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Tarot Heaven


There is no one exactly like you. From the moment you took your first breath, all the stars aligned in the sky at a specific location. If you know the exact time and place of birth, you can access your natal chart. A natal chart is full of things called houses and angles called aspects. Everyone has different zodiac signs in a planet and a house. These combine to make aspects (angles), which have different meanings all based on the house the planets are in, the planets involved and, of course, what type of geometric (aspect) configuration it makes.

For those skeptics, I’d like to present this idea. So you’ve probably read about your birth sign and thought, “That’s not me.” Then you don’t give horoscopes or astrology a second real thought. The sun sign and ascendant sign are the two most important factors in determining the “self.” Mathematically, there are 144 possible combinations, or 144 possible descriptions of the “self.” No one is completely one zodiac sign.