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Tarot Heaven

Tarot Minor Arcana

The Suit of Cups


Cups are associated with the element Water. Water is cold and wet.

The qualities of Water energy are mutability, adaptability, changeability and coolness. It is stable and passive. It is associated with feminine energy and subconsciousness.

Water’s polar opposite is the element Fire.

The Suit of Cups represent deep, emotional responses to situations. They deal with the subconscious desires and impulses. They are passive and slow moving suit. They love to spend time in reverie and creative arts. When you get a cup card in a reading, look for any kind of emotional or creative response to a situation, but don’t get so lost in your subconscious that you forget to remind your conscious mind to act.

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Ace of Cups

Keywords: New Love. Spiritual Moving. Possibilities. Emotional Health. Healing. Spiritual Development. Blossoming Friendships. Fertility. Birth. Abundance. Joy. Liberation. Flowing or Overwhelming Emotions.


Reversed Keywords: Lack of Love. Not Recognizing Love. Healing Blocked. Emotional Disturbances. Disappointments. Breakups. Endings. Sadness. Revolution. Unrequited Love.


Two of Cups


Keywords: Romance. Attraction. Friendship. Affinity. Union. Companionship. Desire. Nurturing. Compatibility. Pleasure. Mutual Admiration. Healing. Nurse. Harmony. Unity. Synergy. Commerce. Duality. Exchange. Masculine and Feminine. Folly and Wisdom. Science. Alchemy.


Reversed Keywords: Romance Blocked.  Disappointments. Friendships Ending. Contracts Dissolving.


Three of Cups


Keywords: Celebrations. Baby showers. Dating. Groups of women celebrating. Friendships Strengthening. A Party. Pregnancy. Happy Times. Harvest.


Reversed Keywords: Party plans falling through. Divorce. Thief. Stealing. Lying. Libertine.


Four of Cups


Keywords: Refusal. Rejection. Breakup. Taking love for granted. Illusions. Daydreams. Resting after the party. Not realizing what you have. Ignoring options. Being stubborn. A hang over. Discontent. Disgust. Aversion. Apathy. Hesitation.


Reversed Keywords: Recognizing you have many admirers. Getting out of your rut. New relationships options.


Five of Cups


Keywords: Heartbreak. Break up (not all is lost). Separation. Taking time away. Loss. Gloom. Desolation. All is not lost, but a lot is. Sadness is part of life. Time brings change. Suffering is part of happiness. Imbalances. Glass half empty. Inheritances manipulated. Bridge is not completely burnt (we can see it in the distance).


Reversed Keywords: Putting things back together quickly. Healing faster. Glass half full. Can also mean reconciliation OR unable to move on from a past hurt.


Six of Cups


Keywords: Nostalgia. Children. Love of a Child. Children are involved in your relationship. Karmic or soul mate connections. Harmony. Inheritance. Memories. Known Joy. Familiar.


Reversed Keywords: Troubled childhood. Disharmony. Inheritance.


Seven of Cups


Keywords: Illusions. Choices. Assessment. Reflection. Passing time. Daydreams. Fantasy. Drug Addiction. Temptation. Seduction. Too many choices and not enough direction. Bad Marriage partner. Non permanence. Loves being in love. Love at first sight. Sexual feelings. Orgasms. Sexual infidelity.


Reversed Keywords: Things becoming clear. Choosing one thing over the other quickly. Will and determination. Unrequited love. Force. Resolve.


Eight of Cups


Keywords: Moving on. Break up. Leaving the past behind. Sobering up. Leaving useless behaviors behind. Turning away from illusions. Burning bridges. Unhappiness. Slowly moving on. Breaking up. Nothing left for you here. Walking away. As above, so below. Abandonment. Change is a good thing. Finding the other piece by walking away from the whole picture. Traveling to rejuvenate.


Reversed: Happiness. Joy. Feasting. Getting lost. Not knowing which path to take. Unable to move out of a bad situation.


Nine of Cups


Keywords: Wish card. Joy. Happiness. Contentment within yourself. Getting what you want. Contentment. Smugness. Satisfaction.


Reversed Keywords: Not getting your wish. Drinking too much. Gluttony. Hung over. Sunburn.


Ten of Cups


Keywords: Marriage. Completion. Family happiness. Unity as a family. Earthly happiness. Harvesting crops. Adopting kids. Adopting animals. Working with animals. Buying a house in the country.


Reversed Keywords: Broken family. Unhappy family. Lies.


Page of Cups


Keywords: Messages of love. Love letters. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Being in love with love. Traveling to the sea with someone you love. Imagination. Meditation. Daydreams. Contemplation. Subconscious. Drama. Overly Sensitive. Sensitive. Introspective. Whimsical. Melodramatic. Puppy Love.


Reversed Keywords: Seduction. Artifice. Manipulations. Ill-intentions especially in regard to love.


Knight of Cups


Keywords: Whirlwind romance. Emotional. Artemis. Messages of love. Cassanova. Romantic. Being in love with love.


Reversed Keywords: Playboy. Player. Romantic ill-intentions.


Queen of Cups


Keywords: Emotions. Intuitive. Psychic. Daydreamer. Writer. Artist. Mother. Creativity. Listen to your intuition. Caring. Compassion. Peaceful. Helper. Nurse. Caretaker. Actress. Dramatic. Lover. Wife.


Reversed Keywords: Bad mother. Emotionally manipulative. Lacks motivation. Fear. Stagnation. Unable to move. Drinking. Drugs. Illusions. Unrealistic fantasies with a lack of motivation. Self-absorbed. Turbulent. Smothering.


King of Cups


Keywords: Creative. The Artistic Type. The Fun Dad. Emotional. Photographer. Artist. Theatre. Loves Children. Actor. Alcoholism. Drugs. Emotionally Manipulative. Shadow Side Tends Towards Tyrannical.