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Sun in Leo

  • I will
  • Element: Fire
  • 5th house ruler
  • Sun rules Leo
  • Fixed
  • Rules heart, spine, sides and upper back
  • Masculine
  • Tarot: Strength, 5 of Wands (Saturn in Leo), 6 of Wands (Jupiter in Leo), 7 of Wands (Mars in Leo)
  • July 23- August 22

Positive Keyword: Exuberant, Dramatic, Proud

Negative Keyword: Self-Centered, Dictatorial, Childish

Leo always wants to be the center of attention, hence its rulership with the Sun.  They are playful, enduring and often bring life to the room. Even though they seem to have the confidence of a natural Born Queen, Leo’s can be slightly insecure if they don’t feel loved enough. This fixed sign usually can be persuaded with flattery, gifts and adoration. They love to give love, but it’s usually conditional love. If they give you their love, they expect it in return. You will rarely find a Leo who will stay in a loveless marriage or pursue someone who isn’t interested in them.

Leo is one of the two signs that are considered “party” signs. They love to party and have a good time. Actually, “Good Times,” should be Leo’s mantra. They are compatible with Sagittarius, who are party loving too. When Leo walks into the room, the “rooms on fire” (Stevie Nicks quote). Literally they can be the flame that ignites a boring party into a dynamic interesting night. They do have an ability to have stories that keep people listening even if they over embellish and stretch the truth. But that is the exciting thing about a Leo, they can add a bit of energy that draws people in like a moth to the flame.

Leos are creative and can excel in theater. If they aren’t on stage, they are often behind the scenes yearning to be the lead character. Their own lives can take on this unrealistic dramatic approach. This is due to their daring nature. The shadow side is that this danger can create dramas outside of the theater. These are the types that may want to argue in public just to make a scene for fun.

My father is a Leo and he will literally jump into a fight between me and my daughter or me and my mother. For example, my daughter and I are arguing about something that is none of his business. My father will immediately jump in with a bombastic voice and tell us what he thinks. No one asked his opinion. No one needed his opinion. He’s been like this his entire life. Always jumping into the action even when no one asked him!

Here’s a better Leo example. One time my father was eating dinner out with my mother and some friends. My father, being the dramatic Leo, couldn’t help but overhear some conversation at a table next to them. The other table was discussing that marijuana shouldn’t be legalized. My father, who loves to smoke pot had to tell them that smoking pot helped the pain of his post-polio infection. Then for reasons that must have to do with my father’s strong will directed toward the Law of Attraction, he actually ended up being quoted in an editorial in the local newspaper (they retired to a small town). He just had to jump into a conversation that was none of his business and ended up the star of the editorial. If that doesn’t describe the theatrical Leo, then I don’t know what else is.

A Leo is a natural born leader. A Leo will usually want to take the reins, this is especially true for a 1st decan Leo running approximately July 24-Aug 2. These “cusp” dates are always approximate. 1st decan Leo can also run from July 23-Aug1, it just depends on the year of birth. Some people want to be a leader or lead the pack, but you have to have people that will follow you. Leo’s have this mesmerizing ability to draw people into their causes or situations. They take control of the situation and expect everyone to follow. When people don’t want to follow them, they can become sullen and depressed.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, which is often a fiery stubborn trait that evolution really should fade out. Sometimes they won’t remember why they are mad at you, but they will always remember the feeling. They will remember the feeling of being lied to or the feeling of betrayal. This can lead to embellishing what actually took place.

Loyalty is a strong Leo trait, though Cancers tend to be much more loyal because of their compassion. Leo’s are often loyal to a fault, which produces a stubborn (fixed) blind loyalty. They can be especially loyal to their spouse and children. They will fiercely defend their family and good friends. Sometimes they are even stubborn and blind in love. They may have an image of someone in their mind that isn’t true. For instance, a knew a Leo who was in love with a liar. It took her years to figure out he was a liar. She would defend him to the ends of the Earth, often alienating the truth, and subsequentially, other people. He had her wrapped around his little fingers. But that’s Leo and it’s especially true if the Venus sign is in Leo.  

If Leo is not your sun sign, but falls in your 5th or 7th house, you might be lucky in love, depending on the aspects and your Venus sign. This is because Leo makes a good partner if you love fun. They will be loyal, devoted and tender when in love. Their fiery nature makes them dominant in bed and sometimes very sexual.

Leo’s have the strength of a thousand stars. Their will power can be very strong. My grandmother was a 1st decan Leo and she lived until she was 89. If the doctor told her to stop drinking, she did. When the doctor told her to stop eating salt, she did. When the doctor told her to stop smoking, she did. She lived into her late 80s, though dying with dementia not knowing who any of us were. Her will for life was strong. When a Leo has accepted death, especially when they are still young, there is always something else going on. There is pain in the emotional part of the heart. That is symptomatic of a broken heart. You can break a Leo’s will, by breaking their heart.

Leos are courageous, which is why they make excellent leaders. In Tarot, we see Strength ruling Leo reminding Leo to use love, patience and their subconscious. Without love, no one will follow a Leo. A Leo needs to learn to use their heart and become compassionate and less self-centered. When they do this, they can achieve anything. When you are pure of heart and your intentions are good, then good fortune will always shine through any dark time.

Leo’s make good managers. I want to make it clear that cardinal signs are true leaders. This is especially true of Aries, Cancer and Capricorns. Cardinal signs get the idea started, the idea rolling, but hand it over to a Leo. Leo’s do the management side.

Leo rules the 5th house in the astrology wheel. The 5th house rules over the love you give, romance, affairs of the heart, creativity, children and pets. You’ve probably heard that the 7th house rules romance, but this is not true. The 7th house rules partnerships, which include marriage. In the United States, we started putting a lot of emphasis on marriage for love and not marriage between two people who will benefit through assets. There are still parts of the world that arrange marriages. In the ancient worlds, kings would marry a neighboring countries princess to establish a diplomatic power between the two states. The king would then be expected to have private affairs of the heart (5th house). Children born by his mistresses were given the last names Fitzroy and/or rewarded the title Duke or Duchess.

In natal astrology, Leo in the 10th house (midheaven) is considered to be the most beautiful. They are often very attractive and radiant. Your 10th house is your house of occupation, so perhaps it is true that people will follow attractive people.