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Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus



2nd House


Keywords: Stable, Sensual, Earthy, Emotionally Stubborn

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which brings tremendous stability to Moon in Taurus natives. The Moon finds a higher sense of expression while in Taurus. Projects are given consideration, romance is highlighted. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, so the Moon in Taurus type is very romantic, but is seeking a committed, long lasting relationship. Taurus is a sensual, yet down to earth sign and the moon accentuates the sensually, romantic side. Moon in Taurus natives have a flair for creative things that revolve around the home. If they aren’t creative, they will seek out creative partners.

Stability is extremely important to Lunar Taureans. They seek it out in all aspects of life. They want a stable job, a stable relationship and a stable family. The familiar and calm lifestyle appeals to them. They don’t like spontaneity unless they have a fire sun sign. They are very determined people and when they commit to a project, idea or person they follow through.

The Moon’s zodiacal sign tells how the native perceived the mother. Moon in Taurus thinks their mother is strong, stable, nurturing, and domestic. She was always in the kitchen or garden and made life very pleasant for the native. Many people with a Moon in Taurus think their mother is perfect. For men with this aspect, they will marry a woman like who exhibits traits of a Taurus woman. She should be sensual, caring, nurturing, and motherly.

Taurus rules earthy connections, so a moon in Taurus will find comfort in their home, nature and food. These people tend to like gardening, decorating, and have a refined palette for food and home décor. They might enjoy cooking or crave comfort foods. This can lead to weight gain if not careful.

Anything that awakens their five senses are enjoyable and emotionally fulfilling. They have a refined sense of taste, aesthetic, and touch.

Moon in Taurus people can be psychic or at least deeply in tune with their emotional nature and the mood of people around them. Taurus is exalted in the moon, so Moon in Taurus feels like a water sign, but is much more stable. Moon in a water sign fluctuates more than a Moon in an Earth sign.