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Three of Pentacles Universal Rider Waite

Three of Pentacles

 Lord of Material Work


Season: Autumn

Timing: 3 Years

Dates: December 31- January 9

Astrological Correspondence: Mars in Capricorn




Description and Symbolism:


Two men are in a church showing a third man what they have drawn. The drawing looks remarkably like the building they are standing in. It looks like they have plans and need the third man’s approval. Maybe they are asking for a loan to start their own business. One man is dressed in a jesters outfit and the other is dressed as a monk. The jester’s costume indicates that the two men are just starting out. This is a new beginning for them.


Interpretation and Divination:


The Three of Pentacles indicates a skilled worker. It suggest a construction worker or someone who works with their hands.


The Three of Pentacles can indicate that someone is asking for the money for a new business. It can suggest loans and making future plans. It suggests offers of all kinds.


The Three of Pentacles indicates that three people or more are working together. It can indicate group projects. It can also indicate internships where you work without pay.


Three of Pentacles in Love:


The Three of Pentacles in love suggests that you met at work. It could also suggest that you meet on a social media site.


If you are asking about a love interest, the Three of Pentacles suggests that they are busy at work. They maybe thinking about you, but work my take precedent. They could also already be in a relationship with someone else. Love triangles can be indicated by the Three of Pentacles, Three of Cups, Three of Wands and especially the Three of Swords.


If you are currently in a relationship, the Three of Pentacles suggests that you and your loved one work together.


Three of Pentacles as Feelings:


Usually when the Three of Pentacles comes up in the feelings position the person feels superior to you in some way. They look down upon you and don't think very well of you.


On the other hand, it can just indicate that they feel nothing much at all and are busy with other things in their life such as work, school or charity.


On a Mundane Level:


The Three of Pentacles suggests shopping where merchants and customers are involved in a sales transactions.


Three of Pentacles Professions:


Architect. Loan Officer. Mortgage Broker. Real Estate Agent.


Three of Pentacles Reversed:


The Three of Pentacles Reversed indicates a lack of cooperation. Your plans may crumble and you could end up not getting the loan or job that you wanted.


Three of Pentacles Card Combinations:


Three of Pentacles reversed and Wheel of Fortune:

   a. Lack of information regarding an event that works out

       okay. Three of Pentacles reversed indicates that people did

      NOT work together and things went a little bumpy

      because of it. But as the Wheel of life dictates, it worked out

      okay. The situation worked out fortunately well.


Three of Pentacles and World:

   a. Finishing a group project

   b. Getting to a new level on the project you've been working on


   c. Promotion


Three of Pentacles and Six of Wands:

   a. Praise for a job well done. You're coworkers love you.


Three of Pentacles and Two of Swords:

   a. "No, I won't give you the loan you want."

   b. "No, I refuse to work together."


Three of Pentacles and Three of Cups:

   a. Working together and celebrating





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