Easy Tarot Love Spread

By Laurelle via Tarot Heaven

1: Signifier (How person 2 views person 1)

2. Signifier (How person 1 views person 2)

3. Current Situation

4. What challenges the situation, crosses the situation or the dynamic. It's up to you how you want to read the "crossing" card.

5. How person 1 feels about person 2

6. How person 2 feels about person 1

7. Advice

8. Strengths of the relationship

9. Outcome


Person 1 is the woman.

Person 2 is the man.


The Signifier for person one is the Hanged Man. This denotes she is a person who has a level of spiritual awareness. She can see things as they are and it maybe why the signifier for person 2 is in a constant juggle.


The Signifier for person 2 is good at juggling things and maybe even women. It maybe why person one is just "hanging there". She maybe aware of infidelity. We have the Devil (6) in the spread, which is why I am bringing this into the equation.


As the current situation (3) and what crosses it (4) we are looking at an established relationship. They are most likely married or live together. They share together in finances and probably have children. The problem with the relationship is the crossing card, which is signally that something is wrong in the relationship. They aren't as happy as they could be and are caught up in material successes and what is "right" in their own minds (10P). Maybe they stay together for the children.


Her feelings are the Sun (5). She feels pretty good about the relationship, but when we look at her signifier it reinforces that she is aware of that something might not be perfect in their relationship or him. Though, overall she enjoys the relationship and find childlike delight in the way things are. She could even be younger than her husband.


His feelings for her are the Devil (6). He's a little obsessed with her and would do anything to keep her in his life. This card also reinforces a marriage or partnership that is established. He would do anything to keep her in his life, which is perhaps why we have a challenge in the 10 of Cups. This card worries me as his feelings. He needs her like he needs air. It also maybe indicating that there are some vices going on. What those are are left to the couple to know. So while she sees things clearly (Sun), he cannot (Devil).


The Advice (7) is the Ace of Cups, which signals one of two things. One that the relationship isn't healthy and things need to be singular for both people again. Or two, their love should be embraced and each should find self-love. Emphasizing that the Devil is holding them both back.


Their Strength in the relationship (8) is the Queen of Pentacles. Here we have the epitome of the housewife. I get the sense that she takes care of all the cleaning, cooking and the house. He loves that about her and she enjoys taking care of people's needs. This is a good card for the strength position of a relationship. She's probably the primary caretaker of the children and he does the "dad" things, but the children rest on her shoulders.


The outcome (9) is the Emperor. This means that the man is very serious in his quest to make this relationship as solid as possible. It also indicates that within the next year nothing will change in their relationship and things will stay exactly the way they are.


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