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Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini



3rd House

Keywords: Cerebral, Curious, Adaptable, Versatile, Inconsistent

Moon in Gemini is much more cerebral than other Moon positions. This is a chatty side to the moon, where natives feel emotionally secure when they can talk out their ideas and feelings. There emotional side is on high alert all the time, while constantly taking in stimuli from their surroundings. They process the information at a mercurial speed; thus, they tend to think before they act, unlike Moon in Aries, who act before they think.

The Moon’s zodiacal sign tells how the native perceives the mother. A native with a Moon in Gemini thinks their mother was smart, communicative and unemotional. Gemini rules the 3rd house of neighbors and siblings, so emotional needs were often filled by siblings and neighbors. The mother often taught the native fun word games, math games and challenged them intellectually. She was the one who read to the child every night. Moon in Gemini natives usually learned to read earlier than most kids. These Gemini Moon babies literally sucked up information and knowledge. There is often something very inquisitive about a Moon in Gemini child. Always talking and asking questions will serve them well in life.

Moon in Gemini natives are often extremely intelligent due to their ability to process emotional input and output as if they were filing cabinets. They are constantly analyzing the situation around them, their feelings, other people’s feelings, and everything else. Sigmund Freud was a Moon in Gemini, which allowed him to the ability to remain detached when it came to his patients. Joan Baez, was another Moon in Gemini. She was able to communicate her feelings through music and poetry. Without an audience to hear her songs, she is left unfulfilled. Natives with a Moon in Gemini placement, tend to be as detached as Moon in Aquarius, but much more inconsistent and adaptable.

Barack Obama has a Moon in Gemini. In a man’s chart, Moon in Gemini want a partner who is intellectual, intelligent and adaptable. Michelle Obama is all of those. It makes him an excellent negotiator, conversationalist, and intellectual. This is a fabulous placement for a president. The adaptability to new ideas, the emotional intellectualism and cerebral mind make him calm and cool under emotional pressure.

Moon in Gemini natives tend to lose interest quickly. (Any Gemini placement loses interest quickly.) The emotional needs of a Moon in Gemini fluctuate because they are always changing their mind. Their mind is inexplicable bound to how they feel.

The feeling always comes first, then the words to describe the feeling, but natives often hold on to the words to describe the feeling and discard the feeling as soon as it is analyzed. All feelings are translated immediately into words.