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Sun in Sagittarius

  • I Understand
  • Element: Fire
  • 9th house ruler
  • Planet ruler Jupiter
  • Mutable
  • Body Parts: hips, thighs, upper legs
  • Tarot: Temperance, 8 of Wands (Mercury in Sag), 9 of Wands (Moon in Sag), 10 of Wands (Saturn in Sag)
  • Masculine
  • November 22- December 21

Keywords: Carefree, Optimistic, Philosophical, light-hearted

Negative Keywords: Blunt, Insensitive, Careless

Holly Go-Lightly from the movie Breakfast with Tiffanies pretty much sums up a Sagittarius. They are definitely the go-lightly side. They love parties and you might find their own life is one continuous party. They make friends easily and throw fabulous parties. They need people around them and feel confined when stuck at home. Life has to have some adventurous edge to it.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and its lucky fortune seems to shine down on them and within them. They all seem to be born under a lucky star. Just when they think they’re down and out, something miraculous happens that fill their bank account or gives them the tools needed to succeed. If given the proper training in occult studies, a Sagittarius can grow personally by leaps and bounds. They seem to always be in the right place at the right time.

A sun in Sagittarius who doesn’t know what they want is a sad, wandering person. This is especially true for my parent’s generation where women were expected to marry and have children. Other options existed, but not to the capacity they do today. A true Sagittarius, no matter any other placement, will love travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s day trips around her area, road trips or overseas travel. They have to find a way to get out and see other places. Those places will be confined to other aspects in the chart.

A true Sagittarius is light hearted, friendly, extroverted, yet philosophical and can be quite intellectual. Even though philosophical, they don’t take a heavy stance on their position. It’s all talk to them. There’s not much action involved. This mutable fire sign is able to change her opinion at the drop of a newly presented idea. She is very adaptable, especially if she doesn’t have any fixed signs (moon or rising) to ground her.

Sagittarius doesn’t like commitments of any kind. She prefers to roam and move around. She has a bit of wanderlust. She enjoys meeting new people and usually makes friends easily. Sagittarians are the connection to the ideals and new philosophies she has. She connects people to new ideas and engages easily with anyone. Thus, with so much energy and gusto, she does like power and to dominate a situation. Especially when it’s her plan or she’s your manager, she won’t want to yield to anyone else.

They tend to have a good sense of humor, though can be thin skinned when the joke is on them. Being light hearted, they get over it quickly. They have this annoying tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time thinking they are helping. I should know, I have a Sagittarius mother. While thinking that I was over weight she would constantly make annoying jokes to me about my weight hoping it would help me lose weight. She pointed out her favorite bakery and said, “they have these perfect little bunt cakes for two people, oh, but for you, you would need just one.” Then she giggles while I look on at her annoyed. For one, I am comfortable with my body and do not think I need to lose any weight. My mother is weighs 103 lbs. For her my 140 lbs is excessive. She’s trying to help me, but it’s coming out all wrong.

Now if I was to tease her about her long grey hair that runs down her back, which no one in the family likes, she gets very offended and upset. That’s a typical Sag, they can dish it, but can’t take it. In her mind, she is trying to be helpful. The good Jupiter nature of her makes it easy for her to let go of the grudge, move on and tell herself, “I like my hair and I don’t care what you think.” They get over things quickly because they are so jovial.

When I was a kid, she loved to point out everyone else’s acne. I would be mortified when she would tell the cashier at the grocery store, “Your acne is very bad. You must do something about it. Have you tried Proactive?” I would tell her to stop that and she would act like, “What? I am helping them.” I would say, “No, you are telling a 17-year-old girl that she has acne. She knows she has acne. And EVERYONE (it was the 90s) knows about Proactive.”

It’s a quirky trait a Sag has. She wants to be helpful, but it somehow comes out slightly insulting even when she has made it into an awkward joke.

The downfall of this mutable fire sign is that they are always pointing their arching bow toward a new destination. The expression, “The grass is greener on the other side,” is something Sun in Sagittarius take to heart. They are always on some new quest. Unfortunately, sometimes this wanderlust means they make bad decisions because as anyone with strong Earth attributes knows, “Everywhere you go, you take yourself.” Problems don’t just disappear because you move. But a Sagittarius will honestly believe moving across the country or world will change everything and make her happy, but be careful where you are pointing your arrow. Give it more thought. What are you really trying to escape?

Sagittarius moms tend to hate routines, but they love children. They have a genuine child-like side to them that a mature Capricorn might find childish. They need a partner who is good with the routine of having children. Boredom is one thing they cannot handle and they often end up looking at their children as a future entity, often missing the day-to-day lovelies. My own mother admitted to me when I was an adult, “I like my adult child more than I liked you as children.” This is definitely frank and a little hurtful, but she meant it. Luckily, I had a father with a Sun in Leo and tons of Virgo in his chart, so he always made sure breakfast was made, took us to school, and went on school field trips with us. It was my father who gave structure to my mother’s otherwise unstructured life. She doesn’t realize it now, but her husband was the one who kept her grounded. If not for him she could have lived dozens of different lives, one in a monastery in India or another finding the source of immortality on some far away Greek Island. This is because the archer lives for the future and the next adventure. Don’t tie her down or she will resent you.

If you are a child reading this and have a Sag mom, let her be independent because you won’t get her full devoted love like a Cancerian mom or a Leo father would give. There is a streak of selfishness in a Sag if she feels tied to routine, her husband, sickness, or poverty. She will break out like a wild stallion and run for the hills towards some “greener pasture.”