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Page of Swords Description and Symbolism


A young page stands on a small moss covered, rocky knoll with a sword. Her body posture looks like an action pose. She looks defensive and ready to attack. Her sword looks ready to strike. Or perhaps she just finished the attack and we have caught her finishing a swing.


The wind looks like it is blowing fiercely. Her ponytail is swinging in the wind. The trees are being blown so hard that they are making a right angle. This may indicate her vulnerability. If we follow the trees in each of the swords suit, they progressively move upright. There are puffy white clouds and birds flying in the distance. There are ten birds and they seem to form a fish. Our emotions and thoughts are intricately tied together. Ten is also the number of Malkuth. The sky is blue and otherwise clear. Bluish mountains stand in the background.


Page of Swords Interpretation and Divination


I refer to the Pages as feminine, but "he" and "she" can be interchanged.


Page of Swords as a Person


As a person or child-like person, she is fascinated by the mind. She may love puzzles, chess, and figuring things out. She may spend hours taking apart a phone and putting it all back together again. She has a good grasp over the mind and emotion.


Page of Swords also carries a sword of justice and will cut right down to the heart of the matter. But like a double edged sword, it can cut the wrong way. The Page of Swords usually isn't above vengeance and vindictive behavior.


This person has a tendency to complain and start conflicts where there doesn't need to be any. Page of Swords has a tendency towards dissatisfaction.


Page of Swords in Love


If you are single and get the Page of Swords, you maybe searching the Internet for a date. The Page of Swords can indicate that someone maybe spying on you to gather information. The Page of Swords in love can be defensive and interrogative. If you are single, and can't figure out why stop to analyze your behavior. Are you critical, haughty, ask too many personal questions?


If you are already in a relationship, the Page of Swords can indicate that your relationship maybe going through a period of investigation. You could be fighting a lot, be suspicious, paranoid and on the offense.


Page of Swords as Feelings


You maybe feeling very defensive about someone or something.


If you get the Page of Swords in a love reading for the placement, "How does X feeling toward me?" they are probably not into you. They are analyzing the situation from a distance to gauge whether or not you and them have a long term potential. They feel distrustful, cautious and analytical.


Page of Swords as an Event


The Page of Sword can indicate that someone is spying on you. They could simply like you a lot or they could have ill-intentions.


Page of Swords as a Message


The Page of Swords will relay it super fast. They will get you the message in the quickest possible way. It will also be a short message that may not be life altering and could simply be a juicy piece of gossip.


Electronic communications are favored. Anything to do with raw data that needs to be assimilated, communications, and spying.


Page of Swords Obstacles


Rushing into a situation without thinking it through clearly. Often done in haste. This action could otherwise thwart a situation unintentionally. Creating enemies where there need not be them. The Page of Swords maybe too defensive and a counter attack is not a good idea.


If you are not the Page of Swords, look around for someone who is creating negative drama. Disengage from this person. They are looking for a fight.


Page of Swords Professions


Student. Chess Player. Computer Programmer. Back End Web Designer. Analyst. Journalist. Blogger. Pilot. Flight Attendant.


Page of Swords Reversed


The Page of Swords Reversed can indicate spiteful behavior. The Page of Swords reversed is a blubbering idiot, who thinks they have all the answers. They are stumbling through life blinding thinking they know it all.


If the Page of Swords Reversed shows up in your reading watch out of lying, stealing and cheating.


Page of Swords


Princess of the Rushing Winds

Lotus of the Palace of Air


Earth of Air

Court Element: Earth

Suit Element: Air

Golden Dawn Zodiac: Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces

Builders of the Adytum Zodiac: Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Sephiroth: Malkuth

Feminine Energy (Earth)

Page of Swords Universal Rider Waite


Page of Swords Card Combinations


Page of Swords and High Priestess:

    a. Mentally work through a creative project. Can be anything

        from Papier Mache to creating costumes to creating a board

        games out of household projects. The results should be

        stunning and beautiful.


Page of Swords and Strength:

    a. Resisting an urge to talk to someone


Page of Swords and Five of Wands:

    a. Childish Fighting


Page of Swords and King of Wands:

   a. Page of Swords is about organizing, thinking about projects, analyzing

       situations. While the King of Wands is all about action. So organize,

       plan and act on those plans.


Page of Swords and the Eight of Pentacles:

    a. Being defensive is hard work


Page of Swords and Queen of Pentacles:

    a. Can indicate online dating at home


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