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World  Universal Rider Waite

The World

The Great One of the Night of Time

Rules: Capricorn and Aquarius

Exaltation: Libra

Planet: Saturn

Hebrew Letter: Tav

Color: Blue-Violet, Indigo

Musical Note: A-Natural


Description and Symbolism:


An woman dances in the air encircled with a laurel wreath. There are red ribbons shaped like figure eights at the top and bottom of the wreath. These symbolize the on going circle to life. When one journey ends, another begins. She holds two batons one in each hand. A purple scarf gently cascades down her body making a loose spiral shape.


There are four corners outside of the laurel wreath that contain a man, an eagle, a bull and a lion. These are symbolic of the four elements. The lion is fire, the bull is earth, the man is water and the eagle is air. The man is water because of his relationship with water. He is made up of 70% water. There are other interpretations of these four corners, but each is symbolic of a balance. It also reverberates back to the Wheel of Fortune. Both are karmic cards.


Interpretation and Divination:


The World signals the end of a life journey. You could be getting a degree, having a child leave home, getting married. These are all beginnings and endings, while signaling the end of one stage and the transition to another.


The World suggests that you might win an award or prize.


The World is a card of World Ambassadors and the U.N. "peace keeping" missions. The World advises that you send help and relief in the form of funds.


The World may mean that you graduate from any grade level at school.


The World signals the completion of a project.


The World in Love:


If you are asking about a potential lover, the World card suggests that it will be over before it begins. The World in a marriage placement usually indicates that you will marry later in life.


The World card in an existing relationship denotes happiness, peace and inner completion. You and your partner are probably looking towards a new chapter in your relationship like having children, marriage or retirement.


You have probably picked a partner that makes you feel complete and whole. You are selective in who you partner up with. You seek a partner who will complement your background and accomplishments. They could possibly be older and already established. They maybe a good teacher. Both of you probably teach each other a lot.


The World as a Feeling:


The World could mean that you (or whoever you are asking about) feels complete when they are around you. You make them feel calm.


World as Advice:


The World advises you to recognize an ending to something. It also tells you to be happy, content and complete within yourself and in your own world.


The World in Career:


The World can infer that a person is a perfectionist when it comes to their job. They will rise quickly in their chosen field. They take their job very seriously and always try to be the best that they can be. They are highly professional. A negative aspect is that they are a workaholic and should make time for family and friends.


The World Professions:


Teacher. Education Administration. Singer. UN Ambassador. King or Queen.


The World Reversed:


The World reversed can suggest a delay in graduation. You may not graduate on time or with your class, but you will graduate.


The World Reversed can also suggest a stagnant period of your life where things aren't going the way you planned. You may get bogged down with all the details and feel like quiting. You slowly drudge through things feeling the "weight of the world" on your shoulders.


World Card Combinations:


World and Hanged Man:

   a. Something you poised to finish has been put on hold.

   b. Something you thought was over has recently come to light as


   c. Needed insight comes from an outside source


World and Judgement:

   a. Utter change. You will become someone else in the same

       body. Meaning, you will get to be two people or have two lives.


World and Two of Wands:

   a. Surveying your next big venture

   b. Discussing moving plans


World and Ten of Swords:

   a. The end of a cycle. It's the end. It's over.


World and Ace of Pentacles:

   a. The ending of a friendship, while planting the seed of a new and

       strong romance

   b. The end of something that never could materialize beyond an

       idea or small physical effort.




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