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Tarot Heaven

 While tarot is a worthwhile pursuit, I do not use it for divination. I find the mathemathical fundamentals that astrology provide to be exact and useful. I’ve plotted my natal birth chart and followed my own progressions and transits enough to realize that I can work with the energies presented to me. My hope is that we can sit down and study your own personal blueprint to help further your life path and tangible plus spiritual development. 

We take a look at your natal chart to find out what key components we are working with that encompass your entire life. Then we take a look at the biggest transits for the next 12 months so you better know what is in store for you and how to navigate the terrain. 

I am offering an introductory rate of $50 for both the natal chart overview and the yearly transits. I need at least 5 days once I get payment to create the reading. We can do it over the phone, so that you can ask many questions or I can email you a 5-7 page reading. After you get the reading via email, you can ask me up to 5 questions. Once you make a secure payment to paypal, email me at

I will need your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If you do not know your exact time of birth, I cannot do the reading. Astrology is an exact science and without a precise hour and minute, it will not work. In the United States and most European countries, your time of birth is printed on your birth certificate.