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Tarot Major Arcana

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. Each card is an expression of our soul’s purpose and mission in life. When you get a major arcana in a reading look into the deeper meaning. A major card is a significant life event.

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0. Fool

Keywords: New Beginnings. Nothing and infinite. Starting over. Fresh. Bright. Raw energy. Innocence. No-thing. All-things. Youth. Extremes. The Cypher of Infinity. Omnil. Primordial Stew. Instinct. Spontaneity. Rauch. Life Breath. Chi. Circle of Life. Beginning without End. Cosmic Egg. Life-Power. Undifferentiated Power. Freedom. Immeasurable. Rootless Root. Superconsciousness.

Reversed Keywords: Mental disorders. Foolish behavior. Behavioral development issues. Recklessness. Instability. Falling down. Naïve. Childlike.

1. Magician

Keywords: Ego. I. Self. Sharp mental energy. Astute. Acute. Messenger. Occultist. Innovator. Orator. Communication. Writing. Speed. Raw power. Increased mental aptitude. Mental. Mind. Teacher and Student. Divine Light. Divine Guidance. Psychic. Magic. Infinity. Energy. Concentration.  Focus. Attention to Detail. Insight. Applied Knowledge. Lightening. Inventor. Jack-of-all-trades. Creator. Dynamic. Outgoing. Action. Acting Now. Energy of Now. Physician. Healer. Surgeon. Central Point. Self-Consciousness.

Reversed Keywords: Con-man. Trickster. Thief. Illusions. Carnivals. Carnies.

2. High Priestess

Keywords: Intuition. Akashic Record. Moon and Stars. Secrets.  Isis. Mother goddess. Virgin Mary. Female dichotomy. Ancient Knowledge. Neptune’s arrival. The Dark side of the Moon. Daughter. Sister. Woman. Temples. Speaking without Words. Developing psychic ability. Psychic ability. Meditation. Stillness. Past lives. Memories from before. Mystic. Telepathy. Counselor. Doctor. Healer. Nurse. Sympathetic. Sensitive. Illusions. High Counsel. Counsel of Light. Holder of secrets. Mysterious. Knowing. The Place of Knowing. Introspection. Answers. Subconscious. Collective knowing. Collective Subconscious. Dreams. Astral Body. Soul Plane. Menstruation. Harmony. Balance. Universal Child. Passivity. No Time. Timelessness. Cyclical. Subconscious. Dreams. Repetition. Wisdom & Science. Polarity. Duality. Subordination. Opposites. Antithesis. Convergence. Duo. Incubation.

Reversed Keywords: Unattainable woman. The Other Woman. Jealousy. Manipulation. Sexually devious. Alcoholic. Drugs. Addictions. Obsessions. Imbalances.

3. Empress

Keywords: Caring. Loving. Warm. Nurturing. Unconditional love. Mother. Peace. Bountiful. Plentiful. Birth. Babies. Children. Pregnancy. Domestic. The Home. Gardens. Abundance. Flowers. Beauty. Venus. Aphrodite. Love. Passion. Devotion. Growth. Art. Music. Dance. Wealth from the land. Domestic attributes. Domestic realm. Interior Designer. Gardner. Botanist. Mid-Wife. Gestation. Environment. Reuse and Recycle. Flowers. Green. Garden. Love. Fertility. Care. Caring.

Reversed Keywords: Smothering.

4. Emperor

Keywords: Structure. Establishment. Regulation. Management. Supervision. Older male. Father. Director. Logic. King. Ruler. Control. Solid. Foundation. Measurement. Iron. Steel. Hard. Hard Working. Stable. Military General. Law. Order. Command. Reason. Order. Reason. Square. Walls and Windows. Physical Plane. Tank. Meticulous. Methodical. Government. Force. Strong. Power. Rule. Rulers. Builder. It is what it is. Entrepreneur. Visionary. Powerful. Headstrong. Magnetism. Magnetic. Courageous. Idealistic. Authoritative. Wisdom. Wise. Intelligent. Intellectual. Knowledge. Books.  Accuracy. Father and Son. Grandfather. Politician. Philosopher. Defender of Truth and Order. Lawyer. Justice. Courage. Causes. Paternal. Male. Masculine. Bodyguard. Sky Diver. Game Builder. Mathematician. Realtor. Investment Banking. Mortgager. Systematic. Sight. Outlook. Survey. Muscular System.

Reversed Keywords: Dictator. Bully. Egocentric. Combative. Temper. Explosions. Cruelty. Ruthlessness. Sugar Daddy.

5. Hierophant

Keywords: Community. Pope. Organization. Mentoring. Teaching. Learning. Disciple. Doing the “right” thing. Everyone else is doing it. Church. Dogma. Doctrine. Loss of the Individual. Formality. Tradition. Weddings. Communion. Union. Ritual. Initiation. Clairaudience. University. Schools. Ancient Knowledge. Student. Singer. Oral histories. Scribe. Scripture. philanthropic. Saints. One Voice.

6. Lovers

Keywords: Choices. Soulmates. Fate. Decisions. Spirit. Eden. Healer. Healing. Medicine. Doctor. Nurse. Reiki. Massage. Duality. Adam and Eve. Destiny. Scent. Caring. Loving. Blessing. Communication. Balance. Carnal desire. Discrimination.

7. Chariot

Keywords: Control. Protection. Fence. Prime. Solo. Guide. Leader. Driver. Victory. Insight. Success. Perseverance. Balance. Winning. Fortitude. Gravity. Achievement. Goals Obtained. Success. Inner Duality. Between Two Worlds. Contradictions. Armor. Battles. Car Trips. Tunnel Vision. Stamina. Short-Term Goals. Willpower. Sun and Moon. Land and Water. Military. The Physical World. External Power. Goals Obtained.

8. Strength

Keywords: Taming your temper. Having the guts to take action. Using love instead of force to get what you want. Courage. Strength. Patience. Mind over matter. Eliminating doubt. Controlling any wild tendencies or emotions. Determination to get what you want. Waiting for the right moment. Purity and wisdom.

Reversed: Lust. Brute force. Flaky. Unresolved issues. Overly emotional. Putting your head in the sand.

9. Hermit

Keywords: Wise Sage, Wisdom, Insight, Inner Guidance, Spiritual Completion, Sage, Prophet, Humanitarian, Self-awareness, A Walk at Night, Introspection, Solitude, Retreat, Astrophysicist, Scientist, Master, Seeker of Knowledge and Esoteric Knowledge, Analytical, Thoughtful, Deep, Insight, Quiet, Peace and Quiet, A Night Drive, Isolation, Loneliness.

10. Wheel of Fortune

Keywords: Fate. Change. Destiny. Luck. Good Fortune. Success. Cyclical Progression. Universal Laws. Peacemaker. Prophet. Diplomat. Change. New Beginnings. Up and Down. Call of Destiny. Fortunate. Fortune. Begin again. New Phases. Happenstance. Pages yet to be written. Inheritance. Karma. Coincidence. Winning. The Odds are in your Favor. Gambling. Lottery.

11. Justice

Keywords: Justice. Law. Scales. Polarity. Poise. Cause and effect. Trials. Courts. Lawyers. Judges. Marriage. Justice of the peace. Karma. Education.

12. Hanged Man

Keywords: Sacrifice. Patience. Suspension. Surrender. Weaver of Tales. Illusion. Surrendering to God. Psychic receptivity. Let Go. Attainment of Understanding God. Fresh Perspective. Humanitarian Work. Author of fiction. Reflection. Contemplation. Delays. Bliss. Yielding. Sanctity. The Higher Purposes. Soul’s Mission of Understanding.

13. Death

Keywords: Transition. Transformation. Transmutation. Rebirth. Change. Realization of your soul. You are more than a body. Soul travel. Physical Death.

14. Temperance

Keywords: Karma. Angels. Blending Opposites. Harmony. Inner Strength. Serenity. Solutions. Calm. Recovery. Doctors. Healers. Pharmacists. Balance. Balance. Moderating your temper. Tempering emotions. Scientific discoveries. Chemists. Educators. Teachers.

Reversed Keywords: Disharmony. Addictions. Hysteria. Bipolar disorder. Heavy-handed justice. Unjust persecution. Restlessness. Irritability.

15. Devil

Keywords: Materialism. Self-infliction. Denial. Temptation. Fear. Hate. Devil. Satan. Violence. Bondage. Sexual Aggression. Lust. Worldly Desire. Ignorance. Blindness. Deception. Impotence. Bizarre Sexual Interests.

16. Tower

Keywords: Death. Destruction. Shakti. Kali. Rebirth through Ash. War. Mars. Warrior. Linguists. Dynamo. Force. House of Lies. Tearing down of Walls. Shoddy Building Construction. Rebirth. Kali. War. Warriors. Phoenix Rising. Rising from the Ashes. Building Construction. False Beliefs. Lies. Walls falling down. Shoddy Building Construction. Adversaries. Enemies. Shattered Dreams. Unrealistic Dreams Shattered. Linguists. Tower of Babel.

17. Star

Keywords: Possibilities. Faith. Hope. Intuition. Creativity. The LIGHT. Knowing. Destined Love. Destiny. Clairvoyance. Mission on Earth. Spiritual tranquility. Tranquil. Music. Dance. Artistic energies. Cosmic Energy relating to the stars. Metaphysical. Spiritual development. Renewal. Rejuvenation. Clarity. Illumination. Spiritual guide. Ultimate Karma. Good Health. Calm after the Storm. Light at the end of the tunnel.

Reversed Keywords: Sexual Guilt. Hope Lost. Negativity. Despair. Let Down. Anorexia. Bulimia. Low Self Esteem.

18. Moon

Keywords: Illusions. Secrets. Duality. Dreams. Sleep. Psychics. Mediums. Intuition. Emotions. Creativity. Artist. Madmen. Poets. Musicians. Mystery. Half-Truths. Subtle. Instinct. Physical World. Advancing. Waxing. Medulla Oblongata. Body Consciousness. Sympathetic Nervous System. Alchemical Processes. Subconscious.

Reversed Keywords: Drug Abuse. Moodiness. Witchcraft. Deceptions. Lying. Enemies. The Shadows. Fears. Leaving a situation. Waning.

19. Sun

Keywords: Positivity. Sunshine. Sunbathing. Fulfillment. Contentment. Happiness.  Birth. The Father. Fruitful Marriage. Joining together to form one. Twin Flame. Clarity. Clear View. Vision. Not caring (in a good way). Father. Son.

Reversed Keywords: Sunburn. Clouds. Sadness. Burnt out. Burning. Temporary depression. Regular Depression. Father issues. Arrogance.

20. Judgement

Keywords: Self-realization. Forgiveness. Change. Truth. Rebirth. Regeneration. Revelation. Moving forward. The Past. Resurrection. Peace. Healing from past hurt. Karmic connections. Rebirth. Embracing Truth. Major changes. Changes happening to you, not from you. Major changes leading to a more liberated point of view. Change in consciousness. Karmic work fulfilled. Security guards. Military men. Nurses in the military.

Reversed Keywords: Unable to let go of hurt. Someone twisting the truth. Denial.

21. World

Keywords: Completion. Four Corners of the Globe.. Student to Teacher. Journey. Trip especially overseas. Success. Inner and Outer Harmony. Awards. Achievements. Graduations. Victory. Foreign Destinations. The World is Your Oyster. Soul mates. Karmic Connections. Endings.

Reversed Keywords: Failure. Being held back a grade. Travel Delays. Stuck in a rut. Lack of recognition. Not living up to your potential. Stagnation.