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Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo



5th House

Keywords: Active, Dramatic, Passionate, Romantic

Moon in Leo natives have a special affinity for romance and friendships. To call them hopelessly romantic would be an understatement. Emotionally they thrive on being devoted in love. It fulfills them emotionally to be able to give and receive love. These natives love the spotlight and positive attention that personal relationships bring them. 

Moon in Leo natives are the glue that keeps their family together. They require that you love them as much as they love you. They have so much inner love and need someone who adores them. 

They can always find that special part of you that no one else sees. They love your quirks, idiosyncrasies and flaws. In fact, they probably relate more to the flaws in people more than the obviously beautiful parts. 

Moon in Leo natives are patient, kind and understanding. They treat people the way they want to be treated and not the way someone treats them. So if you are cruel to a Moon in Leo native, don’t be surprised when they kill you with kindness. 

You’ll be able to recognize a Moon in Leo native by their laugh. It’s unique, loud and infectious. If you are in the room with a Moon in Leo and someone says something mean or thoughtless about you, a Moon in Leo native will come to the rescue with a joke that lightens the mood. They might poke fun at you, but in a gentle way. If anything, they probably poke fun at themselves more often. 

A Moon in Leo native can be over the top with positive emotions. That’s the Leo in them. It’s the proud, “look at me emote.” They also don’t back down from causes they are emotionally invested in. Megan Fox has her Moon in Leo and she spoke out about the sexual abuse in Hollywood way before the #metoo movement. Another example of a moon in Leo native is Tom Cruise. Remember how passionate he was over Scientology being the cure for everything. He really believed that he was helping people thrive (whether or not it was true). 

Moon in Leo natives are authentic, which is why animals and children gravitate toward them. They would make fabulous early childhood teachers or  veterinarians. Because they are emotionally fearless, they would also make good therapists. They aren’t people who harshly judge other people. In fact they probably are an inner weirdo deep down, so they can relate to almost anyone. 

These people tend to have a beauty that is very noticeable. For example, Tom Cruise and Megan Fox are both known for how beautiful they are. Celebrities with a Moon in Leo often have a more eccentric way embracing themselves. Lana del Rey, Megan Fox, and Tom Cruise are all known for being eccentric in the way they present themselves emotionally. Especially Megan Fox who has many aspects to her moon.

A negative trait to Moon in Leo would be vanity. They love to adorn themselves with jewels, fashion or being fit and healthy. These natives might want praise so much that they seek it out without thinking of the consequences. It’s really all about how that compliment feels rather than the logical side of it. They can easily get hoodwinked just so they can suck up all the adoration.

Luxurious lifestyles, expensive clothing, silk sheets and 5-star resorts are all things Moon in Leo natives will be drawn too. They have absolutely extravagant taste. Overindulging in every part of life just feels right for them. You will rarely see them in old sweat pants and worn-out tennis shoes. Even if they can’t afford new clothing, they will take meticulous care of their wardrobe.

Their house is probably lavish and set up for hosting many posh parties. Throwing grand, fabulous parties is a knack with comes easily for them. These natives are outgoing, active and extremely sociable.

The Moon’s zodiacal sign tells how the native perceives the mother. A native with a Moon in Leo thinks their mother was larger than life. She was the center of attention and might have been prominent or notable in the community. She was a dominant force in your life and sought to outshine you. This could have led to your need for praise later in life.

In a man’s chart the moon shows us what he looks for in a partner. They are looking for someone dynamic, exciting and always on the go. If you are a little quirky this is even better. They want romance, roses and all the fabulous extravagances that come with being in love. If you aren’t romantic then a moon in Leo isn’t for you.


In a man’s chart, the moon shows us what kind of woman he’ll want to marry. Natives with a Moon in Leo want a woman who is the center of attention. He’ll love to shower her with gifts. 

The moon placement also shows us what kind of relationship we had with our mother. Moon in Leo natives had a larger than life mother. She always wanted to be the center of attention, was dramatic and may have enjoyed sports with you. There were very little lies between the two of you. 


Celebrities with Moon in Leo

Lana Del Rey (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo, Scorpio Rising) 

Megan Fox (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo)

Graham Norton (Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo)

Tom Cruise (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo)

Betsey Johnson (Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo)

Venus Williams (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo)

Katie Holmes (Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Leo)  

Paris Hilton (Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo)