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Sun in Taurus

Taurus Basics 


  • April 20-May 20

    • I have
    • Earth
    • Second house ruler
    • Venus rule Taurus
    • Moon is Exalted in Taurus
    • Fixed
    • Feminine
    • Rules ears, throat, neck, voice box, mouth, thyroid, teeth,
    • Tarot: Hierophant, 5 of Pentacles (Mercury in Taurus), 6 of Pentacles (Moon in Taurus), 7 of Pentacles (Saturn in Taurus).

    Keywords: Practical, Serious, Cautious

    Shadow Keywords: Stubborn, Resistant, Slow


 Meaning of Sun in Taurus

Taurus Personality 


Sun in Taurus natives are steady, trustworthy and dependable. They make loyal friends and get along well with most people. Taureans are good listeners and very grounded. They can be very social, mainly because of their need to surround themselves with their intimate friends over dinner. Taurus has a domestic side, which for a woman can easily translate into throwing the best parties with her closest friends.

Colors, textures, design, music and the arts are what makes a Taurus feel protected and secure. They love to surround themselves with beauty. Most Taureans have a beautifully decorated home. If they throw a party, it will be curated and tastefully done with good food. Taurus is the sign of material comforts and money. They feel less secure when they don’t have money to provide the stability they crave. A keen sense of style, taste and elegance translates into a well-appointed, timeless furniture and clothing. Colors like brown, grays and earthy tones appeal to Taurus, but never red. Since Taurus rules copper, they could put their plants in copper vases or wear lots of copper jewelry.  

A love of nature is instinctual for a Taurus. Even if they live in a city apartment, you’ll find in door house plants. Dreaming of a backyard with a garden is something most Taurus natives will actively seek. They may love camping or nature walks. My grandfather was a Taurus and their home was tucked in a secluded suburban neighborhood with a lush garden. His time off was spent golfing. It wasn’t his love of golf, but his love of the wide-open green spaces and fresh air.  

Natives with their sun or moon in Taurus can have melodic voices and are often artistical talented in some way. You’ll find many actors and actresses with a natal sun in Taurus. It’s that hint of Venus mixed with the stability of an exalted Moon. Like the singers Adele and Cher, they usually have a deep and earthy singing voice.

Taurus takes their time and they don’t want to be rushed. They are patient, especially when they want something. Empire building is in their house of cards. Years could be spent carefully building a legacy. Every stone is strategically placed, so they have a solid foundation. It won’t necessarily be the money that attracts them to building a solid business, but the enjoyment of constructing it and the security it brings.


Taurus Appearance

When you think of Taurus, think of the animal that rules Taurus, the bull. A wide broad shoulder set and thick necks are common among Taurus men. Just look at John Cena or Dwayne ‘the rock” Johnson. Most Taureans have a square shaped face and pronounced jawline.  There noses can be square shaped or boxy like Rosario Dawson, Gal Gadot and Jessica Alba.

Taurus will have thick hair that can be wavy or curly. A Taurus’s eyes can have a ‘bovine’ quality, which means big, beautiful eyes full of a sensual innocence.

They are usually tall and even if they are short genetically, they can appear taller than they really are.


Taurus in Love

Taurus is a sensual and romantic sign. The security of a relationship makes them feel safe. Once in love a Taurus is devoted, nurturing and passionate. She or he will take care of your every need. Don’t rush love with a Taurus. My advice is if you are interested in dating a Taurus, you should make the first move. They aren’t known to actively pursue someone like an Aries or Leo would. Just don’t rush toward them with whirlwind romantic ideas. They want to take their time to get to know you.

Amuse them with your best jokes and a home cooked meal. They consider food an aphrodisiac whether you’ve made it from scratch or eating at an elegant restaurant. Taurus women and men love to cook, so get them interested by talking about the spices and flavor. They will be impressed if you ask, “Does this contain rosemary and thyme?” She’ll love the fact you can detect certain flavors, especially if she’s made the food.

Famous Taurus Celebrities

ADELE (singer) Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins May 5, 1988 at 8:19 am in Tottenham, England, UK

James McAvoy April 21, 1979 5:25 am in Glasglow, Scotland

Queen Elizabeth Second April 21, 1926 at 2:45 AM Mayfair, England

Gigi Hadid April 23, 1995 at 6:26 am in Los Angeles, California

Melanie Martinez April 28, 1995 in Long Island Main, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cate Blanchett May 14, 1969 at 6:40 am in Ivanhoe, Australia

Barbara Streisand April 24, 1942 at 5:08 am in New York, New York

Melania Trump April 26, 1970 Novo Mesto, Slovenia (time missing)

Ulysses S. Grant April 22, 1822 at 5:47 am Point Pleasant, Ohio, United States

Myriam Fares May 3, 1983 in Kfar Chellal, Lebanon

Nancy Ajram May 16, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon