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Tarot Heaven

Sun in Cancer

  • I feel
  • Water
  • 4th house ruler
  • Moon rules Cancer
  • Cardinal
  • North
  • Summer
  • Angular
  • Rules breasts, chest, stomach
  • Tarot: Chariot, 2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer), 3 of Cups (Mercury in Cancer), 4 of Cups (Moon in Cancer)
  • June 21- July 22

Cancer is the second Cardinal sign, making Cancer less direct than Aries. Think of Cancer’s tenacity like the waves on the beach. They keep coming, never stopping, but always changing. Just like the crab that Cancer represents, the waves can move sideways. Different types of waves exist. Some are dependent on the air other waves on the currents. Even the earth moving beneath her. Little earthquakes create rogue waves that swallow ships. Larger earth movement start tsunamis. A boat can even make wakes, which are waves.

There are rogue waves, waves that seem to come out of nowhere, some waves forming from small underwater earthquakes. If you find a person whose Mars is in Cancer, then be nice because, like a rogue wave forming underneath the sea, their rogue, passive aggressive, sideways attack might surprise you.

Cancer is the mother sign. If you have a mother with a Sun or Moon in Cancer consider yourself very lucky. No matter what it seems on the surface, a Cancerian mother will burn cities to protect her children. A Cancerian mother always has super human strength when it comes to her children. Telepathy comes naturally between a Cancer mother and her children. She can also over worry about her children. Cancers, like the disease, can grow a worry into a death tomb. But before we get too negative. This trait can be moved into the positive easily by applying a Cancer’s worry into obsession. As a Cardinal Sign, a Cancerian won’t back down. It doesn’t necessarily translate into being stubborn. The Cancerian will obsess over one thing until they get it right.

She is ruled by the moon, the waxing, the waning, the full and dark.

Cancer’s astrology meme on the social channels such as Instagram is the “cry baby.” Cancerians do have a tendency to cry, but elementally Cancer is fluid water. She is one of three water signs, which are composed of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpio takes a solid ice form, while Pisces takes the gaseous form. And then there’s Cancer with enough fluid water to literally “cry me a river.” And that’s exactly what they do.

Especially anyone whose got a Moon in Cancer. I tend to view moon sign for the “crying level” of a Cancerian. A Cancerian with a moon in another mode of water will cry at the happy parts of the movie and at all the tragic times at the movies. They just can’t help it.

One of Cancer’s soul purposes is to show the world empathy and since it is a Cardinal sign, she overflows like Angel Falls. Cancers have the ability to feel and sense emotions around them. All water signs are considered psychic. They are instinctually born this way, whether it’s being an empath to having psychic visions while in trance. Cancer is more likely to be an empath or clairtensentient, but it’s not a golden rule.