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Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus natives are steady and trustworthy. They make loyal friends and get along well with Cancer. Taurus is a good listener. They can be very social, mainly because of their need to surround themselves with their intimate friends over dinner. Taurus has a domestic side, which for a woman can easily translate into throwing the best parties with her closest friends.

Since Venus is associated with Taurus, they love the arts. They may have a beautifully decorate home or at least the ability to tastefully throw a dinner party.

When the last of the outer planets were found, some of the signs that held dual planets like Taurus and Libra, who both share Venus, became esoterically separated. In esoteric astrology, Venus rules Libra. Some schools of thought teach that Earth rules Taurus. Now there is a discussion about Chiron ruling either Taurus or Virgo. In my opinion, Virgo goes better with Chiron. There is another theory that Apollo is the true ruler of Taurus. Another theory places Vulcan with Virgo. What do you think?

Earth seems like a more suitable ruler for Taurus because of the earthiness of Taurus. Taurus is one of the most grounded signs. They crave earthly comforts, such as good food, a favorite chair, or a solid organized belief system. This could be why it is easy to see Venus in Taurus. They love a solid home with comfortable style, which easily translates into something beautiful. Aren’t we all attracted to beauty? A Taurean will shop for furniture, food and clothing with a sense of taste and style because those things ground and make Taurus feel secure. Those are also things associated with the earth.

Natives with their sun or moon in Taurus can have melodic voices and are often artistical talented in some way. You’ll find many actors and actresses with a natal sun in Taurus. It’s that hint of Venus mixed with the stability of an exalted Moon.