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The Suit of Wands


Wands are associated with the element Fire. Fire is hot and dry.


The qualities of fire energy are warmth, radiance, solar, light, augmentation. It is volatile and expansive. It is associated with masculine energy and superconsciousness.


Duality: Fire is fun, exciting and passionate, but watch out because it can burn. Too many wands in a reading can indicate fizzling out quickly.


Fire polar opposite is the element Water.


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Ace of Wands


Keywords: Energy Realized. Force. Travel. Pregnancy. Conception. Action. Sports. Exercise. Events. A yes to your burning question. Timing: Now. Building. Construction. New Love. Passion. Motivation. Movement. Exercise. Optimism. Potential. Fate Situation. Energy. Manifestation. New Romance. Energy realized. Travel. Unbridled Passion. The Spark! A Yes To Your Burning Question. Fate. Raw Sexual Power. A New Passion.


Reversed Keywords: Stagnation. Reversals. Delays. Bad messages. Internet troubles. Unmotivated. Sterility. Theft


Two of Wands


Keywords: Fork in the road. Choice. Decisions. Indecision. Pause. Traveling far away. Emigration. Indecision. Business acquisitions. Duality. Waiting. Gestation. Dominion. Power. Gilded Cage. Preparing. Impatience. Immigration. Traveling Faraway.


Three of Wands


Keywords: Opportunity with caution. Patience. Waiting for the ships to come home. Looking out over your kingdom. Receiving Good News. Commerce. Business. Retail. Shipping and Packing.


Four of Wands


Keywords: Completion. Coming home. Coming back. Homecoming. Marriage. Solidity. Foundations. Harmony. Setting up for a party. Hostess. Holiday Celebrations, especially Christmas. Birthday parties. Sweet Sixteen. Quinceañera. Batmitzahs. Barmitzahs. Tying loose ends together.


Five of Wands


Keywords: Competition. Activities in sports. Running around all day. Activities that involve a lot of people. Group Sports. Running around all day. Kids playing. Imitation. Youth. Litigation. Battle of Life. Strife. Litigation. Finding the needle in the haystack. Gold. Bickering. Fighting. Battles within the family.


Six of Wands


Keywords: Victory. Conquest. Sexual conquest. Pride. Success. Party. Celebrating a victory. Balance. Glory. Winning. Admiration. Harmony (between crowd and star). Ego.


Seven of Wands


Keywords: Defensive. Courage. Truth. Having the upper hand. Battles. Fighting against the odds. Negotiations. Being on top. Never stop. Keep Going. Determination. Being firm. Having resolve. Fighting Something Repeatedly, Perseverance, Tenacity


Reversed Keywords: Unfocused energy. Feeling against the odds. Being attacked. Unjust enemies. Doubt. Indecision. Reluctance. Losing Control. You're going to lose.


Eight of Wands


Keywords: Rapid Movement. Texting. Emails. Lots of Activity. "Cupids Arrows." Action. Rushing head first. Motion. Exercise. Messages. Action. Computers. Technology. Communications. Traveling. Traveling by airplane. Being swept off your feet.


Reversed Keywords: Delay. Holding back. Inaccuracy. Taking on too many projects. Domestic disputes. Quarrels.


Nine of Wands


Keywords: Perseverance. Determination. Completion in Sight. Inner Strength. Willpower. Being on Guard. Defensive. Protecting your Heart. Head Injuries. Being fed up. Discipline. Strength in Reserve (even though you may not feel it). Drawing a Line. Creating a concrete division. Loss yet willingness to go on.


Ten of Wands


Keywords: Burdens. Overwhelmed. Taking on too much. Stress. Anxiety because of too much. Back breaking work. Finally finishing, but not well. It’s just so much work. Pressure. Uphill battle. Oppression. Sadness. Bitterness. Heavy package. Weight. A one sided relationship. Successful adventures because of hard work.


Reversed Keywords: Adultery. Betrayal. Unfaithful lover. Building resilience. Releasing burdens. New awareness.


Page of Wands


Keywords: Social. Outgoing. Exuberant. Excited. Energy. Loquacious. Talkative. Innovative. Creative. Outward feelings. People person. Artistic. Innovative. Whirlwind. I can. Doing. Making. Carving out his own path. Inventive. Sports. Athletics. Competitive group sports. Traveling. Traveling to exotic locations. Curious. New business start-up projects. I can. I will. I do. I make. Eager. Active.


Reversed Keywords: Immature. Impatient. Compulsive. Liar. Unreliable. Undirected energy. ADD. Brats. Spoiled rotten. Loud and obnoxious kids. Angry. The “bad boy.” Devious.  Unable to finish projects. Unable to start projects. Lack of motivation. Overweight. Slovenly. Boxy. Square. Fear of change. Unable to change in the right direction. Stuck.


Knight of Wands


Keywords: Energy. Travel. Conquest. Attention. Drama. Sports. Athletic. Daring. Dashing. Risk-taker. Adrenaline junkie. Actor/Actress. All the worlds a stage. Class clown. Attention.


Reversed Keywords: Gossip. Slander. Sexually adventurous to the point of breaking hearts. Superficiality. Immature.


Queen of Wands


Keywords: Cheerful. Optimistic. Energetic. Task Oriented. Efficient. Organized. Ambitious. Successful. Popular. Friendly. Extrovert. Dramatic. Passionate. Sporty. Athletic. Travel. Movie Star. Actress. Entertainer. Charisma. Adaptable.


Reversed Keywords: Mean. Bossy. Gossip. Back-stabbing. Hot Temper. Drama Queen. Tyrannical. Mania. Bipolar. Hysterical. Indian Giver. Hurtful. Suffocation.


King of Wands


Keywords: Sporty. Active. Energetic. Go-getter. Ethical. Moral. Persistent. Motivated. Popular. Down to earth. Nature. Natural. Rugged. Daring. Adventurous. Popular. Assertive. Bold.


Reversed Keywords: Tyrannical. Unethical. Lazy. Overindulgent. The lazy knight. Frivolous. Weak. Soft. Liar. Conniving. Unreliable.



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