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Tarot Heaven

Sun in Scorpio

  • I Desire
  • Element: Water
  • 8th house ruler
  • Planet ruler Pluto
  • Fixed
  • Rules sex organs, reproductive organs,
  • Tarot: Death, 5 of Cups (Mars in Scorpio), 6 of Cups (Sun in Scorpio), 7 of Cups (Venus in Scorpio)
  • Feminine
  • October 23- November 21

Keywords: Intense, Magnetic, Strong-willed

Negative Keywords: Vindictive, Possessive

Intense is the exact word that I use to describe Scorpio. It’s the fixed water sign and is compared to ice. They are known for their intense stare and are not afraid to look directly into your eyes. They may even have penetrating or dark eyes.

When the latch onto a project or idea, they do it with such a tenacity and strength that it can scare people. These are the all-or-nothing types. Because of the passion that they have for ideas, they can become obsessive zealots when it comes to holding onto ideas.

Scorpios tend to have some kind of religious conviction. Many people will write about Scorpios and the occult, but this is far from the actuality. A Scorpio can be a Christian fundamentalist who claims god talks to them all the way to an extreme occultist. One of my first childhood friends, was (still is) a Scorpio. She is a self-proclaimed atheist that borderlines on nihilism. Nothing can persuade her and she often feels the need to assert her opinion on my astrology and tarot issues even when I’ve not asked her opinion.

If they aren’t religious, they can latch onto any sort of movement. For instance, Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio with a Venus in Libra. She is definitely a Scorpio type, sensitive, but feverish and ambitious when she puts her mind to something. Her Venus in Libra helped her establish a relationship with her husband, Bill Clinton. She was able to build a political dynasty with him by her side.

Scorpios can come off as cold and detached, but they are anything but detached. They can be so wrapped up in their own thoughts and world that you won’t see the bubbling watery movement behind their cool exterior. They are always in a strategy mode and of all the water signs, they are the most ambitious (without seeing any other aspect or planetary position, we can’t judge fully). They tend to excel in games such a chess, checkers and card games. If they don’t practice games, they can become manipulative and play childish games with other people.

Scorpios are known for keeping secrets and being very secretive. Ann Davies, an occultist who took over the Builders of the Adytum, was notorious for not giving people the answers to the many, many questions that kabbalah can produce. In the documents, that you can get from the organization she actually wrote about people asking her questions and her response was always, “You need to meditate on it.” This secretive attitude still persists in that organization, much to the detriment of its members. Literally any question I asked the head of our branch was responded back with, “You need to think about it Laurelle.” Other times he would either knowingly or not give me the wrong answer. This attitude can come off as haughty and “I know more than you.”

It’s like a little child who learns something new and then goes, “What? You didn’t know?” My childhood friend I spoke of above was like this. One day in 3rd grade, she asked me how to spell the word constellation. I misspelled it and she said, “What?! YOU don’t KNOW how to spell the word constellation?” I felt bad all afternoon. It was 3rd grade and we had all just learned how to read and write two years prior. Plus, constellation is a big word for a 3rd grader.

Scorpios need a sense of control, which brings them security. If they feel manipulated by outside forces or they are thwarted by someone they feel is “inferior,” they will often lash out. My father-in-law is a Scorpio and when he discovered I was an assertive, independent woman he was in fear of me. He lashed out one day at the dinner table projecting his own feelings on me when he said, “You’re a control freak.” Everyone expected me to say something back, but I knew him too well. I said, “Well that’s interesting, the only two people to ever have told me that are you and your son.” This was after his son’s death. I can be a bit quick witted and sharp. I knew bringing in his son/my daughter’s father would shut down his attacks on me.

He was the control freak. He married his first wife two months after their first date because she got pregnant. They divorced because he claimed, “I couldn’t control her like a man should. She just runs around town doing whatever she wants.” He was extremely religious to the point where he actually wrote his own poorly edited, self-published books on Christianity.

Scorpio’s can hold a grudge unless they find some outlet. Creativity is something a Scorpio can excel at and is a good way for them to express themselves and melt all that ice. But the shadow side of a Scorpio is scorn. They will hold a grudge forever and if they are unevolved enough, they will wait for a time to hold it against you.