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Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra



7th House 

Rules Venus

Keywords:  Charming, Adaptable, Indecisive, Romantic

Moon in Libra is a romantic placement that favors beauty, art and sensuality. These natives need to surround themselves with objects of comfort and luxury. They could live forever in a room filled with soft music, art, soothing colors and the smell of roses and lavender. They love the presentation of nice things just as much as they enjoy using them. Nothing is better than a good, gourmet meal served on gorgeous plates, the finest silverware and crystal champagne glasses.

Moon in Libra are friendly, outgoing and have an innate need to be liked. If they don’t feel loved and appreciated, they feel off balance. They enjoy social gatherings and having close friends. Natives with a Moon in Libra, probably have many close friendships. They thrive while in a secure, romantic relationship. 

Venus rules Libra, so they feel most harmonious when things around them are beautiful. They are mentally balanced and focused, but really need a relationship to bring that out. They seek harmony above all else. If you find yourself talking to a Moon in Libra who seems chaotic, it’s because they haven’t learned to balance themselves. 

They are fair and want to help people resolve conflict. Jealousy and possessive behavior isn’t in their wheelhouse. There is an everlasting quest to find harmonious resolutions to every situation. In a perfect world, they would want everyone around them to be happy. 

They know all the social graces and behave in a manner that is elegant and ‘proper.’ A shadow side of this is that Libra can lose their authenticity since they are always trying to please people and say the right thing. They might flatter a person relentlessly not realizing it’s coming off as phony. 

Moon in Libra people can be quite vain. This can translate into a perfectionist quality where they are constantly trying to dress and groom themselves to the 9s. A woman with a Moon in Libra seldom leaves the house without makeup. If they don’t feel loved and appreciated, they can insecurely seek plastic surgery and body modifications.

Seventh from the moon becomes Aries, so both men and women with a moon in Libra tend to look for a mate with Aries qualities. For a woman they might look for a strong, masculine man who can protect them. For a man he’ll look for a fit, slim model type who is very active and motivated. Both need that Aries energy to balance out their laid back energy. It all goes back to seeking harmonious, equilibrium. 

The Moon’s zodiacal sign tells how the native perceives the mother. A Libra moon had a mother who emphasized manners and formalities. She was proud, elegant and a caretaker. The mother might have been obsessed with makeup and fashion. She could have seen her children as an extension of herself and made sure they were always dressed for the right occasion and had the appropriate social graces. 


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