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Sun in the Houses – Astrology

The Basics

The Sun rules Leo.

The Sun represents ego, vitality, inner personality (or outer personality depending on whether you are using Vedic or western astrology.) We use Western or Tropical Astrology here.

Where ever the sun placement falls, you take on characteristics of whatever zodiacal sign rules that house. If you sun is in the first house, then you take on Aries characteristics. If the sun is in your Eighth house, you take on Scorpio characteristics.


The Sun in the First House

                Keywords: Vitality, Courageous, Confident

                Confident and strong-willed person who exudes a natural leadership abilities. People with this placement take on characteristics of Aries and can have a ruddy complexion. This type of person is very optimistic and had a good childhood. They are extroverted and popular. People with the Sun in the first house are blessed with good health and a strong sense of self. They tend to be sturdy people with endurance.

                Challenge aspects to the sun can lead to dictatorial and egotistical behavior and stubborn behavior.

                Creative, optimistic and vibrant like Lucille Ball. You are very noticeable probably because of your unique energy or style of dress. You are friendly and inspiring.


The Sun in the Second House

                Keywords: Financial

                You had wealthy or prominent parents. You know many influential people and spend a lot of money on status symbols. You probably love the finer things in life. You don’t mind spending all your money on extravagance. You have a lucky way with money; it just seems to come to you, but you can easily lose it. With difficult aspects you can be selfish, snobby and won’t want to share.

                High sense of self worth and identity is attached to the material world. Sense of identity is attached to how you earn money. Sometimes the confidence only comes through when they are surrounded by material items.


The Sun in the Third House

                Keywords: Communicative

                You are good at speaking and writing. You have pleasant experiences with neighbors and siblings and treat your friends like family. You had a happy childhood. You could also be a twin.

                When you are angry, everyone will know because you’ll want to talk it out. When you are happy, everyone will know because you’ll talk it out. You are not afraid to speak your mind. You have a flair for writing and were probably writing from an early age.

                Social butterfly and very talkative even if they are introverted. You are very curious about life.


The Sun in the Fourth House

                Keywords: Domestic

                You had a strong home foundation growing up, though if you have some challenging aspects, you might want to leave home early to start your own family.

                Good placement for real estate. Your health will be good in the later part of your life. You tend to keep secrets and are a good confidant because of your strong need for protection.

                Very intuitive person who leads with their heart. They consult with their family first and can be very loyal to them. You want to have a family and probably will form on early in life.

                You love the home, so you can do interior design or you love to work from home. Your home is your safe place.


The Sun in the Fifth House

                Keywords: Magnetic

                Popular and magnetic you attract the opposite sex often. You could have many romances in your life. You are good with children and pets.

                Good placement for acting, teaching, sports.

                Difficult aspects you could exploit others or become an exhibitionist.

                Creative and loves to entertain. You may love to throw parties. Party planning and networking are good fields for you. Light hearted.


The Sun in the Sixth House

                Keywords: Capable

                Good administrator because of your organizational skills. You take pride in your work and are usually very healthy. You take pride in your body, so you keep it clean with good hygiene, exercise and diet. You need a regular routine and thrive with a routine. Your mind can affect your health, so it’s important to always keep a positive attitude. A person with this placement usually wants to be in service to humanity in some capacity. They can be very athletic.

                You could be a health junkie. Your identity is tied to your routine and your work ethic. When you don’t have a routine, you don’t know what to do with yourself. When you join groups, you’re the one that gets promoted easier than others because of your strong work ethic.


The Sun in the Seventh House

                Keywords: Companionable

                You can’t really function without partnerships. This placement favors couples who work together. Marriage is the key to your happiness and you will marry well. People like you because you are so easy going. Try not to be such a push over. You could have luck with all legal dealings.

                Your partnerships are a reflection or mirror to yourself. People will naturally want to be your best friend. You can lose yourself in your relationships/partnerships.

                You need thriving partnerships and marriages to thrive. You do not work good alone.


The Sun in the Eighth House

                Keywords: Regenerative

                Inheritances and legacies are important to you. You will probably receive some inheritance from your father. Relationships with the father are probably poor though. You are very creative and have a good sex life. An interest in politics, the occult and death.

                Challenging aspects bring difficulties with money.

                You will go through many transformations throughout life. You will have multiple careers and identities. You could be very secretive. You could be a catalyst for others. You love psychology and getting to the root of a person. You are always analyzing yourself.

                You may life the under belly or the occult.


The Sun in the Ninth House

                Keywords: Adventurous

                You love higher education and could meet your spouse over seas or in school. You could excel in languages, law and religion. You love traveling and exploring parts of the world. People tend to like you because of your innate curiosity with different cultures. You could have had a foreign-born parent or will marry a foreigner. Good placement for philosophy.

                You express yourself through your own truth and justice. You could be self-righteous. You want to expand your identity and grow infinitely.  


The Sun in the Tenth House

                Keywords:  Responsible

                You are either famous or extremely popular in your neighborhood or social group. You could have a niche group or be “tik tok famous” or “Instagram famous.” You definitely draw people in with your strong constitution and determined vibe. People can really rely on you and you won’t let them down. You love power and politics. You aren’t a wallflower and people always remember you. This can be a rebellious streak.

                Your reputation is very important to you and you could have a favorable position in the public eye. Your career is your identity, so it HAS to be something you love. You might love being an entrepreneur because you work well as a leader.


The Sun in the Eleventh House

                Keywords: Individual

                You either have a wide group of social friends or are reclusive. You tend to prefer having many acquaintances over a few close friends. You are inspiring and tend to be scientific. Very organized person.

                Your identity is tied to whatever groups you have. You can even be the leader or administrator of a group. You love starting groups and maybe active on MeetUp. Forming groups and networking are extremely important to you.                


The Sun in the Twelfth House

                Keywords: Secretive

                You prefer to work behind the scenes, but you also are good at hiding your true feelings, so this placement favors actors. You could have had a very strict life before the age of 30. You enjoy working with charities because you like to help the underdog. You can wallow in your own self pity at times.

                You could feel isolated or not recognized for the things you do. The Sun in the Twelfth house will often not be recognized for the work they do.

                You probably find religion, metaphysics or spirituality soothing. You could have wanted to be a minister or preacher as a kid.

                You have hidden talents that usually aren’t apparent. You are really, really creative. Instead of the lead singer in a band, you might play the drums.

                People usually can’t figure out the true you.