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Nine of Cups Universal Rider Waite

Nine of Cups

Lord of Material Pleasure


Season: Summer

Timing: 9 Months or the End of Summer

Dates: March 1-March 10

Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter in Pisces





Nine of Cups Description and Symbolism


A man sitting down has a pleased look on his face. His arms are crossed against his chest in a self satisfied way. Nine cups are lined up on a table behind him. There is a blue piece of fabric draped on top of the table. It looks like a table cloth in a banquet style event, but what remains under the table is left unseen. He wears a round red hat with a feather in it. This is the same feather that is protruding from the Fool's wreath. This symbolizes passion and desire arising from the fertile vegetable kingdom, or otherwise, it can be seen with manifesting your desires in to a real emotional connection. The floor and background are yellow. The color yellow symbolizes emotional intelligence and happiness.


Nine of Cups Interpretation and Divination


If you are asking just one question and you get this card in the upright position, then your answer is a definite yes. Sometimes "yes" can come at a high price.


You may be very emotional satisfied at this point in your life, at least you think you are. There is also a bit of loneliness in this card as well. There is something hidden that you refuse to see because of all the happiness around you. The Nine of Cups can warn you not to count all your chickens before they hatch.


But lets be honest, this man looks a little to smug. You could be wishing for the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. Lets say you dream of a sexy trophy wife and find her. She looks a lot like your ex-wife, but ups the sex appeal 100%. Whereas your ex-wife kept you going with intellectual conversations and matched your future goals, this new girlfriend lacks all of that. She's lazy, lacks intellectual insight and doesn't apply herself. You may get what you wished for, but it comes with a downside. Looks are not everything and what lies under that blue curtain is actually a dirty folding table.


On a lighter note, the Nine of Cups can indicate social functions, banquet dinners and holiday parties. This is a good card for a successful party planner who is content on being single. Perhaps she works hard at creating an environment where other people are happy and content. The Nine of Cups reminds me of the Jennifer Lopez movie, "The Wedding Planner". She thinks she is so happy in her perfect world where everything is neat, organized and successful, but when she falls in love with the groom she realizes that love is the missing key to her true happiness.


Nine of Cups in Love


If you are looking for love, the Nine of Cups suggests that you find emotional contentment within yourself first.


If you are already in a relationship, the Nine of Cups suggests that you are very happy and content with what you have.


Nine of Cups as a Feeling


You could be feeling content, happy as a lark, fulfilled, and satisfied. If you are asking how a romantic love interest feels about you, then they feel very satisfied with you. They think you are beautiful and everything that they think that they want.


Nine of Cups Professions


Bartender. Shop Owner. Party Planner. Wedding Planner. Event Manager. Restaurant Owner. Upscale Restaurant. Merchant. County Fair.


Nine of Cups Reversed


The Reversed Nine of Cups can indicate drinking too much. You can be putting on a happy face and literally sweeping everything under that blue table cloth. You could be desperately trying to keep up appearances and will go to great lengths to keep them up.


The Nine of Cups reversed can suggest theft, bribery and immoral acts. The truth could very well be hidden under that long blue table cloth.


Nine of Cups Card Combinations


Nine of Cups and the Fool:

   a. Completely satisfied with this new path you are venturing on

   b. Completely satisfied with being single

   c. Lady Luck is on your side


Nine of Cups and Lovers:

   a. Over indulging in love

   b. Not being able to resist breaking your diet

   c. Being lazy and undecided


Nine of Cups and Wheel of Fortune:

   a. Winning the grand prize


Nine of Cups and the Sun:

   a. Spending the day at the beach. Be careful not to burn.


Nine of Cups and Judgement:

   a. You get what you want: Total reinvention


Nine of Cups and the World:

   a. The journey makes you feel complete


Nine of Cups and Three of Cups:

   a. Party Planning


Nine of Cups and Five of Cups:

   a. You feel better after talking about the breakup.


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