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Tarot Heaven

Swords are associated with the element Air. Air is hot and wet.


The qualities of Air energy are movement, piercing, infiltration, and dispersion. It is volatile and pervasive. It is associated with masculine energy and self-consciousness.


Air’s polar opposite is the element Earth.


Swords bear a duality, they can protect and serve or severe and wound. They are fast moving and enjoy talking, conversation and intellectual discourse. When you get a sword in a reading, you might look for conflict, resolutions and pain.


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Ace of Swords


Keywords: Mental stimulation, Clairvoyance, Business activities, Business Proposal, Book Proposal, Writing, Researching, Free Will, New Ideas, Intuition, Triumph, Conquest, Endurance, Force, Battle, Victory through Mental activities, Chess Master, Master Manipulator. Engagement. A Romantic Proposal. Justice. Newness.


Reversed Keywords: Divorce. Misery. Pain. Double edged sword. Cuts both ways. Mental confusion. Manipulation.


Two of Swords


Keywords: No. Stalemate. I won’t. I close both my eyes and heart. I close both my feelings and thoughts. I won’t look at it. I’m ignoring it.


Reversed Keywords: Mediation. Dropping your swords. Letting go. Going inward. Seeking truth. Coming to a Conclusion.


Three of Swords


Keywords: Sorrow. Pain. Words can hurt. “I don’t love you.” Dreadful. Heart breaking. Conflict within a group. Division. Rejection. Breaking up. Discovering an unsavory truth. Realizing things are not as they seem. Mental anguish. Divorce.


Reversed Keywords: Hurt not draining. Unable to heal from mental wounds. Letting go of past hurts.


Four of Swords


Keywords: Contemplation. Relaxation. Meditation. Resting. Tomb. Battle weary. Tired. Worn out. Recuperating. Hospital. Near death. Astral experiences. Recovery. Prayer. Recuperate from an operation. Recovering from surgery. Relationship time out.


Reversed Keywords: Unrest. Unable to heal. Delays. Holding back. Over sleeping. Being late.


Five of Swords


Keywords: Defeat. Surrender. Theft. Criminal behavior. Mugging. Kidnapping. Bondage. Conquest without mercy. Treachery. Deception. Loss. Battles without victory. No victor. No winner. Unethical. Immoral. Sociopath.


Six of Swords


Keywords: Passage. Taking a trip. Vacation. Travel. Safe Passage. A trip over seas. A trip in general. Getting away from an emotional situation. Leaving a situation for a new one.


Reversed Keywords: Unfavorable lawsuit. Travel delays.


Seven of Swords


Keywords: Thief. Con-artist. Trickster. Trouble with Carnies. Unhanded behavior. Secret love affair. Heartbreaker. Cunning.


Reversed Keywords: Frustrations. Mental disharmony.


Eight of Swords


Keywords: Censorship. Indecision. Trapped. Obstacles. Doubt. Confusion. Imprisonment. Conflict. Bondage. Ill health. Crisis. Emotional trials. Scandal. Shame. Prison. Hypochondria. Psychosomatic disease. Sickness from thoughts manifesting into the physical. Freeing yourself of unhealthy temptations.


Reversed Keywords: Insight. Letting go. Knowledge. Wisdom. Mental clarity. Mind over matter.


Nine of Swords


Keywords: Nightmares. Desolation. Despair. Weeping. Grief. Inconsolable. Night terrors. Emotional upheaval. Depression. Clinical Depression.


Reversed Keywords: Awakening from a nightmare.


Ten of Swords


Keywords: Abandonment. Pain. Loss. Death of a situation. Earthly loss. Backstabbing. Overkill. Back Pain. Chiropractic care. Shiatsu. Needles. Physical Death.  Betrayal.


Page of Swords


Keywords: Written messages. Communications. Spying. Data. Information. Words. Ideas. Puzzles. Secrets. Caution.


Reversed Keywords: Mental games. Unethical games. Spite. Mean. Pettiness. Backstabbing. Gossip. Slander. Libel. Manipulation.


Knight of Swords


Keywords: Quick. Moving fast. Impatience. Fearless. Brave. Daring. Adventure. Courage. Swift minded. Intellectually sound. Law student. Lawyer.


Reversed Keywords: Immaturity. Death. Destruction. War. Deceit. Arrogance. Cocky. Decisive. Fearless to a fault. Insensitive. Sociopath. Only out for himself. Lawsuits.


Queen of Swords


Keywords: Single woman. Widowed. Sharp. Intellectual. Truth. Swift. Business acumen. Justice. Sorrow. Distant. Aloof. Divorce.


Reversed Keywords: Vindictive. Mean. Sociopathic. Very bad woman. Cold. Arrogant. Wicked. Manipulative. Bitter.


King of Swords


Keywords: Maturity. Logic. Resolve. Mental clarity. Judge. Lawyer. Ideas. Cold. Aloof. Distant. Reserved. Ideals. Success. Unemotional.


Reversed Keywords: Arrogant. Spiteful. Evil. Cruel. Torture.