Tarot Heaven Two of Wands Description
Two of Wands  Universal Rider Waite


Two of Wands


Lord of Dominion


Season: Spring

Timing: 2 Days

Dates: March 21-March 30

Astrological Correspondence: Mars in Aries




Two of Wands Description and Symbolism


A man stands looking out to the sea. He is holding a globe in one hand and a wand in the other. The second wand is bolted to the ground. He cannot move it. The wands seem a little unstable as both of them need help standing. These wands are not firmly rooted in the ground. The man is facing the sea and the mountains, as if he is surveying more territory he would like to conquer.


Both the globe and the two wands are reminiscent of the Emperor's ankh staff and his orb. The gives the man depicted in the Two of Wands a king like quality. It is no coincidence that Aries rules both the Two of Wands and The Emperor.


The orb was often used in coronation ceremonies that would grant the monarch rulership over his kingdom. The man in our Two of Wands depicts rulership, dominion, and authority over his empire.


The globe looks round and fertile and could also symbolize nurturing an idea. The globe is symbolic of having "all the world at your fingertips."


The Two of Wands encompasses the number two, fire, the planet Mars and the sun sign Aries. This is a good combinations of elements. Everyone of them is happy. Mars rules over Aries, so we have a natural allegiance for this card. Wands symbolize fire and this completely complements Aries and Mars' fiery nature. The Two of Wands really gets the ball rolling in a most productive way. This guy knows what he's doing, he just may need some time to think and reflect about it. He's in the part of the story where he is surveying all his land and about to make a decision about his next move.


In relationship to the Tree of Life, fire is at home in Chokmah/Wisdom. So we have stable and wise energy.


Two of Wands Interpretation and Divination


The Two of Wands is a moment of pause and reflection. You are unsure about someone or something. You most likely have two roads you can go down. What makes this decision hard is that both decisions are good.


You could be preparing for a journey, partnership or acquisition. You have applied the raw power, you just need to make a decision and go. This card comes right after the aces. Now that you’ve realized that you have the power to do something, you are cautiously preparing for it.


The Two of Wands can also be of discontentment. You are always looking to the future and the past and not the present. The Two of Wands could indicate missed opportunities because of apathy and emotional disconnection. You may yearn for what you can't have, while disregarding what you have or what you are being offered.


The Two of Wands can also indicate real estate. You could be in the process of looking for houses or new property to buy. There is a likely chance that this will be an investment home. It can definitely indicate foreign property or traveling somewhere exotic. You have many options and are undecided on which one to buy. You are careful and prefer to think things through before making major financial decisions.


As a health problem it could indicate any blood related diseases or a neurological problem. A blood clot could be indicated.


Two of Wands in Love


In love the Two of Wands foretells of decision to be made. There is a pause and time to reflect on the relationship or the possibility of a new relationship. So if you are asking about a potential love interest, the Two of Wands suggests that either you or your interest are thinking things over.


If you are in a relationship, the Two of Wands could suggests that you two are planning a trip or deciding where to take your relationship next.


There is a big possibility of meeting someone foreign or the person you are involved with is foreign or from a very wealthy family.


Two of Wands as a Feeling


You are feeling indecisive.


You may have a longing to be with someone.


If these are business feelings you could be strategizing on how to get someone or a group on board with your plans, so there maybe a constant nagging feeling that you are not doing all that you could be doing. You want everything to be perfect.


Two of Wands as a Person


A Two of Wands person is self-assertive, direct, and good with money and real estate. They are brave and can be quite valiant in their endeavors.


Business comes naturally for a person whose signifier is the Two of Wands. They are most likely an entrepreneur and it is extremely possible that they are very powerful and intelligent.


There is a big possibility that this person is foreign or has an international business.


On the downside, they can become very self-absorbed and if not reigned in they can make war by being too bold and angry. They may have a temper.


Two of Wands as Advice


Look at the bigger picture. Set the foundation for the future, at least if mental.


Be patient and make decisions only after all thoughts have been extinguished. This is not a good time to make rash decisions. It is a good time to take survey of all that needs to be done.


Two of Wands Professions


Entrepreneur. Cartographer. Prince. Wealthy owner, perhaps a man who inherits a family legacy. Real Estate Agent or Broker. International Business. Optometrist.


Two of Wands Reversed


The Two of Wands could also represent that another person is in charge of your life. Perhaps a father, brother, or husband is using their power to control you. In this instance, you are like the globe and they are the man.


The Two of Wands Reversed suggests that you are doing business with a very underhanded person. They maybe highly manipulative and have an explosive temper.


The Two of Wands Reversed may indicate that you have a lack of resources. This can cause major depression and financial loss.

Two of Wands Card Combinations


Two of Wands and Death:

   a. You have a choice between two things, probably work related

       obligations. You choose only one.


Two of Wands and Moon:

   a. Lies and illusions in a business deal


Two of Wands and King of Wands Reversed:

   a. Business with an unmotivated, lazy man is a bad options

   b. You are not putting enough effort into your decisions. Thinks don't

       come to those who don't act.


Two of Wands and Ace of Swords:

   a. Writing to someone overseas


Two of Wands and Knight of Swords:

   a. Can indicate a lawsuit


Two of Wands and Ace of Cups:

   a. Yearning to be with someone who is overseas


Two of Wands and Two of Cups:

   a. Talking and connecting with someone you love or like about new

       business opportunities

   b. Talking or discussing a new real estate move

   c. Trying to decide between options.


Two of Wands and Seven of Cups:

   a. Undecided and discontent with all the many options.


Two of Wands and Nine of Cups:

   a. You get your wish and get rewarded with financial success.


Two of Wands and King of Pentacles:

   a. Contemplating business decisions over seas.


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