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Tarot Heaven

Tap Into Your Unlimited Psychic Power With Tarot

We’ve designed this website in easy to digest pieces. You’ll find placements for love, advice and career as well as general descriptions with a sprinkle of hidden occult information. Tarot was designed to tap into the collective unconscious mind that every single human has access to. The tarot journey begins the unfoldment of occult secrets, while unlocking your own clear sight (clairvoyance).

We all have the power of intuition yet we live in a world ruled by logic. Because we are ruled by logic, many lose their psychic ability or never develop it. Picking up tarot is a wonderful way to re-engage with a part of your that maybe dormant. Your inner child is radiating like the Sun (card 19).

Tarot can also be used for psychological purposes. The cards do have deep psychological and Jungian factors to them. These are archetypes that can be used to further enhance your world and imaginations. Meditate on how the symbolism speaks to you.

There are ancient symbols embedded in all the cards. These are symbols still used today. Look at the black box the Devil sits on. Is it a cube or a box? Does it matter? Yes.

How do the cards make you feel when you look at them? Take your own notes. Write them down. Your intuition will gradually connect to the collective consciousness. Clear sight will eventual be yours to use to protect and manage your life better.

tarot heaven
tarot heaven
Spades were traditionally associated with the Suit of Swords. Unlucky indeed.