of stealing and other times it is a well designed and thought out plan. If you are the person who is in the shadows, you may not even be aware of the thief, so stand guard over what you value whether it's your heart or your possessions.


This might be someone who doesn't want to be honest and open. They don't prize communication, but would rather run from the truth. The Moon in Aquarius brings in the dark, hidden side of the Moon. The side we never see from Earth.


Seven is a prime and a single number. This indicates that you, and only you, are on this journey. You must be clever, keen and acutely aware of your current situation.


The Seven of Swords can also indicate that a thief creates their own problems.


Seven of Swords in Love


This is a very unsavory card to get in a love reading. It indicates that someone is sneaking around behind you with someone else. But they maybe clumsy about it. Looks for clues. Do they smell like a foreign perfume or cologne? Do they work late, yet aren't accounted for at the office? Do they often have business dinner meetings? If yes, someone maybe cheating on you.


If you are asking about a potential love interest, he or she probably wants to go at it alone. This is the soloist card; the card of the lone wolf. You may also want to be very careful around this person. He or she is very shrewd and cunning.


Seven of Swords as Feelings


You may feel a surge of cunningness or calculating behavior. You may even feel left out or attacked and are on the offense. You feel shrewd, crafty, acute and perhaps even a bit crafty.


If you are asking about how someone feels about you, they may feel that you have slighted them. They feel that you are someone who goes at it alone. You could be in a situation that makes you feel that the other person is vengeful and an antagonist.


Seven of Swords as Advice


The Seven of Swords urges you to use your mind to escape a situation. You maybe stuck in a situation where you need to be cunning. You may need to do some spying or searching to one up on someone else. The best defensive is an offensive move. Make sure all your ducks are lined up before someone else comes in and attacks. The Seven of Swords indicates a stealth like attack. You may not even realize there are other options for you when you are in a tricky situation.


On a more positive note, the Seven of Swords can be helpful when you need to solve a puzzle or use your mind in a different way. Thinking out side of the box should be your objective. This is a solo mission. Trust yourself and your instincts. Look out for numero uno.


Seven of Swords as an Action


When the Seven of Swords shows up as an action, then you (or someone you know), will end up investigating the situation. Maybe you have a love interest, who feels the need to be indirect with you, so instead of being up front, they ask round about questions. They might not even ask questions at all.


For example, say you work in the clothing industry. Someone wants to know where you work. They have already confirmed a vagueness about your job from another friend, but no one is exactly sure what your role is, so instead of asking, "Where do you work"? They start talking about how they are very interested in clothing design and manufacturing. By doing this they are trying to prompt you to talk about your job and industry.


Seven of Swords Professions


Carnie. Spy. Swindler. Thief. Street Urchin. Military, especially Turkish or North African. Corrupt Banker. Any profession that involves going at it solo. Magician. Sorcerer. Investigator. Private Investigator.


Seven of Swords Reversed


The Seven of Swords reversed can indicate a situation that catches you off guard. A sneaky, scheming plan you may have had has fallen through. Someone else may have the upper hand and uses excessive lies to manipulate you even further. You may start babbling and are caught completely off guard and blindsided.


On the other side, you may want honesty from a situation and get it. You realize how you've been duped the entire time. A lover, friend or business associate could come clean about how they have manipulated you. You are now mentally confused because your allies have turned against you and are really your enemies. This might be a good time to channel your own inner upright Seven of Swords and turn the page against them.


On another level, it can indicate that a thief or criminal is caught. Look for the Reversed Seven of Swords, Justice and Eight of Swords to indicate jail.


Seven of Swords Card Combinations


Seven of Swords and High Priestess:

   a. A woman he can't have will break his heart.


Seven of Swords and Emperor:

   a. You refuse to change your position and resort to underhanded and

       manipulative tactics to get your way.

   b. You use your words, clout and power to get your way in situations.


Seven of Swords and Strength:

   a. Your lover or spouse maybe sneaking around for a sexual



Seven of Swords and Ace of Swords:

   a. Change of tactics.


Seven of Swords and Three of Swords:

   a. Being sneaky ends up hurting you.

   b. You lose something that hurts all three people involved (including



Reversed Seven of Swords and Eight of Swords:

   a. A criminal being caught and going to jail.


Seven of Swords and Four of Pentacles:

   a. Closely concealing the truth.


Seven of Swords and Seven of Pentacles:

   a. Having to go solo without the group

   b. Being severely underhanded and blaming others for your lack of


   c. Carefully planning your project that you realize will take a lot of time

       to materialize


Seven of Swords and Ten of Swords:

   a. Someone is plotting to take you down. Tread carefully.


Seven of Swords and Ace of Pentacles Reversed:

   a. Someone is withholding money from you





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