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The Moon

Tarot Card Meaning

Moon Tarot

The Moon

Ruler of the Flux and Reflux

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Rules: Jupiter and Neptune

Exaltation: Venus

Hebrew Letter: Qoph

Color: Violet-Red

Musical Note: B-Natural


The Moon Description and Symbolism

A domesticated dog and a wolf howl at the moon. A lobster comes out of the small pool of water. All three animals seem to be affected by the moon.

Low in the sky, the Moon hangs between two pillars and shines a light down on a far reaching path that transverses between water, grasses and mountains. The path starts the edge of the pool of water as the lobster pulls himself out of the water on to the path. The water represents our subconscious impulses. It is the primordial soup that humans evolved from. It represents our desire to become “one” with the divine.

The Moon shows several faces: A crescent moon, a half moon, and a full moon. The half moon contains the profile of a sleeping face. Sleep is where the subconscious memory comes to life. We are left without our physical bodies and replaced with the world of imagination, spirit and boundless corporeal intelligence.


The Moon Interpretation and Divination

The Moon can warn against having a too wild of an imagination. The Moon reflects only the sun’s light; it does not have a light of its own. It is a reminder that you may not be seeing things as they really are.

The Moon suggests that you take a journey through the dark night of your subconscious. It will lead you to a land of intuition and creativity.

The Moon signals that psychic abilities are easily accessible. But warns that there is a fine line between psychic and psycho.

The Moon in tarot represents the subconscious and dreams. It can take us on a journey into a vivid dream landscape. Anyone creative, can use the Moon card to inspire you to new creative heights.

The Moon warns that you maybe a little delusional and have unrealistic hopes and dreams for yourself. The Moon can distort reality. Things look very different under the light of the moon.

The Moon represents your dreams. Your dreams may take on new meaning and be full of deep symbolism. Lucid dreaming is indicated.


The Moon in Love

As a lover, the Moon can indicate someone who loves a variety of lovers. They may “keep” a woman (or man) somewhere. Or he(she) could be in love with love but on a deeply, soulful level. He (she) loves everyone he (she) connects with, so these love affairs would not be trivial to them. They are helping to develop the soul for the ultimate experience on Earth.

If you are asking about a potential love interest, the Moon is warning you against illusions. There may be things that you are not aware of. You could be daydreaming about this person and have false hopes.

You are definitely dreaming about this person. There is a definite feeling of love in the air and if it’s a new love then you maybe attaching some unreal expectations to things.

On a basic level, if you are already in a relationship, the Moon suggests that you and your partner have a psychic connection.


The Moon as a Person

This is a person with a deep understand of past lives and who is gaining many experiences for an ultimately journey that requires helping the less fortunate. They are deep and expansive. They are someone who is instantly attracted to (for example) 16th century Spain because they have had past lives there. They yearn for a deep understand of all people and their own souls. They probably have an inclination for the occult and are drawn to people who study tarot or anything that can shed light on Earth’s darkness.


The Moon as Feelings

On an esoteric level, the Moon can represent deep subconscious feelings. You may feel psychically drawn to someone. You know and feel what they are feeling and they feel the same for you.

On an exoteric, the Moon can also signal confusion. You may not see things clearly and know it. You are confused and anxious about your feelings. You are uncertain.


Moon as Advice

The Moon in tarot advises you to allow things to germinate in your mind. It’s not a time to act, but to dream. Actively dream and listen to them when you sleep. It’s a period of recuperation where your body and mind need time for sleep and rest. Allow ideas to flow in and out of your mind, but don’t act on any of them just yet. Wait until the time is right to act. For now, allow things to develop into a concrete idea.


Moon Professions

Night Club Owner. Dog Breeder. Psychic. Tarot card reader. Night Club Singer or Dancer. Gypsy. Professional Swimmer.


The Moon Reversed

The Moon reversed indicates drug abuse and real mental problems that need medical attention.


The Moon Tarot Meaning

Moon and Magician: 

a. Someone tricking you into things you don’t want to be involved in. 

b. Master manipulator, feeding you lies. 

c. You are not in control. He is.

Moon and High Priestess

a. Black Magic. 

b. Answer unknown at this time.

c. Things are kept hidden from you.

Moon and Tower: 

a. Believing your own lies. 

Moon and the Star

a. You are out of his reach, just like a fantasy or dream. 

b. Being out of someone’s league. 

Moon and Four of Swords

a. You should rest after a hang over.

Moon and Nine of Swords

a. Extreme nightmares 

b. Drug induced nightmares

c. Night Terrors 

Moon and King of Cups

a. Stable emotional trauma mainly in the evening.

b. Massive headache or migraine. 

c. Too much water. Drinking too much water.