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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tarot Minor Arcana

The Suit of Pentacles


Pentacles are associated with the element Earth. Earth is cold and dry.


The qualities of Earth energy are stability, strength, durability, and solidarity. It is stable and passive. It is associated with feminine energy and the physical bodies.


Earth’s polar opposite is the element Earth.


The Suit of Pentacles represents the physical plane. Anything materialistic, tangible and corporeal. It governs the realms of finance, work and money. Pentacles are slow moving and are a manifestation of feminine energy. When you get a pentacle in a reading, look towards areas of money, finance and anything somatic.


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Ace of Pentacles



Keywords: Inheritance. Start of a new money making operation. New career. New business opportunities. New ambitions manifesting themselves into the physical. New opportunities. New investments. New starts. Good health. Abundance. Wealth. Prosperity. Fertility. Contentment. Favorable Conditions. Destiny. New Grounded love affairs. Love affairs that are rooted in the material or financial. Pregnancy. Abundance. Love. Deeply Sexual Urges.


Reversed Keywords: Infertility. Loss of income. Greed. Bad business deals. Corruption.


Two of Pentacles


Keywords: Change. Juggling. Ups and downs. Choices. Cycles. Jester. Funny. Situation not taken seriously. Stocks. Gambling. Indecision. Life’s ups and downs. Juggling two things. Loosing and gaining money. Reckless Spending. Going back and forth. Duality. Black and white conditions. Multi-tasking. Movement. Always fluctuating. Cause and effect. Recreation. Letter writing. Texting. Emails. Letters. Writing. Mistakes. Financial downfalls and well as uptakes.


Three of Pentacles


Keywords: Asking for a loan. Receiving help. Beginning a new business venture. Helping out. Working together. Recognition. Being part of a bigger picture. Success as an apprentice. Learning a craft. Skilled Labor. Manual Labor. Asking and Receiving. Internship. Seeking Approval.


Reversed Keywords: Not getting the loan you wanted. Lack of effort. Poor grades in school. Sloppy work. Lack of effort. Dissatisfaction.


Four of Pentacles


Keywords: Security. Payouts. Financial wins or downfalls. Inheritance. Anxiety. Fear over money matters that maybe unwarranted. Gifts. Legacy. Orderly. Financial structure. Hugging. Midas.


Keywords Reversed: Greed. Miser. Jealousy. Clingy. Anxiety. Fear. Financial Troubles. A Jealous Lover. Shrewd Business Dealings. Financial Downfalls. Suspension. Delays. Opposition. Being selfish. Not giving. Lack of structure. Things falling apart. Holding on to things that don’t provide real security. Spending unwisely. Spending money that you don’t have. Also means payout is imminent.


Five of Pentacles


Keywords: Homelessness. Eviction. Abandonment. Poor. Out-of-luck. Beaten down. Outcasts. Illness. Too poor for the operation. Swallowed by Wallowing. Despair. Unpaid doctor’s bills. Not seeing opportunity. Self-Deprecating. Ruin. Adversity. Bitterness. Sadness. Lost time. Cold and Alone. Accidents.


Reversed Keywords: Financial situation will improve. Better times are coming. Relief. Finding a home. Leaving but coming home. All is not lost. Coming in from the snow (bad situation). Getting help.


Six of Pentacles


Keywords: Charity. Exchange. Asking for help. Welfare. Business resources. Handouts. Giving and Receiving. Business exchanges. Unequal marriage or relationships. Giving because it makes you look good, not because it’s the right thing to do.


Reversed Keywords: Controlling husband, controls the wife. Begging and not receiving. Vanity. Giving money to a bad cause.


Seven of Pentacles


Keywords: Patience. Hard work. Perseverance. Pay off. Things paying off. Frustrations. Maintenance. Growing for the Future. Waiting. Contemplation. Cashing in on your stock market investments. Failure.


Reversed Keywords: Not putting work into a situation. Impatience. Delays. Cancellations.


Eight of Pentacles



Keywords: Apprenticeship. Hard work. Working Hard. Dedication. Thinking while you work. Almost finished. Craft. Mindfulness. Meticulous. Grounded.  Discipline. Order. Preparedness. Efficiency. Trade. Diligence. Astute. A Student. Tunnel Vision. Dedication. Thinking while you work. Meticulous. Trade. Almost finished. Preparing for the Future. Learning a Craft. Repetition. Doing a series of tasks in a repetitive manner to tasks. Assembly line. Machinists. Blacksmith. Carver. Woodcarver.


Reversed Keywords: You are spending too much time on work and have neglected your family and friends. When we reverse this card we see the house fall to the ground, but the pentacles still remain lined up. The work will continue, but the family, love, and house fall to the ground crumbling. Commitment phobic.


Nine of Pentacles


Keywords: Abundance. Luxury. Wealth. Success. Sumptuous. Refined. Elegant. Opulence. Noble. Royalty. Focus. Steady. Stamina. Hospitality. Kindness. Riches. Freedom. Superiority. Discipline. Life-Purpose. Kept woman.


Reversed Keywords: Weight gain. Drug use. Drinking too much. Trapped in a gilded cage. Discontentment. The Other Woman. A Kept Woman. Courtesan.


Ten of Pentacles


Keywords: Home. Family. A solid foundation. Stability. Security. Wealth. Fortunate gifts. Inheritance. Transference of wealth. Marriage. Boats. Gardens. Fulfillment. Earthly completion. Tree of life. Protection. Legacies. Wills. Trusts. Deeds.


Reversed Keywords: Family arguments over money. Favoritism. Nepotism. Lack of security. Marrying for money, not love. Greedy. Money doesn’t buy love or happiness. Wills being disputed.


Page of Pentacles


Keywords: Being in Nature. Discovering stability. Nurturing animals. Being Nurtured. Nurturing a talent or gift. The beginning stages. Good Health Results. Start of a practical love affair. Devoted, stable partner. Taking the first step in building a relationship. Farming. Starting a garden. Good News of Inheritance. Studious. Hardworking. Student of the occult. Messages of scholarships or inheritance. School.


Reversed Keywords: Frivolous. Unhappiness. Unfavorable news. Lack of motivation. High school dropout. Dumbing down. Failing an examination.


Knight of Pentacles


Keywords: Hard work. Commitment. Resolve. Grounded. Student. Academia. Seriousness. Farming. Farms. Patience. Goal oriented. Well rounded. Grounded. Earth. Stability. Traditional. Modest. Clean. Tidy. Organized. Cultured. Plants. Vegetation. Thoughtful. Strong. Solid. Stable. Goals fulfilled. Methodical. Method of success. Golden boy. Golden touch. Midas’s son. Patience is a virtue. Traditional ways work. Follow through. Intelligence. Studious. Erudite. Attention to detail. Always on time. Think before you act.


Reversed Keywords: Lazy. Sloppy. Stagnation. Lack of success. Dumb. Poor decisions.


Queen of Pentacles


Keywords: Homemaker. Hosting. Loving. Kind. Animals. Green. Organic. Opulent. Conservative. Thoughtful. Secret Keeper. Practical. Common Sense. Grounded. Sincere. Empathic. Sensitive. In tune with nature. Natural woman. Natural Mother. Good Business Sense. Organized. Tidy. Security. Faithful.


Reversed Keywords: Infertile. Difficult birth. Bad mother. Disorganized. Status obsessed. Greedy. No common sense. Insecure. Unstable. No business sense. Welfare Status. Social Climber. Overconsumption. Overly materialistic. Marrying for money, not for love. Ugly. Flashy. Disheveled. Slovenly. Irritable. Aggressive.


King of Pentacles


Keywords: Business. Entrepreneur. Financial Planner. Advisor. The Provider. The Boss. Control. Wealth. Building. Luxury. Status. Powerful. Midas. Intellectual. Golden Touch. Slow Moving. Steady. Conservative. Empire Builder. Natural. Bodyguard. Builder. Politician. Engineer. Reliable. Grounded.


Reversed Keywords: Egotistical. Manipulative. Liar. Controlling. Abusive. Corruption. Vice.