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Sun in Libra

  • I Balance
  • Air
  • 7th house ruler
  • Venus rules Libra
  • Cardinal
  • West (Only Cardinal)
  • Season: Autumn (Only Cardinal)
  • Rules Lower back including Buttocks, Kidneys, Throat, Adrenal Glands, Appendix
  • Tarot: Justice, 2 of Swords (Moon in Libra), 3 of Swords (Saturn in Libra), 4 of Swords (Jupiter in Libra)
  • Masculine Energy
  • September 23- October 22

Libra’s are known for their love of beauty, romance and symmetry. Their ruling planet Venus, makes sure that Libras are drawn to art and artistic creations. If they are not artistic, they will seek out partners that are artistic or surround themselves with beauty and art.

 Libra natives work best when in partnerships with others. It doesn’t matter if it is a romantic partnership or business partnership, they don’t do very well alone. Libras are known to go from one relationship to another very quickly. They may even marry sooner rather than later in life and they could be married more than once. Of course, you’ll need to check their natal Venus and Mars placements. What is their 7th house in and what are planets are in their 7th house?

 Even when we look at the Libra glyph, we see the scales. This is a symbol of balance, partnerships, equilibrium and balance. Balance brings Libra’s security and harmony. They want everything to be fair.

Since Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, they tend to be well dressed and often have a taste for refinement. A Libra’s home is usually beautiful decorated, organized and serene.

Peace and unions are important qualities in the Libra character. Those born while Neptune was transiting Libra are the “Make Love, Not War,” hippies and baby boomers. These souls saw the social injustice not just with the War in Vietnam, but saw the disharmony with the social norms. They were the staunch advocates for civil rights and women’s rights. They often protested using love as the backdrop for their causes. This generation easily sums up how a Libra would take to a cause. Like Martin Luther King, Jr, whose peaceful marches were nonviolent. For more on Neptune in Libra visit here.

Libra’s tend to shy away from conflict and aggression, unlike their polar opposite, Aries. They prefer to seek out diplomatic solutions rather than forceful ones. They are natural diplomats and don’t usually make good lawyers. The law system in the United States does not favor true justice, but deals in “wins” for prosecutors or “wins” for the defense. We shall not get into a discussion here about the trials and tribulations of the United States failing law system, but it is not a true system of justice. There is a sharp distinction between Libran values of justice and the system of law in the United States. Aries makes a much more assertive lawyer. Afterall, Aries shares the polarity with Libra.

Libra’s make better diplomats and mediators. They can be too honest at times, which can get them into trouble. They see the beauty in other people and tend to draw it out of them. Other career options for Libras are acting, theater design and cooking. They make good party planners because they love to entertain, but they are also a cardinal sign. They like to initiate projects, but would rather delegate the tasks to other people. There is a definite streak of laziness to many Libras. They work in harmony with other people, though because of their cardinal nature, they can over step their boundaries. If harmony to a Libra means ignoring red flags, then they can even do this.

The shadow side to a Libra seeking balance is that they can be indecisive and often flakey. Libra’s can be quite a meddler, trying to play both sides of a situation, which does lead to a weaker side. Some Libras are deeply insecure and often thrive on their spouse and close friend’s approval. Anyone who challenges or questions their motives are often given the boot. If you are friends with a Libra, the best thing to do is not give your opinion even if your opinion is valid. For instance, I knew a classic Libra. She was beautiful, enchanting and motherly on the first glance. She then got me involved in her scheming nonsense in order to take down a former love interest. She was abusive of my time and acted like some prima donna princess. She had been married twice. The second marriage was to a very wealthy man. She often talked about him in monetary terms. After him, she had a string of younger lovers who she subconsciously “paid” to be with. For instance, buying them luxury gifts, green cards, and allowing them to use her. Perhaps in her case, karma was working overtime. She went from job to job, but her only real job was getting alimony. She defined herself through her second marriage even though it had ended. Consistently talking about him as if she was the one who was the business man. She couldn’t make a solid decision to save her life. It was a constant turmoil of drama. I tried to be there for her when she needed me, but the moment I needed a friend to talk with she disappeared. It was always all about her. Toward the end I realized she was a user and totally self-absorbed. This is the dark side to Libra and not necessarily the best qualities. We all have shadow sides we need to overcome. It takes awareness and practical use.

But I also know another Libra who is kind, generous and seeks harmony through partnerships. This Libra is a good listener and gives as much as he takes. He is fair and equitable. For a complete analysis one does need to look at the complete natal chart. Your sun sign is just a rough sketch of who you are. Then the outline is filled in with all your other planets and aspects.