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Tarot Heaven

Sun in Pisces

  • I Believe
  • Element: Water
  • 12th house ruler
  • Planet ruler Neptune
  • Mutable
  • Body Parts: the feet,
  • Tarot: Moon, 8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces), 9 of Cups (Jupiter in Pisces), 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces)
  • Feminine
  • February 19 – March 20

Keywords: Imagination, understanding, compassion

Negative Keywords: Impractical, Melancholy


Pisces are dreamy, adaptable, and often conflicted.

Pisces is a mutable sign that rules the 12th house of the unconscious mind, spiritual health and the other worldly things we cannot see. A Pisces might be able to see these things. The water signs all rule water. Cancer rules fluid water, Scorpio rules frozen water and Pisces rules gas and steam.

Pisces are the accumulation of all the signs before them. This is often why they are so sensitive and intuitive. These people are often very psychic, though in a natal chart you would need to look at the moon sign and trines in water to detect a natural psychic energy. I’ve met many non-psychic Pisces.

Pisces spiritual leaning can come out as a vested interest in meditation, spiritual love, universal love and healing. They are often interested in the occult, astrology and everything metaphysical. I knew a Pisces with a strong Aries moon, who trekked all over the world (Neptune in Sag) looking for the magic elixir of life. He soon found himself in India looking for a master guru to teach him the tantric arts. Whether or not he found it, I’m not quite sure.

One thing to note about Pisces men is that they are all or nothing. They are two fish swimming in opposite directions. Which direction a Pisces takes is where he ends up. He could be an Einstein, whose brainy ideas transformed our paradigm, or he could end up in an asylum. Pisces always have some crazy idea. Einstein was considered by some crazy, but his science was proven over the decades. Einstein was keen on meditating. He called them “analytical meditations” or “thought exercises.” Pisces seems to be plugged into something more than just their physical body. They know it.  

For example, the man in the previous paragraph man married a banker, who was his benefactor. He lounged around, gave her a son, and eventually she kicked him out of the house. Why? He found a new elixir: heroin. She couldn’t deal with his restless, drug induced urgency. It’s as if Pisces has graduated from all of this “life’ business and finding a way to transcend it is either done by heavy meditation, tantric sex or drugs. Pisces is the Mad Hatter of the zodiac. It’s that little bit of crazy that is in us all, except for a Pisces, they don’t hide the fact that everything is madness. They know the world is mad and that they might be the only sane thing left in it.

These are the true romantics of the zodiac. They are sensitive, poetic, and love being loved and in love. You must love a Pisces (especially true for Venus in Pisces) before they even consider you for a lover. Money is not important to a Pisces, but love is. Love is eternal compassion, infinite and boundless. Money to a Pisces is the complete opposite. You won’t find them trying to climb the glass ceiling or corporate ladder (rare is a Pisces who actually owns a large company).

I went to a party recently where the man was a Tunisian poet who married a woman who had a high position in the government. He flounced around making love, poetry and art all day and she was the provider. If you are a man and lucky enough to catch a woman who wants to provide, you are a lucky man indeed.

For a woman, this position is much easier. Pisces women are always warm, inviting and love when a man does things a “man should do.” For instance, I know a Piscean woman who can cook, sew, clean and do many traditional female roles. She was briefly in love with a man who also could not cook, sew or clean. She then realized he could not change a tire, take off a door knob or barely change a light bulb. Once in a relationship, she was the one who had to do everything. For her, this was the ultimate romantic turn off. If he couldn’t at least try and hang her new shelves or help her put together her Ikea desk, then she refused to cook. Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t last and she found the perfect man for her.

Given that Pisces is the last sign, it is often noted that Pisces absorbs all of the 11 zodiac signs. Some consider certain Pisceian placements and/or aspects to be qualities of a master soul.  Other placements make for mentally disturbed people. Asylums are full of them. I was told once, “There is a fine line between psychic and psycho.” This is true for every Pisces Sun, Moon or Rising.

These are the artists of the zodiac. Many paint, sing, sculpt, or are intrigued by the theatre. You can catch them up front on the stage or behind the scenes directing a movie. They actualize their life.

You won’t find a Pisces planning for the future like a Capricorn would or at least looking toward the future like Aquarius, Pisces live in some parallel universe full of an in between place of now, tomorrow and yesterday. “Let us dream our way,” was written by Pablo Neruda, who was a Sun and Moon in Cancer with a Pisces Rising.