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Five of Cups Universal Rider Waite

Five of Cups

Lord of Loss in Pleasure


Season: Summer

Timing: 5 Months

Dates: October 23-November 2

Astrological Correspondence: Mars in Scorpio





Five of Cups Description and Symbolism


Under a gray and somber sky, a man cloaked in a long black cape stands with his head cast down to the ground. His black cape is absorbing all his regret, angst, and gloom. On the floor in front of him are three spilt cups, which he seems to be intensely focused on. Behind him are two other cups, still upright and full. He doesn't seem to recognize those other two cups. His back is turned to them while he focuses with an almost obsessive gaze to the cups that are emptied. He seems to be full of regret and loss.


There is a river in front of him with a beautiful little bridge that arches over the water. A golden color castle stands erect and stable across the river bank. The bridge suggests that while you may have a tendency to focus on what you have lost, there is always another way to look at something. Just take the bridge to the other side.


Five of Cups Interpretation and Divination


The Five of Cups signals a break up, a divorce or other emotional loss. You could have a falling out with a good friend or spouse.


The Five of Cups urges you to see the light in the darkness. If you choose to see only the empty cups then it is truly a loss, but you can turn around and see the open cups. You don't have to see the “glass half empty”, but “half full”.


The bridge in the Five of Cups indicates that not all your bridges are burned. It can suggest that you need to take some time out and reflect on your relationship. Not all is lost.


The Five of Cups can indicate that inheritances are not what they seem. You may not be getting all the inheritance that you deserve.


Five of Cups in Love


When a breakup happens it usually happens because there is trouble in a relationship. Trouble can brew because of a lack of love or even physical and/or emotional abuse. Perhaps the breakup was a good thing. The Five of Cups indicates that your relationship was imbalanced and now you can move away and correct the imbalances.


Five of Cups as Feelings


You (or someone you are asking about) is feeling regret, remorse or loss. You maybe regretting how a situation turned out and would like to rectify things. Someone can even feel left out from the loop or community.


Five of Cups as Advice


As a "half full vs half empty" card, we have two sets of advice depending on the situation. You can chalk up the experience to a learning experience and walk to better days. Or you can analysis what went wrong in a break down so that you can understand it better.


If you are in a relationship, the advice also maybe simply to break it off with someone. Or it might be telling you not to look at the negative side of a situation, but to see it in a more positive light. So stop focusing on all the negative, dreary things and think about all the good you have in your life! Because I know you do! No matter how bad it is, you can take refuge in a beautiful sunset or a family memory that makes you feel good.


No matter what there is loss with the Five of Cups, so don't dwell on it. This loss is necessary to make way for growth. Fives's can be about adaptation and meditation. Perhaps some emotional meditation needs to happen.


Five of Cups Professions


Grief Counselor. Pharmacist. Chemist. Scientist. Bartender.


Five of Cups Reversed


Ouch! You may run into an old friend or lover that has hurt you.  You may want to patch things up.






Five of Cups Card Combinations


Five of Cups and Lovers

   a. Being sad over the wrong person. You've been spending too much time

       looking at those empty cups.

   b. You drop the cloak, turn around, see the full cups, the bridge and

       finally realize the angel was with you guiding you towards the right

       person after all.


Five of Cups and Tower

    a. A disappointing orgasm or sexual experience


Five of Cups and Judgement

    a. The breakup forces them to look at their relationship and do a

        complete soul assessment

    b. Mundane: She/he calls him after the breakup to tell him/her how sorry she/he was


Five of Cups and Four of Swords

    a. After a breakup, all you want to do is rest


Five of Cups and Seven of Swords

    a. He doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship, so he runs the other

        way, while in his wake leaving her heartbroken.


Five of Cups and Eight of Swords

    a. She obsesses over the breakup, unable to see anything else


Five of Cups and Two of Cups

   a. Still sad over your break up and perhaps not seeing a new connection

       because of it.


Five of Cups and Four of Cups

    a. There is regret, apathy and boredom all tied into the breakup

    b. Feeling depressed and needing time alone.

    c. Feeling really hung over


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