Tarot Heaven Strength Tarot Card Description
Strength Universal Rider Waite


Daughter of the Flaming Sword

Rules: Leo

Exaltation: Neptune

Planet: Sun

Hebrew Letter: Teth

Color: Yellow

Musical Note: E-natural


Description and Symbolism:


The woman is wearing white and gray, which represents purity and wisdom. She looks larger than the land behind her and larger than the land she stands upon. She is larger than life. She is a powerful figure who can tame anyone with diplomacy. She is truly magnanimous. The sky is tinted yellow, which represents emotional intellect. She is wearing a wreath of roses around her hair and waist, which represent her feminine side. Red roses in tarot tend to represent the material world. An infinity sign is levitating above her head, which represents her mastery over her emotions. She has tamed hundreds of lions before the lion in the picture. The lion bows down before her while gently licking her arm with affection.


Lions represent carnal desire, material power and brute force. The woman in Strength is using her spiritually divine nature to telepathically talk and subdue the beast.


Interpretation and Divination:


Strength can represent having the inner resolve and self-discipline to conquer desire. You'll need to use fortitude and strength of character. Use love instead of force. You can get more out of someone using sugar and honey than brute force.


Strength can also represent spiritual power that over comes material temptations. The woman in the Strength card has spent many, many nights working on her ability to tame the lion through spiritual discipline. So this card calls on you to use your inner strength to get the job done. You may have to work at it over and over and over again, but you'll eventually be able to tame any problem through love and gentle care.


Strength is about always having the courage to stand up to any beast, whether it be an unjust law or a cruel dictator. Do not succumb to brute force or physical threats. Be the Buddha or Jesus who adamantly turned away from physical force even when force was used against them. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was the epitome of the Strength card too.


Strength is the card of conquering your emotions. Fear drives us into an emotional abyss, if we cannot conquer it with courage. Sometimes we need patience as well. This is a card that says patience is a way of listening to our intuition and our inner strength. Strength is about mind over matter, conquering any doubt in us, overriding any fears, controlling our emotions.


The Fools Journey:


Our fool has the vehicle (Chariot) now, he has the tools, he has the scrolls of intuition, he has been grounded, contained, educated, and now he must use all these to gain patience and courage to make the right decisions. He must overcome any wild urges, impulses, or crazy feelings. He must remain in control, calm, steady, if he wants to tame his wild side. Sometimes he must wait, crouching near the lion, until the right moment when he is sure he can overcome his inner beast. Once the beast is in his hands he must learn it, subdue it, and tame it. He must mesmerize it with what he learned from the scrolls. He must pet it as the Empress would. He must stand steady like the Hierophant and the Emperor. Perhaps he has the learned how to use the Magicians tools. He has learned to tame his horses that drive the Chariot. Now he must take on his raw emotions. Through this process his intuition will become crystal clear.


Strength in Love:


Strength in love requires you to be gentle, kind and patient with your partner or lover. It is very likely that one of you is the temperamental lion and the other is the mediator. You may bring a sense of calm to your relationship that your partner needs. One of you has a fiery temper.


Courtship is very important to Strength in love. You may enjoy fine dining, theater and concerts. You may like a little bit of the chase, which you find very romantic. You will purse your beloved until she or he is finally yours. You will not settle in love.


Sexually passionate and intimate relationships are very important to you. You want to make love and be loved. Fire in a romance are important and you may even believe that fighting might bring you closer. Strength in love will enjoy make up sex immensely.


Strength as Feelings:


You are probably feeling in control and diplomatic. You are feeling very regal and beautiful.


In a romantic context, you are feeling a lot of love for someone or something, but for some reason you have to keep the love and the feelings restrained. You may even be feeling very sexual about a certain someone.


Strength as an Obstacle:


The lady in the Strength card is larger than life. We can see this by the way she towers over the landscape and the way she easily tames the lion. She is spiritually "above" the average person and thus, can be quite intimidating. Many people do not share her higher vibrations and thus, can find her extremely intense. As an obstacle in your love reading, Strength maybe telling you to not use so much force. All good things comes to those who wait. In other words, don't try and force the lions mouth to close.


On a Mundane Level:


Strength is also a card that can represent dentists and orthodontists. It can also be about cosmetic surgery.


Strength can also represent telepathy and communicating with animals. It's a card for all  animal tamers and animal lovers.


Strength Professions:


Veterinarian. Dentist. Internist. Orthodontist.  Animal breeder. Animal trainer. Geneticist. Plastic Surgeon.  Diplomat. Ambassador.


Strength Reversed:


Strength can indicate lust, raw sexual energy, passion and sexual slavery. Strength reversed can hint at a one-night stand.


Strength Tarot Card Combinations:


Strength and Hermit:

     a. Walking away from a difficult situation is the best avenue for



Strength and the Sun:

     a. A day at the Spa.


Strength and Two of Wands:

     a. Foreign diplomacy


Strength and Knight of Wands:

   a. Sexual quest


Strength and Seven of Swords:

     a. A secret, sexual rendez-vous without your spouse's knowledge.


Strength and Queen of Cups:

     a. Managing your emotions is the best advice.


Strength and Two of Pentacles:

   a. The most important thing to realize about these two cards is that both

       have a infinity sign.

   b. Communicating with someone overseas about esoteric/healing/health/

       magic/business that is part of your soul circle.

   c. Important information is in between the lines.




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