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Tarot Heaven

Sun in Aquarius

  • I Know
  • Element: Air
  • 11th house ruler
  • Planet ruler Uranus
  • Fixed
  • Body Parts: Ankles, Calves, Lower Legs, Circulatory System, Pineal Gland (inherited from Uranus)
  • Tarot: Star, 5 of Swords (Venus in Aquarius), 6 of Swords (Mercury in Aquarius), 7 of Swords (Moon in Aquarius)
  • Masculine
  • January 20 – February 18

Keywords: Humanity, Independent, Altruistic

Negative Keywords: Rebellious, Unpredictable, Detached

The first thing we need to understand about Aquarians are that no two are exactly alike. They thrive in their own uniqueness. Though, one quality most possess is their high level of intelligence. Aquarius what to know, so they seek books, information and people. They can easily disassemble a computer or their newest love interest. They want to know what makes a person who they are.

I’ve known two Aquarius men, both of whom worked in the computer related field. This type of investigating, learning, putting pieces back together to create a whole is the perfect thing for the Aquarius mind-set. They are the humanitarian of the zodiac. They want to bring all the small pieces to the center.

A mystery makes an Aquarius want more and there is nothing more mysterious than learning a new language, even if it’s a computer language. They want to be in contact with all people, so many Aquarians learn more than one language, so they can meet new people. They love finding out what makes a person do the things they do. They are usually never shocked by anything they find. You’ll see Aquarius with many friends, but they usually don’t have a “best friend.” They want to be in the know and know everyone. This is where they get the “detatched” vibe.

They don’t see their attached and aloof mannerisms as off putting. To them, they are warm and friendly. They literally love the entire world. They also reside in a special place inside their own world. I know an Aquarius who is so aloof, she isn’t even aware of when she does it. She ran into an old friend one day on the subway. She smiled and said, “Hello. Nice to see you again.” Then jumps on her train and off she goes. Years later she learns that the person she met with thought they were being blown off. She replied, “No, I knew that we would meet again when the time was right. I was also a little busy. I had my 6-month baby with me, had to get her to daycare, then get myself to work. I didn’t have too much time for a chat. I thought we would chat later.”

Aquarius is still a fixed sign, which makes them proud and often stubborn in their opinion, until something new and more fascinating idea comes along for them to adopt. Aquarius is consistently in consistent.

They often appear calm, aloof and in control, but their minds are usually analyzing you so fast that the future is in their tunnel vision. They have a way of living for tomorrow, seeing tomorrow. An Aquarius without foresight usually plays the fool. Aquarius has a plan, which is part of their fixed air nature. They may not share their plan with you, but they have a plan. All the Aquarians that I’ve met are highly educated, whether they teach themselves or have a graduate degree, these people need to know. An Aquarius probably came up with the quote, “Knowledge is power.”

They find it hard to dislike anyone. Aquarians are the humanitarian of the zodiac, so they love everyone. They want to find out what makes people do the things they do. They are often soft spoken, but inside their heads they are analyzing you and the situation. They are checking boxes, filtering lies, compiling truths, and being airy about it all. As if they don’t care, but they do. They just love everything and no-thing.

They aren’t the jealous type at all. Though, we could find some that are threatened by someone else. I dated an Aquarius for five years. He was only jealous once. Once when a male platonic friend ran into us. Apparently, my boyfriend thought my platonic, married friend was a “hot 10 with big muscles.” We had been dating at least 18 months and I had never seen him act that way. Anyone can be jealous, but it’s not a strong Aquarian trait.

I have more Aquarius in my chart than any other sign, including my sun sign. I can’t stand jealousy. It’s extremely off putting for me and will cause me to retract into myself. Give me freedom or give me death was probably spoken by an Aquarius too.

Friends are the essence of the Aquarius lifestyle, though you may notice that they know many people but only superficially. They may not have a best friend and when they choose to marry that person becomes their best friend.

They may not even care if you lie. There is a certain nativity to Aquarius. Nothing can shock them as I’m sure you’ve heard before.