Tarot Heaven Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups Universal Rider Waite


Knight of Cups

Lord of Waves and Waters


Air of Water

Court Element: Air

Suit Element: Water

Golden Dawn Zodiac: Oct 14-Nov 12  (libra/scorpio)

BOTA Zodiac: Feb 9-March 10 (aquarius/pisces)

Hebrew Letter: Vau

Sephiroth: Tiphareth


"'Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all."

-Lord Alfred Tennyson


Knight of Cups Description and Interpretation


A man rides up on a white horse. It may remind us of a knight in shining armor from our fairytale endings. His helmet has two blue wings on them, which are a depiction of Hermes, the messenger. The Knight of Cups can bring us any type of emotional message. He is holding up a cup as if he is offering it to us. His horse looks beautiful, calm and elegant. This knight loves softness, art and beauty.


There are pyramid shaped sandy mountains in the background with palms and smaller desert looking shrubs. A small river cuts a tranquil trail through the card. The contrasting river and desert reminds us that the Knight of Cups can do a 360 on us. He is very adaptable to any type of romance. He never loves the same way twice, but loves each of his lovers uniquely and passionately.


Knight of Cups Interpretation and Divination


Knight of Cups a Person


He loves to be groomed and is typically one of the more attractive knights. He or she can be someone refined.


He or she may brood over many things. Life is a subtle emotional drama for them. They may go from relationship to relationship. They can even have entire relationships in their own head. They are typically dreamy and soft spoken, but can also be quite a flirt.


They maybe in love with unrequited love, but will never admit it. They would prefer to brood over the "one that got away" then take someone with real potential who is available.


They may also be in love with being in love. The idea of love is extremely important to them. They idealize love to the highest extreme. Love is very important for them. You'll never see the Knight of Cups settling for someone. They will wait for their ideal love forever if necessary.


Knight of Cups as a Feeling


You are feeling very much in love. Life with this person maybe very dreamy and romantic. It maybe a romance just for the sake of romance. They feel a lot, but do not act on those feelings very often. They may literally think and brood over you or the feeling forever before then announcing that they are in love.


Knight of Cups as Advice


As advice the Knight of Cups advises you to receive messages of love with the up most care. It advises you to dream a reality into existences.


The Knight of Cups is very creative, so if you want to win over someone's heart the advice is to write a song or a poem. The Knight of Cups's energy moves slower than the Knight of Wands or Knight of Swords, so move carefully and deliberately with only loving intentions.


All-in-all when the Knight of Cups shows up be very romantic and make your romantic intentions known.


Knight of Cups Professions


Veterinarian. Lawrence of Arabia. Iraqi Veteran. Poet. Musician. Lover. Artist. TV script writer. Actor. Counselor. Psychologist. Public Relations.


Knight of Cups Reversed


When the Knight of Cups is reversed, you could be swindled or conned. This person could use your heart as a method for extracting what they want out of you. You could have your heart broken by someone who plays the field with little regard for feelings. The Knight of Cups reversed is all about themselves and little else. They are self absorbed and can be emotionally manipulative. They could be very attractive and use their looks as a weapon. Love to them maybe a game.


As a romantic partner, they could seem like prince charming at first. You could be involved in a wonderful romance, only to be dumped a few months later after the Knight of Cups loses interest.


Knight of Cups Card Combinations


If combined with another court card, it could mean that you will be involved in a whirl wind romance. For instance, if you get the knight of cups combined with the King of Wands, it could indicate the King of Wands will sweep you off your feet.


Knight of Cups and Magician

  • Sending invitations, messages, letters so that your day and week is

        completely organized


Knight of Cups and Two of Wands

  • Someone offers you something and you have to decide on

        whether or not you want to take it.


Knight of Cups and Eight of Wands

  • Emailing and texting a romantic proposal


Knight of Cups and Seven of Swords

  • Unfaithful lover sneaks around with someone else or who

         has some other secret life that they are not sharing with

         their partner.


Knight of Cups and Nine of Swords

  • Love is a nightmare


Knight of Cups and Queen of Swords

  • Offering your friendship or asking someone on a date, but they

        respectfully decline not due to their lack of interest, but due to



Knight of Cups and Three of Cups

  • A woman who is offered a few romantic possibilities.

       One is probably better than the other

  • An invitation to a baby shower, wedding or ladies night


  • Listening to music reminds you of good times.
  • Music or art puts you in a dreamy good state.
  • Play music creates and sustains the party.


Knight of Cups and Five of Cups

  • When you are questing after love, but feeling sad at the same time


Knight of Cups and Three of Pentacles

  • You and your friend(s) spend time shopping for gifts


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