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Numbers and Tarot

Numbers are an intricate part of our everyday lives. We measure things when we cook and we count money. Numbers can be basic, but they can also be used intuitively as they contain a magical formula for all creation. The numbers and relationships between the cards in tarot and numerology plays out in an important way.

The numbers can be used as qualities and as quantities. I know you have 2 eyes or I know that a gallon of milk costs $3.99. These are quantities. Numerology looks at numbers as having qualities. These qualities are seen in nature over and over again. They are also in the makeup of our own bodies and even our own destinies.

Numerology can also be used for divining your aspects of yourself through your name and your birthday. Interestingly, the Pythagorean Theorem can be applied to numerology to show you your own personal path. I have associated this back to tarot for a fully comprehensive reading. It is not a predicative reading, but will show you certain patterns and qualities that come up in your life. The price is $45 USD. Email me at: or for more details.

History of Numbers

The theory of numbers became before arithmetic. To the Ancients, numbers had definite qualities. According to Tobias Dantzig, counting came later and this is evident in the way European language evolved. For instance, tres, thrice, trans and ter are all words that mean “many” and then evolved into the numerical representation of the number three (Dantzig, 5). Primitive cultures in Australia and some South American native tribes still do not have a method for counting. Hence, counting and arithmetic came later in civilization, albeit around 3500 B.C. Modern arithmetic has only been around approximately 400 years (Dantzig, 38). Indeed, occult, religious mysticism and even early religion reflect the qualitative effects of numbers. Dantzig asserts, “The genesis of all science can be traced to the contemplation of these occult influences. Astrology preceded astronomy, chemistry grew out of alchemy, and the theory of numbers had its precursor in a sort of numerology which to this day persists in otherwise unaccountable omens and superstitions (39). Pythagorean schools of thought gave numbers to all there Gods and even Ancient Greeks used gematria to represents each letter of their alphabet. The Bible is wrought with numerological meanings and we can even trace Hebrew, Arabic and most Semitic languages back to this type of “number-lore”. Numbers were considered sacred in themselves, which is why even the Gods all had numbers according the ancient Babylonians and the Pythagorean schools of thought.

Tarot as well follows Hebrew gematria. Each tarot key is assigned a Hebrew letter, which in turn has been assigned a number. In fact, Hebrew was never meant to be a spoken language for fear of it loosing it’s sacred numerical value and becoming colloquial. Indeed, it has. Arabic followed the same suit. Though, it has been spoken for centuries, it is very seldom that you meet an person who speaks Arabic who knows of the gematria. The Arabic language has now been spewed across several continents resulting in variations of the language. Remarkably the root-based systems of Arabic still remains intact for those people who wish the hint at the ancient form of this marvelous language.

Numerology and Tarot

Numerology and tarot coexist. The elements that are assigned to each tarot card corresponds and works within the numerical system. The Major Arcana is easier to explain. We can see the elements, planets and numbers assigned to the Tarot keys in plain, visible sight. For instance, the High Priestess represents water, the number 2, and the Moon. On the Tree of Life, Two, is assigned the role of Wisdom. Water easily flows and adapts to wisdom. For example, the scroll is the container for the wisdom that the High Priestess embodies. The Moon controls the waning and waxing of the moon, which in turn control the tides. The number 2 is at home within the element water, which is why the Two of Cups is so harmonious. The Golden Dawn named the Two of Cups, Love, for love is easily adaptable, fluid and harmonious. On the other hand, the Two of Pentacles represents the element earth it is more at home in a larger number, which is why the 10 of Pentacles represents the stable home. The Two of Pentacles indicates change before it has fully materialized, yet all Earth wants to do is be material. That’s why we see the up and down movement of the waves and juggling of the pentacles in the picture version of the Two of Pentacles (RWS).

Back to the example of the 10 of Pentacles. Ten represents the Kingdom of flesh, earth and the world. It is the physical manifestation of all the previous numbers. So Earth is naturally at home as it moves farther down the Tree of life. This is also evident in the Nine of Pentacles. She is complete and adept. But lets take a look at the 9 of Swords. Swords represent the element air and air is not concrete, but it’s everywhere (omnipresent), which is why the Nine of Swords is manifesting itself in repeating, nightmarish thoughts. It is not able to manifest in the physical, so it comes to use through dreams (astral/air) world.

Contrary to popular tarot believe, the Ten of Cups does not actually represents the physical manifestation of a home. Water is ill-at ease in the structured world of earth, but it’s trying its hardest. That’s why its called satiety, we can’t really go any further than this dream like world that has almost made it into physical form. It’s also why the 10 of Cups is Pisces, which rules our dreams and inspirations. It’s the most far we can go in our realization of the perfect home, without it being the perfect home.

Just like the 10 of Swords is often referred to as “beating a dead horse” because air will not get any physical results no matter how hard we try to talk it out.

Number Qualities Keyword Guide



 Keywords: No thing. Nothing. Zero Sum. Circle. All-manifestation. All-encompassing. All-Knowing. Feminine. All and Nothing. Superconsciousness. Spiral. Super evolving. Constant. Consistent. Beginning and Ending.


 Keywords: Monad. An Idea. I AM. Point. Dot. Center. Beginning. Crown. Initiation. Independent. Individuality. Male. Pioneer. Self-Starter. Self-Consciousness. Primal Will.


 Keywords: Duality. Polars. Opposites. Twins. Straight Line. Parallel. Female. Indecisive. Adaptable. Reflective. Compromise. Receptivity. Gestation. Partnerships. Rhythm. Tides. Waxing and Waning. Union. Law of Cause and Effect. Law of Mutual Attraction. Opposites Attract. Duplication. Subconscious. Wisdom. Memory.


 Keywords: Triad. Triangle. Manifestation. Birth. Earth. Social Butterfly. Art and Beauty. Collaborations. Expansion. Creative. Multiplication. Understanding. Female.


 Keywords: Tetrad. Square. Structure. Stability. Material. Physical. The Physical World. Law and Order. Conservative. Masculine. Discipline. Male. Reason. Logic. Authority. Mercy.


 Keywords: Meditation. The Middle Ground. Middle Path. Middle World. Between. Pentad. Quintessence. Change. Androgenous. Severity. Versatility.


 Keywords: Harmony. Love. Compassion. Beauty. Domestic. Fertile. Healer. Female. Discernment. Choice. Smell. Volume. Cube.


 Keywords: Heptad. Will. Soloist. Solitude. Reclusive. Drive. Prime. Philosophy. Questions and Answers. Mystics. Male. Secretive. Stillness and Rest. Virgin. Safety. Haven. Conquest. Mastery. Victory. Fulfillment. The Result of Beauty.


 Keywords: Repetition. Karma. Power. Splendor. Expansion. Octad. Octahedron. Octave. Cycles. Pulsating. Wave. Compete phase of the Materialistic Earth. Justice. Eight-fold Path. Resonance. Response to 7. I Ching. Female and Male. Ourubous. Figure-8.


 Keywords: Completion. Foundation. Selflessness. Humanitarian. Compassion. Tolerance. Universal Love. Patience. Female. End Goal. Perfection. Adeptship. “A Stitch of Nine Saves Time.” Prophecy. Knowing. Above and Within. True to thine self, which is above and within. Indwelling. Alone, yet Never Without. Perfected Solitude to the connection of the truth.


 Keywords: Kingdom. Manifestation. The total sum of 1 and 9. Beginning. Cycles. Zero operating through the power of 1.