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Sun in Virgo

  • I Analyze
  • Earth
  • 6th house ruler
  • Planet ruler: Mercury
  • Exultation Mercury
  • Some discussion on Chiron ruling Virgo since Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo
  • Mutable
  • Rules nervous system, liver, intestines, chyle
  • Feminine
  • Tarot: Hermit, 8 of Pentacles (Sun in Virgo), 9 of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo), 10 of Pentacles (Mercury in Virgo)
  • August 23- September 22

Keywords: Analytical, Methodical, Conscientious, Practical

Negative Keywords: Critical, Unemotional, Hypochondriac

Virgos are neat, organized and methodical in their approach to life. They want to do everything really well and are often the one in the group that gets assigned all the detailed work. These people usually get easily promoted. They have a good work ethic. In fact, more Virgos would place work above all else. Drive to succeed even early in life, they are often misunderstood in childhood. Their methodical, organized approach is often misdiagnosed as OCD.

Virgo is the most air-like earth sign and I reason this is because of the mutable energy that Virgos carry. Many astrologers assert this is because Virgo co-rules Mercury, but as we find more planetary bodies, it seems clear that each sign should not share a planet, but rather embrace their own unique station.

Virgo rules the 6th house of work and health. It is the last house below the horizon. Below the horizon is where we do all the personal work on ourselves. Above the horizon is what we give to the social world. The 6th house rules the personal house of work, where the 10th house is the occupation you show to the world. Virgo fits perfectly into this house’s spectrum. They probably love to work and take great pride in their accomplishments. Work for a Virgo encompasses all that they do whether it is yard work, cleaning your home, or washing your car. It doesn’t just rule the occupation you choose.

Virgos are the analytical side of the zodiac. They are often found analyzing things, overthinking and tend to worry too much. Having a routine is essential for optimal Virgo functionality. Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Both signs like to use their minds, but Virgo tends to put their mind of functional use. Without a purpose, a Virgo will lose all will power. There has been some debate in astrology on whether or not Virgo rules Chiron. This would place Gemini as the supreme ruler of Mercury and Virgo as the ruler of Chiron.

Anyone familiar with mythology will recognize that Chiron is the wounded warrior who gave his life for humanity. He was excellent in teaching people about health and was a skilled doctor. Virgo’s make excellent doctors and nurses. They can also be easily hurt, but won’t show it. Once a Virgo has been hurt, they tend to bottle it all up inside. You may not even know why a Virgo is upset until they explode on you like Mount Vesuvius.

Virgo is the most air-like earth sign and I reason this is because of the mutable energy that Virgos carry. Many astrologers assert this is because Virgo co-rules Mercury, but as we find more planetary bodies, it seems clear that each sign should not share a planet, but rather embrace their own unique station.

Virgos have a tendency to over analyze a situation. This can be in their detriment if their Venus is in Virgo. A person who has a Sun in Virgo and a Venus in Virgo will often give potential partners a pass if the potential lover has one tiny flaw. The tendency for a Virgo to marry late is due to their overly discriminating nature.

Virgos handle money very well and enjoy book keeping, accounting and business. They have a shrewd, detached nature to them that benefits business. I know two Virgos who both work with numbers. One is now the president of a bank and the other is a web programmer who owns his own business. Both are methodical, organized and very secretive.

A Virgo is constantly asking why or how something works. This makes them good engineers or programmers. They will take apart a situation or even a gadget, just so they can put it back together again. Or if it’s a situation with a person, they likely won’t be able to rationally put the situation back together. Their words will cut deeply and they are shrewd and good with words. They like everything to fit in neat little peg holes, but this isn’t the reality. They often fail to see a bigger picture because they get so caught up in the details. This has to do with the polarity of Pisces. Each sign has an opposite sign, which both complements and pulls in the other direction. Pisces will see the bigger picture and have faith that everything can work out.

One of Virgo’s biggest lessons is to be able to see that bigger picture and trust that the universe/god/whatever you want to call it is working behind the scene. They often fear fate and dismiss religion. Here is a perfect example of a Virgo I was interested in dating a Virgo once, who found too many character flaws in me. We stood outside his balcony and a bunch of shooting stars flew by the night sky. My Pisces moon was ready for the romance. But even his Venus in Leo, couldn’t save his Sun in Virgo nature. When I looked over his face was full of fear and he exclaimed, “What does that mean?!?” I can laugh about it now, but at the time I realized his fear was due to not wanting to fall in love with a woman like me. So I replied, “It means nothing. Thousands of those meteorites fall to earth nightly.” He couldn’t possible have faith that our paths kept crossing over a span of 15 years for a reason. Good that he married someone else because I am too sensitive to be constantly controlled and nit-picked. Everything was wrong with me that evening, including a gift I brought him that he made fun of and refused. It was a CD and he snorted, “No one uses CDs anymore.”

                Virgos can be control freaks. An unorganized house or desk can drive them bananas. Everything must have a place. I knew another Virgo who had a drinking problem. When she opened her refrigerator, she only had cans of beer. These cans of beer were lined up in perfect order where we could clearly see the label. After she bought her first house, she would wait to decorate to ensure that she found the perfect piece for every room. Everything had to match. Thankful she found a wonderful man to marry, who had a flair for decorating.

                All the Virgo’s I’ve known personally were smokers. My first roommate was a Virgo and she was a heavy smoker. So were the Virgos I mentioned above. This is probably due to all the nervous energy that they have. Exercise is essential for a Virgo. Sex can be considered an “exercise.” Virgos need a healthy sex life in order to function optimally. Don’t be surprised by the Virgin glyph. It’s actually a sheath, for harvesting the fresh wheat. Joanne Martine Woolfolk wrote, “Virgo people take what is sown (knowledge, information, skills) and harvest this energy to do something of practical benefit.”

                Virgos want to do everything practical. They are human sponges often reading and analyzing the information that they have learned. You won’t find a Virgo take a class that is “just for fun.” They need to know what purpose the course will provide for their life. They are often very conscientious of things around them.

                Inwardly and emotionally Virgos can be very sensitive. After all, they have overanalyzed their feelings. I was friends with a Virgo who wanted to date me. I was overly concerned about his living situation, which included living with a female roommate and her two children. I (correctly) assumed this was his wife and two children. He was a busy executive living in the basement apartment of a woman with two children? Um, no. I told him I wasn’t interested. Prior to my assessment of his living situation, he offered to help me code a website. A few weeks later when I was stumped, he refused to help me and told me that I rejected him. Given the dialogue he seemed hurt by my rejection. This is another reason why Chiron should be the master of Virgo. They can often get hurt easily, hold these grudges forever and then release them on you like a surprise guerilla attack. The polarity of Virgo-Pisces is that they must learn to let go and forgive.

                Virgos are very disciplined. They work tirelessly to get the job done right. Failure isn’t an option. They don’t think in terms of failing. Failure is when they give up and they usually won’t give up when they focus their energies on an important cause whether it’s work or romance. As one of my fortune cookies says, “A man isn’t a failure until he gives up.” This sums up Virgo’s disciplined nature. This mutable earth sign will find a way around any wall. They will work carefully and methodically to achieve their goals.

                Virgo rules the intestines where a substance called chyle is made. When a Virgo is operating at an esoteric and spiritual level, they have the ability to release this sacred chyle in the body. This is another misconception of the “virginess” of Virgo. This is often misinterpreted as the Virgin Mary’s mother’s milk that nourished Jesus Christ. Another misconception about the virgin in Virgo.

 In the metaphysical world, chyle is produced when your body is pure, healthy and spiritual optimal. This is often misinterpreted as the Virgin Mary’s milk that nourished Jesus Christ. It is also called the mother’s milk. This is not a reference to the mammary glands, but this sacred substance chyle.  

The Hermit in tarot is assigned to Virgo. The Hermit is the wise older man who has learned to use his mind and body for a higher purpose. In esoteric astrology and tarot, the Hermit rules over chyle because the Hermit has learned to use it to purify and expand his conscious awareness.

The shadow side to Virgo is worry. They can worry themselves into intestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation, ulcers and even liver problems. They tend to over worry to the extremes. Think about all the possible what-ifs scenarios. According to string theory, there are an infinite amount of possibilities and a Virgo will literally want to think of all of them even if some of them can’t possibly be reasonable. I don’t like the term young soul versus old soul or mature versus immature, but a Virgo who isn’t connected to the higher aspect of Pisces can turn into a hypochondriac.

Another aspect of the shadow side to Virgo is promiscuity. They can become unorganized, sloppy and throw themselves in useless relationship after useless relationship. 

 If you Sun falls in your 6th house, you will often appear like a Virgo and have a lot of Virgo traits such as organization, service to others and a really strong work ethic.