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Ten of Cups Universal Rider Waite

Ten of Cups

Lord of Perfected Success


Season: Summer

Dates: March 11-March 20

Astrological Correspondence: Mars in Pisces





Ten of Cups Description and Symbolism


A rainbow high in the sky is adorned with ten golden cups. A man and a woman put their arms around each other and stretch their other arms towards the rainbow. Two children dance merrily next to them. There is a creek that flows towards a small country house. Fertile trees and green grass grow in abundance.


Ten of Cups Interpretation and Divination


Family happiness is a sure thing if you get the Ten of Cups. It can foretell of long nights spent with your family doing craft project or watch family movies together. You enjoy making meals together and they taste so good because they come from your heart. It can indicate that you are very happy doing all these things together. The Ten of Cups is the perfect description of family unity and happiness.


The Ten of Cups is the emotional contentment card. Find yourself lucky if you get this card.


The Ten of Cups is also about family, extended family and communities. You could be spending the summer with relatives at a summer home while enjoy the simple bliss of life.


Ten of Cups in Love


The Ten of Cups can suggest that you are coming together with another person as a family. You both might have children from previous relationships, thus the Ten of Cups can indicate adopting kids. The Ten of Cups can also suggest that you and your spouse are a perfect family and have beautiful children of your own. Family happiness is assured when you get the Ten of Cups.


Tens can indicate an excessive of each suit, not necessarily the culmination. In the Ten of Cups we see us dreaming of the fantasy where wishful thinking and price charming stories play a big role. Be careful not to lose yourself in over idyllic fantasies and stories. There maybe a tendency to over idealize a situation before it happens.


Ten of Cups as Feelings


If you are asking how someone feels towards you, then the Ten of Cups assures you that they feel completely emotionally content. They are in love with you for sure. They feel happy, secure and emotionally fulfilled.


Ten of Cups as an Obstacle


For such a happy card, how can it look like an obstacle? The beauty of tarot is that each card has a negative and a positive aspect. We learned this back in the High Priestess, who showed us that everything in life is a polarity of opposing opposites that are actually one aspect of the same force.


When the Ten of Cups comes up in the obstacles or crossing position of your reading, it can indicate that you feel trapped in a relationship and may want a divorce.


It can also indicate that you are caught up in the emotional Pisces world of dreams and fantasies of the fairy tale marriage and family that you aren't seeing the reality of the situation. Pisces has a tendency to get lost in reverie and without action you cannot make the dreams concrete. You maybe spending too much time dreaming about the perfect relationship that you aren't allowing viable options to blossom.


If you are in a relationship, you maybe ignoring that the relationship isn't fulfilling you on a spiritual or emotional level. Maybe you have the perfect house, a great car and a devoted husband or wife, but deep down you are discontent. The Ten of Cups warns you that as an obstacle to your happiness you need to examine the root of the situation and find out if you are really happy where you are or if you are just caught up in the illusion of what you think the perfect relationship should look like.


Ten of Cups Professions


Land Owner. Preschool Teacher. Counselor. Child Therapist. Veterinarian.


Ten of Cups Reversed


When the Ten of Cups Reversed appears in your reading, you maybe experiencing troubles at home or in your relationship. If you are married, the Ten of Cups Reversed can indicate that you maybe going through a divorce or have marital problems. Counseling and deep contemplations are advised to get to the root of the situation.


Ten of Cups Card Combinations


Ten of Cups and the Hierophant:

   a. Marriage


Ten of Cups and the Four of Wands:

   a. Holiday in the country with relatives


Ten of Cups and Ten of Wands:

   a. You have a lot to do in your house, so much it almost feels


   b. You have something you have to do, which makes you feel heavy. It's

        something you have to do that you don't really want to do.


Ten of Cups and Two of Cups:

   a. He completes you and you complete him


Ten of Cups and Seven of Cups:

   a. Believing in the fantasy of having the perfect life

   b. Where is my Disney ending?




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