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Tarot Heaven

Sun in Gemini

  • I think
  • Air
  • 3rd House
  • Mercury rules Gemini
  • Mutable
  • Rules lungs, hands, arms, shoulders, clavicle
  • Tarot: Lovers, Eight of Swords (Jupiter in Gemini), Nine of Swords (Mars in Gemini), Ten of Swords (Sun in Gemini)

Inquisitive. Curious. Talkative. Adaptable. Intellectual. Smart. Full of useless knowledge. Know-it-all, Indecisive. Often lives two lives, one is in their head, the other is real. Changes mind often.

Debates well. Mental sparring. Witty. Funny. Multitasking wizard. Inconsistent. Fabulous storyteller. Horrible listener. Good liar. Considers white lies, non-lies.

Has an energetic, exuberance that can come off like an excited kid before Christmas.

They talk so much, many people thing they are flirts whether or not they mean to flirt or not. Let’s say they are the accident flirts of the zodiac. A Venus in Gemini placements means they are flirts. A Gemini Sun will either have a Venus in Gemini or a Venus in Cancer.

Mercury wasn’t a god, but a messenger for the Gods. Relaying messages and information, assimilating gossip are some strong Gemini traits. They are unbelievably chatty and usually out going.