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Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer



4th House

Keywords: Intuitive, Receptive, Protective

Moon in Cancer is the natural placement for the Moon. Astrologers call this a domicile. A Moon in Cancer native will feel at peace exploring and staying in touch with her emotions. Her emotions reach the depths of space, yet always circulating back around due to the moon’s cyclical nature.

The Moon’s zodiacal sign tells how the native perceives the mother. A native with a Moon in Cancer thinks their mother is warm, nurturing and the perfect mother. This placement will never fall out of love with their mother. Best placement for a child and mother relationship. A native with a Moon in Cancer may have an over protective mother or a moody, emotionally imbalanced mother if there are negative aspects.

These natives are hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. When their feelings are hurt, they may not let it show. A Moon in Cancer native is sentimental about objects and people. They may pick up memorabilia from 20 years ago while shedding a little tear with a smile.

The emotional nature of a Moon in Cancer is complex. They move with the tides and the moon changes. The moon is in a constant state of subtle movement. Waxing, Waning, Full and New are only some of the terminology spoken about the moon. The moon has 28 mansions in medieval moon magic. The moon as 12 zodiacal signs that rotate every 2.5 days. Imagine that your emotional nature is swept up in the ever-changing tides, cycles, zodiacs and mansions.

Allow Moon in Cancer to feel the things she feels. Those are the soft whispers that allow her psychic receptivity to flourish. Allow her to cry, to be angry, to radiate with joy. At times, she may do all three of those within a span of 15 minutes, but that’s Moon in Cancer. She must feel her way through life, always governed by the motion and cyclic music played to her by the Moon.

Moon in Cancer has to guard against being manipulative in situations where her ego is wounded. She has been observing and moving with the tides for a while, watching you. She knows you better than you know her. Her hard crab exterior makes sure you don’t get in first. Her emotions are always guarded, so she can make a manipulative move on you later.

Emotions move sideways with Moon in Cancer, but ever so slightly. They have what appears to be disconnects, but really their emotional depth is something to hard for others to even fathom. Sideways movement is more of a Mars in Cancer trait. Mars in Cancer isn’t direct in the way they communicate, so they move passively on the side.

In a man’s chart, the moon shows us what kind of woman he’ll want to marry. Natives with a Moon in Cancer are focused on finding a good partner for their future children. He is attracted to a domestic woman, who likes creating a good home environment. Neediness will be a big turn on as well as someone who is emotionally sensitive. Even a partner with high levels or nervous energy will resonate with this placement.

Be sensitive with Moon in Cancer and she will provide you with lots of love and nurturing. She gets the most emotional satisfaction by providing for her friends and loved ones. She will comfort you in your time of need because she understands. She has transverse that path too.