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Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries



1st House

Keywords: Aggressive, Active, Energetic, Self-Centered, Self-Directed, Brusque  

This is a fiery, active placement for the Moon. Natives are often spontaneous, energetic, intense and emotionally aggressive. The Moon is ruled by Cancer, a Cardinal water sign. Aries hot, dry temperament mixes with the Moons passive and cool disposition. This creates a lot of unnecessary steam as if Aries doesn’t know how to process all those fluctuating emotions.  These people act and then think about the consequences later.

The Moon’s zodiacal sign shows how the native perceives the mother. A native with a Moon in Aries thinks their mother is smart, strong and intense. She was probably very spontaneous and encouraged independence in the native. The native wants to branch out on her own, but the mother is often too strong willed and can end up being a Tiger Mom. You may have rebelled as an adolescence or young adult. Aries rules Mars, the planet of direct, forceful action, so eventually Aries Moon children will break away. They have their own version of life and are ready to pioneer ahead.

On the other hand, a Moon in Aries native will always be able to depend on their mother. She is a rock that can nurture the native back to health. She is the support the child needs.

The sensitivity of the Moon is lost on an Aries moon. This placement can be self-centered and callous. They don’t have a sensitive side, which would help them emphasize, nor do they want to. Aries moon people are enchanting due to their spontaneity and energy, but don’t expect a shoulder to cry on. They are not sensitive to the well-being of others.

On the other hand, if they feel rejected, they can complain loudly that “nothing is their fault.” Part of the reason why they can’t emphasize is the way they move on quickly from emotional outbursts. They feel bad briefly, but don’t have the time to wallow. One minute a Moon in Aries will be fighting with a random person on the street, the next minute they are over it while telling you the story of how they were arguing with someone. Naturally, they believe argument was not their fault. Quite obviously, the event could have been avoided all together, but an Aries Moon gets to feel emotional briefly and fleetingly. Emotions for them are short and swift.

Aries rules the 1st house of identity. This is the house that scream, “I am me!” The first house rules the self, the personality and the “I am-ness” of each individual. If ill-aspected, an Aries Moon can be self-centered. They can weaponize their sharp tongues. When well aspected, an Aries moon is a joy to be around when you want fun and adventures.

Moon in Aries people have tunnel vision when it comes to getting things done. They are a force that is enterprising and direct. They have laser sharp focus when they want something. “They want what they want when the want it,” expression was probably said by an Aries moon. The caveat is that they really have to emotionally want it.

No matter the sun sign, an Aries Moon is usually on the social scene. While currently on an adventure, natives are looking for the next adventure. They buzz around seeking emotional fulfillment from parties, groups and taking the lead. In fact, they love taking the lead in romance, business and life. Let them chase you.

Moon in Aries people love their sense of wild freedom and will get bored in a situation that become monotonous and boring. This includes relationships. Moon in Aries needs to pursue someone or something. They like the conquest more than the prize at the end of the conquest.