Tarot Heaven Judgement Description
Judgement  Universal Rider Waite



The Spirit of the Primal Fire


Rules: Pluto

Exaltation: Mars

Astrological Association: Scorpio

Hebrew Letter: Shin

Color: Scarlet

Musical Note: C-Natural


Judgement Description and Symbology



The angel Gabriel appears out of the sky blowing a trumpet. The picture is suppose to depict biblical Judgment Day written about in the Book of Revelations.  A man, woman and child raise up from their graves, embracing the sound of the horn. Only the child's back is turned to us. The man and the woman have finally come together to form one-the child. This suggests the realization of the oneness within everything. The man represents the conscious mind, the woman the subconscious and the child the blending together of the two aspects. They are gray because they are now blank slates. The gray color also represents neutralization and sameness.


Across the vast water there appears to be a mirror image of the couple and child. They are now facing us. This suggests that you can never hide from the things you have done.


There are solid snow covered mountains rising to the sky. There is also a body of water in between the people. The ocean represents our subconscious mind. Water is symbolic of the oneness of everything. Water can be contained and separated, but it also forms a whole. It is a good reminder of how everything is interconnected. This is the same water that started its journey in the High Priestess.


Judgement Interpretation and Meaning


Judgement advises you to embrace what you have done. There is no looking back, so do not try to cover up what you have done. The past will always remain the past and the deeds you performed will always be with you.  Now is a good time to come to terms with the things that you have done.


Judgement is also the card of letting go, especially letting go of regret. There is nothing you can do to change the past, but you can change the future. You can also change how you perceive the past.


Judgement can indicate a spiritual rebirth or awakening. This is a time for change.


When Judgement appears in a reading, major life changes are most likely coming your way. You still might have a little work to do.


You may have a change of consciousness that leads to a new spiritual awareness. Judgement indicates a soul and life assessment. You may look back on your past and see things in a different way.


When you get Judgement in a reading, someone from your past may suddenly make an appearance. This is a karmic lesson that you will need to work through.


Judgement in Love


When you are asking about love and Judgement comes up, there is a strong possibility that you have known your potential lover or partner in a past life many times over. Judgement in love indicates that you and your partner keep getting married over and over again. This can create a calm feeling of knowing and trust between two people. The first time you re-met them in this life was probably a magical moment where "time stopped" and everything disappeared expect the two of your standing there gazing into each other’s eyes. There will be a magnetic attraction that goes beyond physical.


But love in Judgement isn't all sweetness and roses. There can be negative aspects that you two may have to work through, which you probably keep repeating through out the lifetimes together.


There is a tendency to lose yourself in romance and with your partner. You or your partner may feel as if you are one soul.


If you are asking about an old boyfriend or girlfriend, then they have been put to rest. You should move on.


If you are asking about a potential relationship, then it could go either way depending on surrounding cards. Supporting cards would be the Lovers, 2 of Cups and 6 of Cups. Cards like Death, Hanged Man and King of Swords indicate that the relationship you are hoping for may not come to fruition.


Judgement as Feelings


You might be feeling extremely introspective about a situation or a person. You could also be feeling something has changed inside of you so that you can reanalysis something that was buried.


You may feel like you've had an epiphany about something important. Someone may have brought something back to the surface from the past and it has caused deep, conflicting feelings. There is now a need to come to terms with the past, who you really are, and how other people perceive you.


If you are asking, "What does X feel for me?" The answer is that they feel karmically bonded to you. They may feel passion that they don't know how to reconcile. No matter how hard they try, they feel very sexual, passionate and soulful about you. It’s a feeling that transcends bodies, lifetimes and current situations, but as a feeling it does not say anything about reconciliation or being intimate together.


Judgement as an External Factor


An external factor is something that is happening indirectly to you. You have no control over it. Judgement as an external influence means that someone you absolutely thought was “dead to you”, will show back up.


On a negative side, Judgement also can indicate funerals and deaths.


Judgement as an Obstacle


Someone could be keeping the past from realigning itself with the future. There is always two sides to every story and someone maybe holding on to only one side and not allow the other side to breathe. This can cause an obstacle in an awakening that needs to happen. Judgement as an obstacles is someone or something that refuses to see things how they really are and ends up making a situation worse than it already was.


As another obstacle, you maybe trying to resurrect something (perhaps an old lover or flame) that needs no be resurrected. Let that person go if it is impeding your own spiritual development. All things end and all things have their time and place.


Judgement as Advice


Advises you to resurrect something that you think might be worth salvaging. So make that phone call or write that letter.


On the other hand, Judgement as advice is asking you to look at the situation from all sides. Is it worth salvaging? Is the relationship really working? Maybe it's time to see things as they really are and not as you want them to be.


Judgement on a Mundane Level


Judgement suggests that you may receive a phone call, an invitation or some kind of announcement.


Judgement Professions


Supreme Court Justice. Orchestra Conductor. French Horn Player: Any Brass player. Incarnated Angel. Warring Faction. Guns dealer. Executioner. Mortician. Funeral Director. Past Life Regressionist. Counselor. Hypnotist.


Judgement Reversed


Someone has twisted your past into something negative. You are being misrepresented.


Judgement reversed suggests that you could be unable to let things go.


Judgement reversed can indicate that you could harbor negative beliefs and views about a situation. They fester.


Judgement reversed indicates severe judgement about a situation that you may have inaccurately assessed.


Judgement reversed indicates that you may be in denial about someone or a situation.

Judgement Card Combinations


Judgement and Lovers:

   a. Reuniting with a lovers from either your past or a past incarnation.

   b. Extremely strong bond between two people who may feel as one



Judgement and World:

    a. The end of one journey creates the beginning of another one

    b. A painless death. The realization that your loved one is now in a

        better place.

    c. Absolute change. If you want to be someone different in your

        lifetime, then this is it.


Judgement and Four of Swords

   a. Someone has called upon your promise, but you refuse to act.

       You call someone out on their promise, but they refuse to act.


Judgement and King of Swords:

    a. Being very clear about what happened in the past

    b. Understanding with perfect clarity


Judgement and Six of Wands:

   a. Winning a second time

   b. The truth being fully exposed in your favor


Judgement and Four of Pentacles:

   a. Obsessive and possessive about your lover or partner


Judgement and the Eight of Pentacles:

   a. Someone from your past "rises from the dead". You may meet this

       person at work. There are karmic connections that you

       need to work on.


Judgement and King of Pentacles:

   a. Seeing someone from your past that has the King of Pentacle


   b. Finality, resolution, closure and forgiveness of a situation. A

       goodbye without hard feelings.






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