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Sun in Cancer

Cancer Basics 


  • June 21- July 22

    • I feel
    • Water
    • Fourth house ruler
    • Moon rules Cancer
    • Cardinal
    • North
    • Summer
    • Angular
    • Rules breasts, chest, stomach
    • Tarot: Chariot, 2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer), 3 of Cups (Mercury in Cancer), 4 of Cups (Moon in Cancer)

    Keywords: Nurturing, Sensitive, Receptive

    Shadow Keywords: Manipulative, Cranky, Possessive


Sun in Cancer Meaning

Sun in Cancer Personality

Cancer is the first water sign and the second cardinal sign. She is ruled by the moon and exalted in Jupiter. Her zodiacal sign is the crab, a creature which moves from land to sea with ease. Just like the tides that the moon rules, everything about her ebbs and flows. She moves effortlessly between events, people and places.

Her tenacity is like the crab’s claw. She can lose it, but it will grow back. Chop off her resources and she will find more. Challenge her and she will silently and effortless take back any power she feels has been threatened.

She is ruled by the moon, the waxing, the waning, the full and dark. Because she is effortlessly adaptable and intuitive, she can transform to fit the mood of the room. She is adept at all phases of life and flows quite easily from one realm to the next.  

Cancer’s astrology meme throughout social media is the “cry baby.” Cancerians do have a tendency to cry, but this could be because Cancer’s element is fluid water. She is one of three water signs, which are composed of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpio takes a solid ice form, while Pisces takes the gaseous form. And then there’s Cancer with enough fluid water to literally “cry me a river.” And that’s exactly what they do.

A Cancer without a home is like a crab without a shell; both are broken. Cancers need security and go to any length to get it. They love money, but not because they desire wealth for the prestige. They want wealth for the security it brings. They are the type to pay off their mortgage early or start a retirement savings account in their 20s. 

Never come in between a Cancerian and their children. Perhaps the momma bear was named after a Cancerian woman whose children were in danger. Cancer is the mother sign of the zodiac. It’s polar opposite, Capricorn, is the father of the zodiac. If a Cancer doesn’t have children, she will find something else to nurture, whether it’s a business, a garden, or animals.

Don’t ever insult her mother. Even if she’s had a fight with her mom, just listen. Cancerians are typically close to their mothers and if they aren’t close, then the mother was the problem, not the Cancerian. A Cancerian maternal desire is strong. If you’re dealing a Cancerian man, he probably revered his mother. A Cancerian female dreams of her children long before they are born. 

They are usually invested in their genetic lineage, old photos of family and even general history. They can talk for hours about what house their great grandmother grew up in. They probably know exactly what their genes contain and can tell you how they are a quarter Italian, half German, a quarter Portuguese with a sprinkle of Cherokee. 

Even with all that toughness she exudes, she is empathically sensitive and feels things deeply. It’s this intuitive ability that helps her navigate between worlds and people. A natural empath, most Cancerians will carry the weight of the world with them.

Cancer is often the most underestimated sign. Don’t allow their silent demeanor or their forgiving nature fool you. They are sizing you up, feeling the room and figuring out the situation. Cancers can be manipulative and conniving. If these attributes are directed toward a negative means, they can rule the world with fear. Being manipulative isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Humans by nature are manipulative. It’s just that a Cancer is the Queen of Manipulation.

She moves sideways like the crab. She can be big, small or rogue like the waves. Her cunning behavior is almost never detected until it’s too late. It’s not any coincidence many presidents, boardroom directors and award winner actors are Cancerians. For example, Princess Diana was a 1st decan cancer, born July 1, 1961. One of the most famous and powerful Cancers on the world stage, she single-handedly turned the British monarchy upside down. She held the world in her hands and was dubbed the “People’s Princess.” Her charities were all highly regarded. One of a Cancer’s soul intentions is to show the world empathy, to heal and close old wounds and protect the earth. Lady Diana Spencer did all three.

Cancer’s sensitivity and empathy are the epitome of their personality. They want to understand and feel what others feel. They make very good therapists and forgive easily. They aren’t vengeful and seldom retaliate unless you’ve really provoked them. Most of the time they retreat and cut you out of their lives. If they do become vindictive, you’ve probably really wounded them. 

A different way of illustrating the nature of Cancers is to look at George W. Bush. His Texas drawl is most likely purposeful. He spent summers in Maine and grew up in mainly affluent worlds. A lot of wealthy children are all taught to speak “standard American English,” so they lose the accent when they need to. Maybe I’m wrong, but why doesn’t his brother Jeb Bush or his father George Herbert Bush talk with the same accent? This is how he moves effortlessly between affluent people and the working classes.   

Elon Musk is a famous and powerful Cancer man who just doesn’t give up. Cancers rarely do. Just like the disease, they won’t stop reproducing, learning, growing and reaching. For more, read our list of famous and powerful Cancers at the end of this article.


Cancer Physical Appearance

When looking at physical appearance read the sun and rising sign. 

There are two types of Cancer’s. The first is the rounded moon type. They have round faces, pudgy cheeks and wide expressive eyes. The other type is the crab type. This face has sharp, distinct eyes that are probably wide set. They have high cheek bones and an overhanging brow. 

Bodies are the same way. Either plump or very skinny. Since Cancer rules the breast and chest, they usually have broad shoulders. Women are either flat chested or full chested. Many times the arms and legs are longer than the torso, similar to Angelina Jolie, whose rising sign is Cancer. 

Watch a Cancer walk and many tend to waddle a little. Sort of like a penguin or permanently pregnant woman in her third trimester. This is especially true in the later years when most Cancers can suddenly gain weight. 


Cancer in Love

Both Cancer men and women are shy in love. Since they fear rejection, they probably won’t make the first move. When a Cancerian really starts to feel something, their heart will pound, they won’t be able to make eye contact (or stare much too long) and the butterflies will make them want to run the other way. You’ll have to chase a Cancerian and make him/her feel deeply appreciated and respected. Slow and steady will win a Cancerian even if you are confused by all the sideway crab like moves. 

Under a full moon, you’ll notice that a typical Cancerian comes out of her shell. She just might lose her inhibitions and swim naked under the brightness of a full moon or write you a love poem. Their moods change with the waning and waxing of the moon, so don’t be confused when a Cancerian has a moody spell. And don’t go diagnosing him or her with any sort of clinical title, especially if you are an armchair psychologist. She’s extremely sensitive and doesn’t like judgmental people. 

Most Cancerians love to cook. Cancers rule the stomach. Of course, you’ll find a few that don’t like to cook, but they probably have heavy air and fire in their chart as well. But for the most part, they love their home and the kitchen is an extension of that. If a Cancerian really likes you, they will invite you to their home to cook, but don’t expect to get into their bedroom the first time you are in their house. The bedroom is her/his private sanctuary. 

Don’t criticize their cooking. Trust me. He/she’s put a lot of love and thought into the meal they are serving. I once knew a Cancer woman whose partner and child made some sweeping judgments about a meal and she passive aggressively refused to cook for weeks. I doubt she was even consciously aware of her refusal; she was just deeply wounded. 

Most Cancerians will only have one great love in their life. They are unbelievably loyal and trustworthy in relationships. They typically aren’t serial daters. It’s best for a cancer to find true love in their 20s because a heartbroken Cancer might never love again. 

They also love to reminisce about the past, so don’t be surprised if the Cancerian woman you met twice 10 years ago gives you a call out of the blue. Once a Cancerian has their eyes set on someone, they don’t forget that person. She’s worth the wait and will usually be the “one who got away.” Both Cancer men and women get pleasure in making sure their loved ones every need has been met. She will listen to your every word and remember everything you’ve ever said. If she’s not paying attention to what you’re saying, then she’s not in love. Plus, she will want to know everything about you. She doesn’t like secrets, even though she’s got a few herself. Tell her all your secrets. They are safe with her. Keep secrets from her and she’ll withdraw her love.  


Famous Celebrities with a Sun in Cancer

Lana Del Rey June 21, 1985 at 4:47 PM in New York City, New York, United States (two stelliums one in cancer, the other taurus)

Cyndi Lauper June 22, 1953 at 11:00 pm in Queens, New York

Elon Musk June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Princess Diana July 1, 1961 at 7:45 pm in Sandringham, England

Julian Assange July 3, 1971 at 3:00pm in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Margot Robbie July 2, 1990

Eva Green July 5, 1980 at 10:05am Paris, Ile-de-France, France

George W. Bush July 6, 1946 at 7:26 am in New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Marianne Williamson July 8, 1952 at 3:53pm in Houston, Texas

Kandee Johnson July 9, 1978 Los Angeles California (Beauty Blogger)

Nikola Tesla July 10, 1856 time unknown in Croatia

Lisa Rinna July 11, 1963 at 3:30 am Medford, Oregon (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, Rising Gemini

Pablo Neruda July 12, 1904 at 9:00pm in Parral, Chile (Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Pisces Rising)

Travis Fimmel July 15, 1979 Echuca, Victoria, Australia (Actor)

Corey Feldman July 16, 1971 at 7:59 pm in Los Angeles, California (deceased)

Lizzie Borden July 19, 1860 at 9:46 am in Falls River, Massachusetts (alleged murderer)

Robin Williams July 21, 1951 at 1:34 pm in Chicago, Illinois (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces Rising Scorpio)

Selena Gomez July 22, 1992 at 7:19 pm in Grand Prairie, Texas (Yod in Sag, Can, Taurus)

Prince George of Cambridge July 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm in London, England